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Ronald Reagan - Man of the Century

On the celebration of a life worth lived, we have a hero who represented all that was good in an age of horror and suffering. Another figure in literature shares many of the same noble qualities, even though his fate is tragic. During another viewing today, of David Lean's masterwork, the central figure; Doctor Yurii Andreievich Zhivago, respects the splendor of life and has a profound devotion to justice. These traits run parallel to Reagan's eternal optimism and faith in the indomitable spirit of man and his will to banish those forces of depravity. Condemning the 'Evil Empire' to the rubble of a failed nightmare is the same struggle that the good doctor spent his life in mortal combat. How fitting that the most profound political accomplishment of the last century was achieved by a man who possessed the same courage of purpose and conviction as Zhivago.

The depth of the terror in the 'Collectivist' revolution is felt in the systematic destruction and dismantling of all civilized conduct. Who could be so naive to reason that the 'Peoples Paradise' is a vision of betterment? Who could accept the promises for equal treatment, when the direr consequences for noncompliance is elimination? And who could bring themselves to act as willing tools in the inflection of torture and execution of his fellow countryman? No this is not the realm of acceptable behavior for either man. It is the worse of all possible worlds, and a state of affairs that warrant a total lifetime commitment to battle against such forces. The purity of 'Ideology' is the sacred standard that the corrupt regime made all their judgments. It is the alter upon which all sacrifices were rendered, all blood was shed and all hope was expunged. How different are the convictions of Reagan. The domain that Yurii could only dream, became the world that Reagan restored.

In the private moments of ultimate despair and desperation, Lara the most tragic symbol of her entire wasted nation says, "What a terrible time to be alive". Zhivago knows only too well the torment of the revolution and the lost of dignity and personal future, but he reassures his love that life CAN have beauty and meaning. Within their surroundings and plight, how could this be? The answer is found in their daughter, and the desire for a better world for her. Much in the same way, Reagan shared this same vision for our children. He created the environment that pushed the evil empire into self desolation. It was he who gave and bought optimism back, not only for us, but also for Lara's daughter. So many have suffered and paid the final price for such a vision of the future. But one man achieved more, with the grace of God, to bring such goals into reality. Yurii died before he could see the true promise land. While the rest of us seldom revere the gift that we now enjoy, while it lasts.

For those who's appreciation is limited, never forget that enemy empires can rise again. And for those who seek that America establish her own world dominion, learn the lesson that Reagan taught us. The evil in the empire is NOT limited to foreign soil only. When the same 'Socialistic' systematic view exist, depravity soon joins. The promise of equality and justice, comes not from theft or forced conformity; but through mutual respect. Reagan gave up an opportunity of our age. Don’t forego that chance for real progress. Lara's daughter deserves a better life. If you won't do it for her, then do it for your own. The future CAN be bright, just as Yurii saw. But it will require your demand to resist the same depravity, within your own country, that lead to the dread that we all should fear. Celebrate RR's life. His example should hearten us and his vision should inspire. Happy 90th.

SARTRE - February 13, 2001


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