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Where is the Foot and Mouth Disease?


With all the noise that have been going on in Europe for the last month, the attention is finally coming to the US. We have been told that there is no danger to humans from this disease. Only animals need to be destroyed. But is that really true?

No, the 'Foot' is not the hoof of the animal, that I am referring in this account. It's the nadir of the prevarication that the 'Statist' use to confuse and distort the nature of a tax cut for all those who are the financier's of those funds. And the 'Mouth' is the insincere disingenuous intent of those lies.

Government creates no wealth. It only demands tribute from those who are the producers to fund their programs and redistribution schemes. The money is YOURS. We do not need to beg to demand it's return to us. The rhetoric from the likes of Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt is an insult to any sane and thinking person. Only those who willingly seek to share in the booty of these swindlers are supporters of this band of thieves. Yes, I'm talking directly to you government 'public servants'! You government pension check cashers. And you aspirant social engineers . . .

The quarantine on foul meat and potential contaminated carcass, needs to be applied to the real red meat industry of deceit. 'Were's The Beef', from these parasites? When will you demand the sustenance of true protein that is your legitimate reward from your own labors, the investment of your own saved capital and the spark from your own creative inspirations? We have all been sold a 'Bill of Goods' to accept a conversion to the vegetarian menu. Well, I'm tired of eating greens! I'm sick of being fed a diet of healthy approved cuisine, from the chefs in this tainted kitchen. It's time for the genuine health department of public opinion to close the doors of this house of infected rot. The feast from the bounty of our own fruits, is your birth right. When will you demand your place at the table, or are you content to wait for an invite? I'm ready to bake the dessert after the Beef Wellington is devoured. And I'm not about to ask permission to belch when I'm done. If it's good enough for Dick Cheney, we are also entitled to our own attacks of the heart . . . It's time to retain our own money to pay for them, as well.

SARTRE - March 14, 2001

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