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Please show me the difference?

A constant argument from the political faithful, 'True Believers'; is that the current two party system allows for choice in policy. There is a difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Their philosophy and tenants have opposing contrasts that seek to pursue distinct directions for government. Everyone knows that the Republicans are the party of business, while the Democrats are the party of the people . . . HELLO !!!!!!

Now that we have had our fairy tale for today, just what is the reality? If the serious observer wishes to seek a profound understanding of American Politics, they need to look at what the two parties do, and not what they say or claim to stand for with their rhetoric. Cast aside all the talk and analyze the legacy of the DemocRATS and the RepubCANT'S. The practical debate is always confined within the tight perimeters of an accepted and defended context. For those who will retort with: "politics is the art of the practical", explain why the practical is always defined as preserving the status quo of an all pervasive central government? The context that has a 'PC' dogmatic reverence is nothing more than a 'TC' sacred cow. You remember what 'TC' is, don't you? SARTRE has asked you if you follow its code and if you are one of its proponent? Yes, that nasty old term that is so offensive: Totalitarian Collectivists.

But isn't that exactly what both parties are doing? Buchanan and Nader have definitely exposed this scam once and for all. When you hear Sen Daschle cry about helping the less fortunate by taking from the rich, or when you listen to Sen Lott's argument for returning excessive levies to the tax payer; you are being seduced into accepting the fraud. The dispirited and clear account of the 'Beltway Two Step', dances to a MARCH and DIRECTION of an ever more expansion in control and reach of the Federal Monster. This is the central issue within any discussion of reform in either party. Until it can be proven that this thesis is NOT fact, you are deceiving yourselves and misleading others. So is this condition true?

Foreign Policy 'stops at the waters edge' ! Social Security and Medicare need to be protected and saved ! The growth in Federal Budgets needs to be limited ! The Dept of Education and Energy expanded ! The need for prescription coverage for the elderly ! Affirmative Action is not a quote system ! Women's Rights allow for Choice ! And courts protect the individual ! Are you getting the picture yet?

Both parties support an internationalist foreign policy, which is an abandonment of American self interests and tradition. Both parties are shills for a 'Ponze Scheme' of theft and redistribution of wealth. Both parties expand their own pay and pensions, and for that of the bureaucracy. Both parties champion design of curriculum and regulation of industry. Both parties want citizens to be even more dependent on government. Both parties cater to prejudice and support their own form of discrimination. Both parties are willing to codify murder. And both parties treat voters as an annoyance, while increasing their burdens.

Now this is the real and shameful record of the two parties, and any reform of corrupt institutions and pretentious falsehoods, will never reverse the cherished will to increase their own power, at the expense of all of us. If you disagree and care to dispute this analysis and argue that it is in error, point out the voices that truly seek to restore a Constitutional Republic within this current crop of oppressive dilettantes. I expect, that I may be waiting a long time for your answer . . .

SARTRE - March 24, 2001

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