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We must act with vindictive earnestness against the Sioux, even to their extermination, men, women, and children.  Nothing less will reach the toot of the cause. - William T. Sherman

Events Speak for Themselves - Time for a Change


It has long been argued that a neutral policy for the Middle East would best serve American interests. Our appeals for balance, common sense and prudent restraint has invoked strong emotional responses from pro Zionist supporters. We have maintained a consistent condemnation for all acts of violence and terror. And our message has a clear focus on what benefits America and all her citizens.

The current events of brutality and terror are completely out of control. Rationality is absent from the public debate. Sides are being drawn. And the entire world is watching. When will we, as Americans, face up to the harsh reality that Israel is no ally of our true national interests?  Let's dispel the inevitable attacks and negative reaction, up front. We are offended by those who harbor anti-Semitic attitudes, as a universal trait. Each person must be judged as an individual. However, it approaches lunacy to adopt a favorable advocacy of a Zionist government who has a goal of empire and extermination of their own subjected cousins.

Facts are obvious to all sane and objective observers. Emotional hysteria is left for those who have identity crisis of culture. Neither side can claim the high moral ground. But the message that comes out of a perverse media, opportunistic politicians and career fabricators can no longer be tolerated by sincere men and women of good will.

Arial Sharon is a madman, plain and simple. Only the most avid apologist for selective terror can support the "Butcher of the Palestinian Refugee Camps". This psychotic maniac has brought the world to the brink of oblivion. Refusal to engage the Saudi outline for a resolution of the eternal conflict is evidence that Sharon has a plan to disrupt any efforts to heal the oppression. For those who reject Saudi Arabia's crown prince Abdullah's initiative as insincere or meaningless, let the record speak for itself. The Arab world is serious about accepting Israel's right to exist, for the first time!

This conflict will continue to escalate until the core issue of occupation and illegal settlements are corrected. The most disheartening dejection comes from the inability of our numerous friends of Jewish heritage to confront the fundamental reason for their lack of security. There is no doubt that the Palestine cause will never obtain their long held objective of unlimited right of return. Their insistence on this pivotal point bears cordial rebuke. The necessity to return to pre 1967 borders and the abandonment of all illegitimate settlements, is central for any possible resolution. No sober and rational person can deny that conquest has a cost. "Reaping the Whirl Wind" has a life of its own.

So why do sensible and intelligent Israelis allow Sharon to systematically demolish and bulldoze not only Palestinian homes, but ultimately their own security? Sharon is the Saddam Hussein of the Jewish state. If you dismiss this comparison and attempt to argue that he is righteous for fighting terror, you are in total denial. His history is undeniably that of a war criminal, as he enhances his legacy in the hall of horrors.

How can the likes of Shimon Peres remain in the Sharon government?  After the death of Yitzhak Rabin, at the hands of one of your own, has all reasonableness died in Israel? It certainly seems so . . . America has no strategic interests in your obstinate and pathological hatreds. Nor are we served as a nation by fanatical desperate bombers of innocent people. Zealots on both sides only meet in the grave yard.

So what is the answer that benefits America? If you ask the William Kristol crowd of neoconservatives from the Project for the New American Century   you get the prescription of Armageddon, with the blessing of quisling dual loyalists. These turncoats are the real Fifth Column. Their recent appeal to President Bush proves that their true loyalty is to a Zionist regime that acts like they served in an SS division of Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

Read the familiar names that signed this April 3, 2002 reprint of the Bush letter in the National review. For those genuine conservative Americans that still remain in the national arena of public policy, it is time to break with any deceitful traitor that seeks to sacrifice and destroy our country upon the alter of the demoniac Ariel Sharon.

It is long overdue to stop all foreign aid and assistance to the state of Israel. America needs to disengage from an alliance that is the root cause of world wide animosity towards us as a people and invalidates our own security. The path to destruction is paved with the deceit of familiar faces. If you don't know your enemy, it is time to discover who they are. I call on all sincere Jewish citizens to bring down the Sharon government, NOW. The world has turned on your cause, because of the extremism of his terror. Egypt has cuts formal diplomatic ties with more nations to follow. The Pope has it right in his Vatican statement that appeared in L'Osservatore Romano.

The slight of hand charade is over, proportionate defense has been abandoned and the barbarous intent to devise a greater Zionist State upon the dead bodies of your brothers is unacceptable. Normal relations can never be negotiated as your tanks destroy your own chances for a future, with every new incursion. International bodies have repeatedly charged that Israel uphold international law related to military occupation. Your current actions demonstrate that you learned very little from your own sufferings in the recent past. When will you learn? Some of us will never forget . . . .

SARTRE - April 4, 2002

War is a ritual, a deadly ritual, not the result of aggressive self-assertion, but of self-transcending identification. Without loyalty to tribe, church, flag or ideal, there would be no wars. - Arthur Koestler

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