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Only the mediocre are always at their best.
Jean Giraudoux

The Fox that Went Down the Wrong Hole

Tally-Ho! The hunt is on and the race has begun to see how fast a network can implode. In the slimy world of cable media, it seems easier to get to the top than understand the reasons that made the ascent possible. FOX News was the shining beacon on the hill, a glimmer of hope and promise that would usher in a new era of information and debate. Well, the experiment is over. It's fate has gone the way of CNN Headline News over a decade ago. What killed this sly fox?

In Europe, the fox was the essence of wiliness, quick wittedness and wary wisdom. But in the traditions of many Native American tribes, the fox often follows the transformation of image sorcery and shamanism. Just which version is FOX News pursuing?

By hiring Greta Van Susteren for the 10 PM slot to go head to head up against Alan Keyes on MSNBC, is like pouring tainted 'kool aid' as a substitute for vintage wine. Has Roger Ailes gone mad, or is this just part of the Rupert Murdoch master plan?

Do they think we have forgotten what this woman is all about? Married to trial lawyer, John Coale, who's fame comes from the multi billion dollar anti-tobacco lawsuits and representing Julie Hiatt Steele, against Newsweek reporter Mickael Isikoff. You remember that turncoat friend of Kathleen Willey! Having provided the great sucking sound for years on behalf of the Klintonista's, who in their right mind would hire this strumpet?

Now we are going to be subjected to this 'Joan Rivers' make over without the wit or humor. An ambulance chasing personal injury lawyer from the house that built Scientology is not exactly the talent that qualifies for serious hosting, unless it is a reunion of the OJ clan. Do we really want a state dinner buddy of the witch HilLAIRy to be commenting for the 'fair and balanced' network? Who will be her favorite guests, Tom Cruise and John Travolta or Lannie Davis?

Who can forget from the trials of the impeachment ordeal the objective reporting of this dog face make over. (referring to the White House rebuttal of impeachment articles) "Please, just read the records. Don't rely on what everybody's saying. . . . I've actually gone through them, and I'm not as horrified as most people."  "On the Record" surely will have the same bold assessments for a loyal CNN following. Isn't this the real objective, bring over the idiots from the communist news network . . .

Since we have already experienced the fall out from the first cable swap, dug out Geraldo has proved that reporting by check book is the new order of the day at FOX News. Let's not worry if we are really in the area, at the time of reporting, the story felt good and the pictures are neat! Who can blame the 'Jerry Springer' of Kandahar when you are engrossed with a fire fight in Tora Bora. Nice work if you can get it, three days before it happened . . .  maybe this bore will carry over to the new 'lady of the evening' whore.

Just remember when your network reputation goes into the tank, who brought the shame. Bob Steele, director of the ethics program at the Poynter Institute said: "I believe Geraldo Rivera and Fox News owe their viewers a substantive explanation of what this means, journalistically and ethically. If he did this in a way that violates journalistic standards, he is disrespectful not only to his profession, but to the families of those Americans who died."

Makes you wish you were the hostage negotator at the WSJ so you could trade the rose glasses fearless reporter for Danny Pearl?

We know that 'Whorealdo' is true to his profession! What will be the next network raid for FOX News? Will we be seeing George Stephanopoulos switch from ABC to become the live in partner for Alan Colmes? But before such charges can stick, the 'Burden of Proof' will fall to analysis by the strange eyes of our newest lawyer host. Just what we all need, another solicitor applying their trade in the evening hours.

How long will it take for the L. Ron Hubbard proclamation to cover the news cycle? "The church should use the legal system to destroy and harass its opponents and ruin them utterly." Maybe 'The Point' is the expansion of cult tactics now being used to control the perception process. Back at CNN, Greta the 'bad witch' had no counter part in a good Alice enchantress. In a house that includes a Judy Woodruff and a Christiane Amanpour, who could blame anyone for wanting to leave. But her husband wrote the Turner gang that Ms Van Susteren "has also been troubled about the lack of diversity on the air in terms of anchors and correspondents." Is this the kind of purity test that will be On HER Record?

FOX News is on the run, not yet in the ratings; but in the hearts of her viewers. Hiding in a black hole of personality 'PC' will destroy the very reason WE built the success for the network. The spectator deserves a credible voice. Puffy face has already passed the audition for Bernard Goldberg's sequel: BIAS - how Fox betrayed the public. This hoofed mammal has zebra stripes crossed with the believability of her genus, the ass. Why not hire a Wendy McElroy instead of another shill? It sure is time to change the corporate name from Fox to Wiccan. Rest in peace, the remote is back in use and changes will be made.

SARTRE - February 5, 2002

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