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Reform Elections?

Now that the Senate has turned their attention to debate campaign finance reform, does anyone really think that the obvious solutions will be adopted? This really is a very simple issue, and the resolution of the problem should be clear to any serious observer. So what needs to be done?

1) All campaign donations need to be made by registered voters within the same party of the candidate.

2) Money can only be raised from within the district of the candidate.

3) All donators need to be identified with their amounts, and posted on the Internet within 48 hours.

4) Television Networks, as a condition of maintaining their license, will make available free air time, proportionate to their viewership ratings and the percentage of votes the party has received from the last election.

5) Corporations, Unions and Organizations are banned, subject to criminal penalties, from making hard money to candidates and soft money donation to Parties.

6) Political Parties will be banned from receiving ANY donations, subject to criminal penalties, other than from individual voters.

7) Free Speech advocacy allowed ONLY on specific issues, without any reference to Candidates or Parties.

8) Foreign contributions would be subject to forfeiture of future business access to US markets, visa travel to US and subject to arrest and fines of Corporate Officers.

9) Federal contributions towards elections will be eliminated, Hatch Act violations strictly enforced.

10) Any Politician found guilty of violations will be subject to criminal penalties, removal from office, forfeiture of all benefits and pensions, and banned from running again for ANY office.

Ten easy little steps that will greatly restore common sense and accountability to the political process. The 11th would be banning any member of the BAR from running for ANY office, as a condition to enter the legal profession. This one may not pass muster by the Supreme Court, since it seems that they already believe that only those, of their own, are qualified to read and understand what the law actually says. Now stop and think about it! What is wrong with any of these conditions? You say, it will never happen? But that's NOT the point. Why won't these improvements become reality? Who are the forces that refuse to clean out their own house? And why do you go through another election cycle, always voting for the lessor of two evils?

It is time to start think outside of the box. If the elected officials will not give us reform, we need to look to other means and other leaders. Just tell me what Patrick Henry would say about the current condition? Sorry my friends, John McCain is no Patrick Henry . . .

SARTRE - March 20, 2001

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