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Genuine Bipartianship at Work

For those who doubt that the legislature speaks with but one voice, all you have to do is analysis the vote on the bankruptcy bill. When was the last time you heard of a bill with such sweeping consequences pass, in the dead of night, with the support from both parties, of all political persuasions? Well, the true colors of the clan in command is for all to behold. The speed of such agreement is remarkable. Democracy in action, the old fashion way. Ready for W to sign by next week. Now aren't you government proponents happy with such swift action?

For those who are old enough to remember the way banking was conducted in this country thirty years ago, you will recall that there was such a thing as a personal loan. You had a personal banker that knew you, your circumstances and was often willing to extend a useful loan. Today, you have credit card advances at rates of interest that formally would bring a jail sentence for usury. Ah, but times have changed and we all are much more wealthy! Sure . . . Speculation is the game, while business investment has been reduced to but a shell of what it once was. And you wonder why the Corporations dominate the economy and those with golden parachutes call the shots? Small business has become the orphan child of commerce. Banks have all merged into faceless voices on automatic phone systems. Surely, we need to protect the financial interests of these bastions of customer service?

The ruling class, with this example, has closed ranks with obvious adverse results to the public and society. I have borrowed millions during my lifetime. During the years of active business, the handwriting was on the wall for years. The tax bill of 1986 killed independent business and real estate in the US, as we all knew it. Over these years, the political parties agreed on more and more policies that benefit the consolidation of economy concentration in the hands of corporate boards and government regulators. Politicians regularly sold their votes for more contributions. Lobbyists write the legislation for most bills and the public is seldom heard, in the raw occasion of public hearings. So when the alternatives for the public become few, the desperate resort to the gamble in the financial markets.

If only there was a REAL market. Sadly, the manipulation of the past decade has sucked most into thinking they were making investments. And what do the politicians do? Pass the legislation that creates the 'new debtor plantation'. Let's hear the arguments of the DemocRATS that claim to carry the banner of the little guy? So you think you will get campaign finance reform from this crew? I think not. And they quarrel over returning your own money back to you in a tax cut? Unthinkable, for such protectors of the free enterprise system. But what is most revealing is that this uniformity for thievery goes unchallenged in the public debate. It's one thing not to expect much from your politicians. But one must begin to wonder what is next, when those in control are so embolden that they push this draconian measure on the most exploited, and attempt to sell it as a reform for the abuses of the borrowers. The designers of this system of avarice are the same people who were driven out of the temple. Funny that they all have returned, under the standard of cooperation and bipartianship progress. And some of you still think the government protects your interests? You must be the ones who still owe money, and are afraid that the loan may be called in.

SARTRE - March 17, 2001

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