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Who's Got the Upper End?


For a most reluctant proponent of the RepubCANT'S, the first two months in power have been a pleasant surprise. The long view will tell the tale in the end, but the first report has a positive impression. Even if the notion of standing for 'Principle' is an allusion, it is a most refreshing change in appearance. By the rhetoric and the initial policy decisions, we all should be able to see a difference in the style in the Bush Administration, from the horrible nightmare that we are finally coming out of.

On the substance level, we must be more cautious. But the signs point that we may slow the march of Big Government, if not reverse its scope. I'll take what we can get, at this point. The real story is the manner by which the DemocRAT'S have been placed on the run. No, this is not time to celebrate at their demise, but it is fair to say that they have 'come a long way baby'. Not that this is their wish, but the perception war has begun to change and the image of the 'People's Party' is being exposed for the fraud it really is.

The $300.00 rebate offer is an insult! The campaign to sell more snake oil will not work this time. Relief is needed, not just for next week, but for the indefinite future. Their ranks are bending and will soon break, and the Rat's will start to jump ship. We should take note that the Media, while still hostile to Bush, has changed their tone from the campaign season. Power matters, to these hipsters of hype. And they know that the 'Cowboy' from Texas is a new Sheriff, and he walks the beat in a town that they once owned. Its long overdue to clean up this cattle stop, and the nightly drunks may just need to go dry. The shootout is not done, by that, OK Coral is just around the next corner. The message is, clean up your act or you will be featured in the 'Epitaph' . . .

So what will you do Dash-and-Hart? Will you shell out the beef or will you gep off more jive? The times are-a-changing, and your days are numbered. The women folk are moving in, and they want to build a church. They no longer want to drink at your saloon. Your land grasp schemes and water right scams are over. If you think you can still get away with all your crimes, you are mistaken. The Marshall will have his deputies round you guy's up, and toss you all in the back of the bus. You'll spend time in the jail that you built yourself, or better yet; be run out of town on a rail that you sought to own.

Your getting beat, at a game you fixed. And the shopkeepers will no long pay the tribute you claim. It's time to grow this town that you have for so long, shamed. And your presence warrants only ignoble fame. It's time to go straight or risk a foul mix. Once stirred in grease and applied with a stick. You have no one else to blame, and brought this all on yourselves. Our new 'Hero' wears white and hits what he aims. Time for you to find a new game . . .

SARTRE - March 31, 2001

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