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The fundamental defect with fathers is that they want their children to be a credit to them.
 Bertrand Russell


The NWO on target, all systems go!

What happened when that list of "Axis of Evil" was drawn up? Where was Red China! Hard to imagine that they don't fit the definition of supporting terrorism. Maybe eliminating terrorism is not the real motivation behind this 'so called' war? Pick and choose the enemy flavor of the month must mean that we give a pass to strategic trading partners. Or what is that other name: "Permanent Normal Trade Partner".
It is difficult to see any real differences in the end results of trade policy under either political party. Clinton clearly betrayed America during his tenure. Motivations and objectives may be different but the end result always is the same. When the conservative cause is defined by liberals as corporate greed we usually dismiss the source as avid socialists. But sometimes their comments have a prophetic irony when describing the nature of the problem. As we all know far too well, their solutions rarely offer an alternative that benefits the American people.
Consider an article over a year and a half old, from The American Prospect: My Heart Belongs to Daddy. More to the point might be: and I can't get you out of my head. Ignore the slant that favors the last administration, and look at the underlying pro Chinese disposition of the Bush crowd. When George I proclaimed the New World Order at the end of the Gulf War, most refused to accept that America's interests were different from that of the international community. Now that we have emerged into a state of permanent war, should we not revisit just what the NWO means for our country?

Son - Dad is very Proud

Hardly a word has been in the mainstream press about the role China plays in the murky underground of the network of state sponsored disorder. George W Bush remarked that China policy would be one of "competition" rather than "strategic partnership'. Words that Republicans welcome. But does this competition extend to a global effort to round up every terrorist cell? As distasteful as the notion of any kind of strategic brotherhood with the Chinese might be, maybe this is the time that we need to know just where they stand in this rapidly changing political environment.
Are the Chinese a full partner in the NWO or are they the next diabolical domain? For us who accept that the international community is the crux of the real evil empire, it only matters if anyone is left to challenge the flow of global synthesis. Every country that offers resistance to the NWO is targeted for disciplinary action. One need not defend ruthless regimes to be against the ultimate ruler. It is most revealing to witness the pattern of bringing any dissenting nation into the web of singular union.
NATO taught the Serbs a lesson and Slobodan Milosevic's address is now a Hague jail cell. Is there any country left who will defy the might of the military machine, meant to make the world safe for corporate monopolies? Yes, the virtues of free trade are shared for the benefit of only NWO loyalists.
Most Conservatives want to believe that Jr. is different from the father. But when it comes to accepting the policies that shape the shadow world of a new international kingdom, he is just like the dad. If you are one of the many Republicans that dismiss the danger of such a power concentration, you might do well to ally yourselves with your Democrat interventionists. There seems little difference between the foreign policies of either party at this point. The friends of Robert Reich back at the American Prospect, would gladly give you a trial subscription to their rag. Or go directly to the definitive source and start getting your Foreign Affairs magazine sent directly to your door. They are the same people who drive the think tanks and supply the super stars that create this New World Order. You know their names, all are Council on Foreign Relations members!
But if you smell a rat that America has no representation at this table, you just might want to ask why we are loosing all our own freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism? The game should be clear for those with the courage to face the reality of the ultimate goal. Comply to the new rules of the NWO or you will become the next terrorist state. Forget all the diversions, ignore all the party labels, this is a fight to the end. The excuse that fighting terrorism requires conducting continuous war, creates more terrorists than any preventive strike upon weapons posed against us ever will result in real protection.
Smedley Butler on Interventionism is the authority that exposed the fallacy that U.S. Internationalist Foreign Policy can ever reduce hatred by foreign regimes towards America.
Iraq, Iran and N Korea are all terrible governments. But so is China! What makes them immune from attack. Could it be their nukes? And just who gave them the technology to pose a serious threat and who made them into a strategic partner in the first place? Both Bush Presidents serve the NWO. Not us . . .
SARTRE - February 18, 2002

The father who does not teach his son his duties is equally guilty with the son who neglects them. - Confucius

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