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2003 - The Year of the Revo-Ami

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When obedience is so impious, revolt is a necessity. - Pierre Corneille

2003 - The Year of the Revo-Ami

Time to march again

The unprecedented surrender of LIBERTY during the last year has marked a country in total free fall. The funeral for the Republic took place and very few were in attendance. Most were oblivious to its death. Appropriate and traditional mourning has been absent. Only gleeful jingoism permeates the national mania and an offensive frenzy that accompanies support for the policies of the WAR Party government. Party distinctions have evaporated into a black hole. Labels have lost their meaning, while the significance of a disastrous ideology leads the people into bondage. We warned of a false Patriotism and called 2002 The Year of the Radical. By now there can be no doubt left, even for the most timid. The enemy of the Nation is the STATE and only a modern day Tory would champion the aberrant machinations of President Bush. George W has exceed King George III as tyrant.

Any prospects or hopes that Bush would be an ardent defender of the constitutional rule, has been dispelled since the events of 911. The “War on Terror” is a “Battle Against America”. Those who support the policies that brought you the Patriot Act and Homeland Defense are betrayers. Many of these impostors claim to be a conservative, while their actions and advocacy properly portray them, as pure STATIST supporters. The tragic perversion of the genuine heritage of conservative principles is the result from a “Fifth Column” of megalomaniacs that have destroyed the American First legacy of the Republican Party. The drive for foreign benefit, under the guise of U.S. policy security, is pure treason. Imperial empire requires the destruction of the sovereign states that once made up a confederation of separate and independent units that maintained joint authority, within a “federal” shared system of governments. Now, as a new year dawns that experiment has expired. But the dream awaits to be resurrected . . .

That is why 2003 is the year of the Revo-Ami. If you did not become a radical last year - you are already on life support with severe damage to your brain for lack of the oxygen to your Liberty cells. If you call yourself a Republican - the party of Lincoln - you don’t have a clue of the meaning in the ideas in traditional heritage or the term conservative. NeoCons are not protectors of the birthright. So to avoid confusion and to re-establish and capture a clear and elegant interpretation of the essence in the paleoconservative, Old Cause, Populism, America First, Washington “farewell address” mindset, we are coining the term: Revo-Ami. Revo - for revolutionary, Ami - for friend of America.

Yes; we as a people fathered a nation out of a conscious will, to cherish individual Liberty as the core of self government. The spirit in this idea is the basic nature of our common purpose as a union of citizens. Our consent is required for legitimacy. Elections are no longer an option. Courts only protect the traitors. Presidents have all become despots. Bureaucrats predominate incompetence and disdain for the public. The vast majority seek ‘womb to tomb’ sustenance from an all puissant government, as they allow themselves to be transmuted into dependent parasites. Who in their right mind would want to conserve this record?

The current crop of ideological freaks who strive to steal our heritage and substitute a culture of secular humanism and state worship are opponents of our purpose - Liberty. Fraudulent preachers who favor foreign governments over essential national interests are apostates. Multinational corporate cartels with allegiance only to unconscionable and unscrupulous domination over markets, are hardly practitioners of free enterprise. Is this the economic system that is worth preserving? In the Ten Points for Sensible Government an outline is presented of our traditional inheritance, and what has to be discarded from present regimes. Active and Prohibited roles are defined. And in-depth understanding of each is required to comprehend the essential attributes of the American experience.

A Revo-Ami must become a proactive reformer and undaunted defender of our original revolution. What falsely passes today, as a government ‘of the people’, is nothing but a reign of elites, who pursue a never-ending fabricated conflict to induce a perceived chaos. Their plots require policies designed for total control over all elements of society. Their ‘PC’ filtered media engages in psycho orchestration that causes a Pavlovian response, demand and eagerness to surrender additional rights. The Revo-Ami is committed to fight this blight upon our land. While our personal values on non violence maintains the moral high ground, we fully accept the reality that this is a struggle to the death. If America is ever to be revived, it needs to restore the fundamental courage that flowed in the veins of our Founding Fathers, and requires us to revolt. How, and when will be the topic for future articles.

Usually, one attempts to offer hope at the beginning of each new year. Consider this message as hopeful. Simply put, if you reject becoming a Revo-Ami, there can’t be a future worth living. The debate has ended, the inevitable struggle is upon us. The enemy is identified and no quarter need be given. The RevAm must become the “minutemen” meeting today’s turncoats at our own Concord Bridge. 2003 will be THE year of destiny. Americans must accept that the real war is internal. The Crown was defeated in the 1776 Revolution. A much worse tyrant has emerged and it wraps itself in a fake flag stained with the blood of conquest, command and control. When this monster turns on your neighbor will you come to his defense, or will you point the way to his door? Mr President you asked and there are millions of us who are Free Men, we are against you . . . TAKE back your country - or die in the struggle - there is no other option.

SARTRE - December 29, 2002

Most commonly revolt is born of material circumstances; but insurrection is always a moral phenomenon. Revolt is Masaniello, who led the Neapolitan insurgents in 1647; but insurrection is Spartacus. Insurrection is a thing of the spirit, revolt is a thing of the stomach. - Victor Hugo              

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