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A Win, Win Trade for our Hostages


With all the coverage and concern the last few days, it's it not time to solve this crisis with that 'strategic partner'? With all the talking heads running over and over the latest tidbits of new information, let's get down to business and 'move on' to the domestic debates. Maybe you haven't noticed but the grand guru is visiting his adopted land. Isn't it but a short trip over to his real comrades? The hordes love to fall all over him. So why would not the jinrikisha crowd follow, likewise? Well, of course they would.

Would it not be to everyone's benefit to have this traveling expatriate settle in with his Chinese sugar daddy? And just who is paying for this low key trip? Must be that foundation money again . . . This could be used as a business expense. He could check how those black beret are coming along, and pick up his cut! He might even want to head up the Chinese drive for the Olympic selection. If anyone knows how and who to bribe, this 'Good Olde Boy' sure does. Reports have it that President Jiang Zemin will be going out of the country soon. What a great opportunity for the 'top turbin head' to check out his new office space. Bit that the rent is a lot cheaper than those Manhattan digs. You could still keep that Harlem address as down payment for all those reparations that we keep hearing about. Since you are a 'man' of the world, it doesn't matter where you hang your hat.

Now that we know you like that Cuban smoke, think of the pleasure you can get with all those courtesans waiting on your every whim. These concubines have the experience to please and we all know that you 'feel all our pain'. Isn't it time that you get the reward you so rightly deserve? All you have to do is offer up yourself, as a substitute for our men and women. Put an end to this hostage stand off. No one will notice that you have left, since you seldom spent much time in the States, to begin with. You will get to really go home, to the land that you love. And who knows, you might just be able to get those Hindu groupies to join the regime of silk and spice. You could take the position of that absent Dalai Lama and live on 'top of the world'. You could look down on the rest of mere mortals, finally from a position on high. You are so use to be on the bottom, try the switch. It would be a great way for you to get rid of the bitch.

Since your legacy is so important to you now. Why don't you live in the land of all those cows. Now that the FBI has caught their man, you could take his place and sell all that you can. With no more Air Force One to fly you around, we will even throw in that EP3, now that you are back in town. So what do you say, with all that gray tucked away, under that bonnet. Will you help us all out and put an end to this crisis? All it takes is for you to act in your normal way. Think of yourself and make the trade! You will then, really have it made . . .

SARTRE - April 4, 2001

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