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The Newsweek you will NOT Read


Drudge Reports: Late Wednesday top brass at NEWSWEEK made the call not to front a high-impact story crowning FOX NEWS the nation's cable news leader.

"The story will be running inside the magazine, not the cover," a top publishing source told the DRUDGE REPORT. "The decision was made at the highest levels of the corporation."

Assistant Managing Editor Evan Thomas developed the splash which caused a bitter battle between editors, and exposed a conflict of internal business interests and news reporting.

"Are we really prepared to name FOX America's news leader?!" shouted one NEWSWEEK staffer, according to sources. "We've got a goddamn business arrangement with MSNBC!"

So you finally see how news is reported for yourself, in this day of Corporate editing. The total collapse of CNN and the tail spin at MSNBC is big News, and more important, 'good news'. The reign of distortion and bias needs to cease, and as with most aspects in life, real competition is the means to bring about that change. FOXNEWS is different; O'Reilly is one of a kind in today's female pretty face, no brains, network reporting. No wonder the hacks are going ballistic, they are so used to getting their way that most could not understand reality if they were starring rate at it.

From Drudge again: At a posh Sally Quinn party earlier this week, MSNBC talker Chris Matthews went berserk over the pending O'Reilly and FOX NEWS spread, according to sources. "I guess someone told Chris that O'Reilly tops him in the ratings 2 to 1!" blasted an insider.

For you fellow news junkies, give it a try; "We Report, You Decide". Ultimately you have the power to switch and refuse to watch. Network News is a total void of International Reporting. The BBC America, is the only daily general news broadcast worth the time. Let Ted Turner buy into Pravda, he already has one here in the US. And most of you have been loyal viewers. Its time for a real change. Use your remote. Better yet, check with Matt everyday.

SARTRE - February 1, 2001

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