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What is history but the story of how politicians have squandered the blood and treasure of the human race. - Thomas Sowell


The Maps Tell The Story

Emotions hit another round of intensity with the uproar from the recently published map of Palestine from the State Information Service. The popular clamor asks, is this the ultimate goal of the PLO - remove Israel from the map of the middle east altogether?
Few can offer even the faintest glimmer of the chances for a peaceful resolution to the full scale warfare that has erupted in this ancient land. But how many people know the history of the last fifty plus years and the background that has brought the world to the brink of the ultimate holocaust? Millions of words have been written about who is at blame and the reasons for this eternal hatred. But a few pictures may explain better than appeals to reason.

United Nations Partition Plan - 1947 MAP

Starting with the United Nations Partition Plan, 1947, the original borders for the state of Israel are quite limited. This index illustrates the significant border changes after the 1949 War of Independence, after the six day war of 1967, than after the 1982 return of Sinai and the invasion of Lebanon, and finally after Palestinian autonomy and Lebanon withdrawal in 2000. 
But the most notable map is the one that identifies the Israeli settlements on the West Bank. A careful analysis of the locations and the areas that are an effective no man's land, demonstrates the consequences of the expanded settlements. It is hard to believe that Israel will ever agree to remove their own population from these areas.

West Bank 2002 Settlement MAP

Any rational person would likely conclude that a land for peace agreement would need to establish sovereignty for a Palestinian State. Under Ariel Sharon, the prospects for serious negotiations that will accept a geographic realignment are bleak. Yasser Arafat's authority has been emasculated and his own survival is in serious doubt. Under these dire and hostile circumstances, America needs to take a sober approach and reexamine our own national interests in this endless conflict. Balance towards the middle east has never been the central tenant of U.S. foreign policy. It just might be time to start regarding the strife as unsolvable and change direction for the benefit of America.

The Bush administration has recognized that Sharon is out to inflict a maximum military response that will surely risk total open warfare. Colin Powell said about Sharon's actions: " he has to take a hard look at his policies to see whether they will work.", hardly the clearest indication that U.S. support will be withheld from Israel. The prospect of a removal of that patronage is as likely as Sharon removing the Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

Efforts to foster an America obligation to side with Israel and defend the expansionist objectives of a greater Jewish state is insanity for our country. Can there be any doubt that the latest escalation in targeting Iraq as the next focal point in the 'so called' war on terror has more to do with providing cover for Sharon to unleash his forces, then eradicating imminent threats against America?

With the recent leaking of the Pentagon Nuclear Posture Review with its strategy to use first strike nuclear weapons, Pat Buchanan asks a question that demands a thoughtful response.  

"Why would we use nuclear weapons on Iraq in retaliation for an attack on Israel, when Israel has its own nuclear weapons? Under what conceivable circumstances would we use atomic weapons on Syria? Does the United States claim a right of first use of atomic weapons against any "rogue state" that develops a weapon of mass destruction?"

Again the maps tell the tale . . . The encouragement of West Bank settlements have been policy of several Israeli administrations. Until the map changes, the blood will continue to spill. President Bush has not been an honest broker. Our national interest is imperiled when we subordinate our policies to the goals of foreign countries. This folly has been common for decades. Britain has played America for the fool while China treats us as her stooge. So why allow the U.S. to be Israel's bitch?

Look at the maps, again . . . Then ask Bush if the destruction of an America city is the price that will need to be paid, in the defensive of any expanding empire? Isn't it time to reverse the hostile attitudes of over a billion Muslims toward the U.S.? Surely you don't want to change all those maps to redesign even more borders, policed by American troops? The solution is clear from our interests as a nation - remove the protective shield over the land of Abraham. It is a fight that has no benefit for us. Only pain and tears will come to our own land.

America wake up!

SARTRE - March 12, 2002

Almost everyone who has read history in a more than casual manner knows that when the great figure of God appears in a controversy, the shooting cannot be far off.
- Stewart H. Holbrook

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