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The Drunk Never Knows When To Leave The Bar

The ABA is one of the most patrician interest groups to wheel power and influence. The nature of the this pressure group, is to bake their own cake and dish is out to their own. Like an inbred family where only first cousins marry each other, this group of charlatans scheme day and night to write, shape, mold and lobby the bills that will be placed into law. No wonder that their sense of privilege dictates that they are the enlighten class to pass judgment on who is acceptable to serve on the bench. Well, this band of merry men and women have suffered an insult that few would dare to offend such an esteem council.

So the ABA formal role in screening candidates for the Supreme Court and other federal judgeships will cease to run ruff shot over the process. The ABA will only get to know the identity of a nominee at the time that the nomination is submitted to the Senate and announced to the public. Pray tell, who does this Bush crowd think they are? It's enough to drive a good barrister to take up the bottle! And we all know that too much of those spirits will result in falling off that bench . . .

Now you say, what is wrong with the fox guarding the hen house? Surely, you are not saying that this compares to the NFL Players Association passing judgment on all new referees, writing the rule book and picking only from their own ranks every new candidate for the job? Nor could it be said that it could possible compare with National Chartered Banks owning all the shares in the privately own Federal Reserve Bank and then selecting for that board only from their own, while setting the interest rates at will? Well, of course NOT. The ABA are all honorable servants of the public interest. No conflicts here, only objective recommendations. No bias or self serving motivates! Who among us could ever accuse this beneficent assemblage of protectors of the 'Common Good' to Bork one of their own? No 'Ideology' test to pass on this bar examine.

H.G. Wells proclaimed: "The law giver, of all beings, most owes the law allegiance. He of all men should behave as though the law compelled him. But it is the universal weakness of mankind that what we are given to administer we presently imagine we own." So what is the difference between acting as if you own the rules to legislate, from passing judgment on who will be picked and selected as the interpreters of the laws that you pass? The bacchanal party that you have been on, has gone to your heads. The hangover that you have given us, has given us all the shakes. Now that you have been told, you have drank enough, what will you do? Will you just go to the next bar, or will you seek help at Alcohol Anonymous? Maybe another Prohibition Amendment needs to be past. This time to bar you kind from the bench, since you have shown an inability to hold your drink . . .

SARTRE - March 22, 2001

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