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Market Crash and Reparations!


What do they have in common? The 'Herd Mentality' is the thread that runs under the surface of both. The Reality of the lost of value in the indexes that form the backbone on world markets is clear to even the most causal spectator. But the discussion that David Horowitz has attempted to bring center stage may escape the unobservant. The notion that Reparations are required to serve justice, is as absurd as the peak PE ratios of all the dot com IPO's. In both cases, the public just accepts the suppositions of their spinsters. Where is the debate and a reliance upon facts and foresight?

When the notion that wealth can be manufactured from an alchemy formula and not earned, you beg a calamity. And when you dismiss and refuse to hear criticism of inane and destructive demands and viscously attack the messenger, you destroy all semblance of Free and Fair Speech. Both defy common sense and prudence. For the greedy Yuppie that seeks only the good times, every issue is an opportunity. For the 'True Believers' in a free lunch, there is no contradiction in extortion policies. Both are consumed with their own selves and perceived interests. While neither understand that they have become the mark for the hucksters of delusions and social decay.

The mob mentality is powerful, whether in a market panic or in a street riot. The motion of stock markets or social movements are often illogical, but are routinely intense in their volatility. Balance is always the first causality and the true victim in this equation. When charlatans of hype are rewarded for their scams, you breed the desire to feed at the trough of false dreams. When the pervaders of envy and jealousy, claim they are seekers of justice, they really are dispensers of hate and true intolerance. In both cases, you have a choice. Resist the touting of joining the parade of the new paradyne of specious business plans and crazy concepts. And reject the impostors that peddle flaming anger and avarice. Those who are riddled with mistaken guilt and false hopes, reflect upon your misguided values.

Accuracy in Disclosure and Free Speech require honesty if they are to be achieved. When you deny reality, all the facts in the world, won't help you. A bubble is inflated when one continues to exhale and refuses to take in new air and breathe normally. Censorship originates when one closes their minds to subjects and positions that are different from your own. And when the mob takes root, you have the worst example of the 'Herd Mentality' at work. Markets will rebound; but will civil discourse and peaceful assembly? The 'PC' on the campus is much more dangerous than the retraction of paper riches. For the true treasure is found in the ability to argument ideas. That is a fortune that none of us can afford to lose . . .

SARTRE - March 16, 2001

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