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I Spy and Free Trade


Well, here we go again . . . The noise from the cheerleaders and the critics of this administration are sounding out. Is he up to the task? This is a test that all are watching, will he pass? As usual, the spinsters are looking for a story, when they avoided the real questions for years. This in no Gulf of Tonkin threshold crisis. It will be viewed as an 'International Incident' when the dust settles. The focus on the flyer jock from the lone star state, avoids the significance of this event. The reasons behind the behavior of our 'so called' trading partners is the story. Why would our buddies treat us in such a way when they are making massive direct deposits to their banks? Pray tell, could it be that they are not really friends?

For those who believe that the Chinese are all businessmen, this reality check may be useful. The role of their military should not be misunderstood. Just who are the faces behind all those Chinese Companies? The influence and direction of many are linked to that same military that was suppose to have taken a back seat. The control that they maintain is not purely for financial profit. They have a game plan, and you may just be seeing one aspect of it being played out.

With all the reports that China wants to join the world community, why would they jeopardize international sanctions over flyovers? The popular assessment is that the new 'top gun' needs to show his skill at a 'red flag' challenge, because the Chinese wants to see how far he can be pushed and how will he respond. Sure that's part of it, but why is there this confrontational check? The heart of the issue is that the biggest market in the world has more interests in becoming the biggest guy on the block, than to use all that electronic gear they make. The Free Trade subscription that we have been feed for so long, is more like a defective prescription for acute psychosis, that makes the patience worse. When Boeing is there, manufacturing the next generation of aircraft in Chinese plants, how can we take serious the notion that America benefits from this close and special relationship?

Out dated MIGs can certainly be updated in those plants! Who will comfort the families of American servicemen when they become the target of those weapon systems? Should we go to Bernie Swartz of Loral to attend their funeral? Or would you rather have the big man, Klinton, himself go? The lesson to learn and to heed well, is that we can do business with regimes that show hostile intentions, but it become suicidal when you treat them as a friend. They are stealing the secrets off the plane, so why should we pay them for their effort? When a crucial crisis emerges, will you want all your toys to be withheld from your Walmart shelves? If this isn't a wake up call that America needs to restrict a dependency on Chinese products, what will it take? The job you save, may just be your own.

SARTRE - April 3, 2001

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