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Where Will the DemocRAT'S Party Turn?


All of DC is a buzz that its a done deal. Terry McAuliffe will be placed as head of the Party, next week. Klinton hasn't left the scene, but is placing his most visible money man in the top post. How happy most DemocRAT'S must be! The legacy is set and the next campaign is in full gear.

What will the sincere rank and file do, now that the Corporate donors are totally in charge? It never ceases to amaze how party supports are so willing to discard their own principles, for Party goals of winning the next election. Actually, the Survivor TV program has more similarities than the former parties of Jefferson or Lincoln. Or will the XFL be the better comparison? At this point in the honeymoon, Bush is making all the right moves, and is endearing himself to all of his loyal opposition. At least that is what we are being told. Real progress, can't be that far off. Oh, how that notion worries . . . .

The grunts of DemocRAT'S supporters and voters now has a symbol to wave and shout. We have not lost our leader, he is just taking a well deserved rest. Jesse has taken up the slack and Terry will keep picking up all the bills. Who cares that the penthouse costs a lot, those gals charge top rates. The only question will be, which night is Jesse's turn. Maybe the out of town speaking schedule will set the dates? Any bets how long before Marc Rich has him make a speech in Switzerland?

Isn't it time for Eric Holder to get the boot? Come on you loyal 'Asses', you can't be that dumb or stubborn to let him stick around working for 'Big Bad John'? The first order of business is to take the cure, and loss all those recollections! Surely, a team player needs to be taken care of in the normal way? Better not make any visits to those DC parks, any time soon. So if you are still a 'True Believe', you will surely have Bill Bradley speak out? You kicked out Ralph Nader, so who will you turn to? Prince Albert is off teaching the 'Greens' and Dickie G will be caring the bags for the love feast newlyweds. So we must turn to the only Savior left! That other bag who doesn't care for her hair any longer, "She Have Nothing To Prove". Yes, folks; HilLAIRy will design the interior of the new suite at the top of the heap. Please MS Senator, take the hint from your better half. He looks so good beyond those bars. Especially, when out on the town, with an evening of Quills, exaltation. Sorry, that's more in keeping with your own taste, Madame Representative.

SARTRE - February 2, 2001

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