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Absolutely speaking, Do unto others as you would that they should do unto you is by no means a golden rule, but the best of current silver. An honest man would have but little occasion for it. It is golden not to have any rule at all in such a case.
Henry David Thoreau

Is Meaningful Change Possible?


Integrity has no need for rules
- Albert Camus

The way society is going, meaningful change is virtually impossible. One need not read into this statement that it is infeasible, only that the current attempts are doomed to fail. Conservatives, Libertarians and those who generally consider themselves to be on the right side of issues, are typically spinning their wheels when they propose changes to the social order. Most agree that society is 'out of control' and that fundamental reforms are necessary to save ourselves from the outcome of the 'collectivist culture'. So what mistakes are being made by those recommending a plan for combating the socialist progressives?

In a masterful essay entitled "Death To Liberalism" - A Plan, by William Kaliher; the dilemma with the root failure in the Liberal ideology, is presented correctly. Only the truly misguided will take issue with their sorry record and those institutions that have promoted their bankrupt agenda. Even leftist political celebrities, like Ralph Nader, have on occasions been a vocal critic of the problems that stem from their policies. But few offer real potential for possible solutions. While Mr Kaliher's call to action is welcomed, and many of his specific suggestions could provide some promise, the central ingredient for true meaningful change is missing.

Death To Liberalism - A Plan: by William Kaliher

The task before us requires a metaphysical philosophy that accepts a different ontology, and embraces a true cosmology. Today's popular culture is based upon a false conception of the relationship between the individual and society. Government is viewed as a source authority and a necessary component of organization and order. Because people are conditioned to yield to peer influence and most aspire to be accepted by their community; they willingly surrender their natural rights, as a necessary price of living within society. The notion that it is obligatory to forfeit intrinsic rights, is at the core of the social corruption that allows the State to make a false claim for legitimacy. The problem is not that every form of government is illicit, but that all regimes in practice, denies the human rights of individuals. The State, then asserts that their laws, rules and policies, must be obeyed under the threat of coercion and punishment. At no time does the State establish an inherent right for authority, over people. The right resides within the person, and cannot, even with their consent; be transferred to a government.

The failure of conservative proposals to implement this philosophy, is their doom. We are not engaged in a struggle to move out the current office holders, and replace them with a benign version, even if they accept conservative and traditional values. The goal requires that recognition of the supremacy in authority of the individual, must be the basis for any design of government administration.

The overwhelming incoherent thinking of the mass population, is irrational about legitimate citizenship. Government is accountable to the people. But the people have become the fundamental driving force behind their demand for 'TC' Totalitarian Collectivism. The ultimate blame rests upon the fools that voluntarily surrender their freedoms to a tyrant. They accept the few and insignificant benefits, from a master that they created and continually allow, to inflict further injustices.

The solution is quite simple, but how many possess the strength and courage to restore their personal dignity? The formula for a restoration in the balance of the natural order, is not in doubt; but as this title suggests, the dubious character of the American people is in question. So we will list the steps necessary to raise this sunken ship from the seabed, and refit her to once again sail with pride and honor.

All government pensions must end. Employment at any level of government must be defined as true public service, and never a career. Sunset limits on all government agencies and laws. Elimination of institutional bureaucracy. Judges must be selected from general backgrounds, while excluding any practicing the law as a profession. Politicians serve at the pleasure of recall during only one term. Programs that collect public revenue, cannot be used to fund private benefits. Measures for security of society, allows community standards. Commerce to be encouraged, while removing protection for monopolies. Honest money and reformed equity markets. Residence implies responsibility to principles of a free society.

This brief outline will stir the skeptic to conclude these concepts are ridiculous. Why? Would the criticism stem from intellectual objections or would it come from the risk of change or loss of privileges? The thief of personal wealth to run a Ponzi scheme called Social Security is indefensible, but who among our society is willing to refuse their check! What government civil servant, teacher, police or fireman, would renounce their benefits? Do you know any neighbor that does not make business decisions based upon their tax repercussions? And who is exempt from the fear of standing before a judge, who was a former prosecutor?

The point is that the public has been programmed into taking the crumbs of the nanny state, and will resist any attempts to take the stale chow away. Their inability to measure the true costs and consequences of abandoning their self-respect and personal responsibility for a false protection, is the main reason that any well intended organized attempt to stop the insanity is futile. The true foe of America, are asinine Americans.

At this late stage of national madness, only an implosion of this house of cards could ever offer the opportunity to reconstruct a sober society. Civil disobedience and withdrawal of your consent is all that is left. But before recruiting those rare persons of integrity and grit, who will accept this judgment and step forward to debate methods, they must reflect upon the nature of the struggle. Without understanding the character of the problem, all that can be achieved with the options that Mr Kaliher offers, is a last dance in the ballroom of the Titanic. We don't need a civil war, that will just change the faces of the folks who play the same game. But we must achieve a revolution in our own thinking, before we can reconstruct the mechanisms of organization. Power has never been relinquished by those who live for it, willingly. Applying counter force has never produced any significant lasting solutions. But with withdrawing your consent, from the machinery of government, the fraud that is dressed up in the garb of a legal process will fail to function. Most Americans would not tolerate overt mass repression, but they consistently accept incremental torture - much coming at the hands of your fellow neighbor, and often by your own request.

Rejecting resistance for superficial adjustments, will never restore the essential balance in the distorted relationship that condemns all of us to mutual servitude. Government prevents solutions and destroys those who attempt to challenge their decrees. Unless this fact of history is acknowledged, there can be no hope for change. Since the probability for mass defiance is so remote, how can we possibly project that there can be any agreement on tactics, when so few are committed to the ultimate goal? Human Nature is replete with conduct of selfish self interest. That reality will not change. For now, the best we can do is "Just Say NO" !

SARTRE - January 8, 2002

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There are two great rules of life; the one general and the other particular. The first is that everyone can, in the end, get what he wants, if he only tries. That is the general rule. The particular rule is that every individual is, more or less, an exception to the rule. - Samuel Butler

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