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Never too soon to pick the 2004 President

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"The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise their power from behind the scenes."
-- Justice Felix Frankfurter, U.S. Supreme Court.

Never too soon to pick the 2004 President

The 'tomb' that will bury all of us

The bore know as Gore, finally got the message and is out, or so he says. The mad race is on for finding the Bush spoiler. The crowd seems to be many, but the one who will emerge will have a facility that none of the rest possess. Want to know what that is and who has it? Or are you one of those that take enjoyment in the facade, thinking that it is a game that anyone can win? Millions will be spent to keep you distracted and in suspense, when the fix has already been made and the candidate has been picked. Predictions can be tricky, but this one is low risk.

But before we let you in on the challenging stallion in another photo finish, examine all those who have a yen for hearing all hail to the chief. This little resource list gives a thumbnail of all the cast of characters. Some have only a remote chance under the most favorable circumstances and others virtually none. So why confuse the search for the new survivor who can get past the next tribal council? The reason is simple, you are supposed to determine that the process is open, fair and arduous. Nothing could be further from the truth. While the endurance and stamina of dining on chicken will be practiced, forget about testing the character, the ideas and the sincerity of the victor. It’s not necessary, any longer. Those qualities aren’t essential to become President.

In alphabetical order from the list of serious contenders:

1) Tom Daschle - Democratic Senate leader, last senator elected directly to the presidency was JFK. Little Tommy Boy is no Jack in the box (Hillary excluded), and who wants to vote for short terms with diminutive staying power.

2) Chris Dodd - Senator and former Democratic National Chairman has never been accused of lacking sustaining vigor, an interloper who’s dirty deeds at the DNC could test his endurance, and preference, in a federal pen.

3) John Edwards - Another rich ambulance chasing trial solicitor Senator, kind of a redundancy. Beauty boy squeaky clean image, but look closer under his fair-cloth. Old Lauch may well pour a little rain on his parade.

4) Dick Gephardt - House Minority Leader just self removed to run up the union flag while wearing a yarmulke cap, after failing to rally the troops to take back the house that Newt built. Howdy Doody better try leading Clarabell, first.

5) John Kerry - One more Senator and fun loving rival to Dodd. Veteran critic of Viet Nam turned hawk, married the Heinz ‘big bucks’ widow after that senator’s plane crashed. Patrician demeanor, with little populist appeal, but has the look . . .

6) Joe Lieberman - You got it, another Senator and failed Gore running mate, first ever Jewish candidate. Self built NeoCon Democrat (an oxymoron if ever one) favors gun control while saying he supports the war on terror and Bush’s incursion into Iraq.

These are the most recognized names among the first tier candidates. Absent, and certainly the least, among the inferior; would be the queen and self appointed village ‘idiot’ educator - HilLAIRy. Too bad, but she won’t get the nod, nor will we be granted her version of the promised land. Never again to make that kind of mistake . . .

OK no more mystery! Does the initial "JFK" give you the hit? No; not the deceased John John . . . Junior to the Camelot legend, but you at least are getting close to the home state. Yes, John Kerry my name is NOT Bob, with that other spelling, is the man for the Democratic nomination for President in 2004. Robert might be preferred, but you will acquire John F. (almost like not getting that other Bobby K)

You ask, how can you be so sure? That one is easy. Skull and Bones membership grants privilege of the highest order. What can be better than a make believe race between two 'Bonesmen'. Oh, you didn’t know that Kerry was one of the select Yalie inner circle! Just coincidental - who would ever believe those tales of occult invocation going on in that mausoleum? It’s just a harmless college frat! So what if William Henry Donaldson and Jonathan Bush, brother of George Herbert Walker, were classmates and just happened to be in the ‘Order’. Just because George Jr appointed Donaldson to head the SEC, what could be wrong with that?

And who would give any credence to those allegations that George W. Bush's grandfather, Senator Prescott Bush, joined a midnight S&B foray 84 years ago into an Oklahoma graveyard for the task of rescuing the mortal skull of the Apache Geronimo. Sounds like just healthy fun on a boys night out. Even if the Bush family has some twisted idiosyncrasies, that doesn’t mean that the distinguished looking Kerry would snooze inside a coffin. That’s just too weird to believe - RIGHT ???

From such a ‘Secret Crypt’ came the President William Howard Taft, Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart and Secretary of State Henry Stimson. The ‘Tomb’ rose to prominence the likes of Averell Harriman and the Bundy Boys - William and McGeorge. And least we forget, how about those other former Senators: John Chafee and David Boren. Who would doubt that our current Vice President would not have joined the ranks of all the other Cheney’s, had he remained at Yale? Almost wants one to get the CIA to investigate and publish their findings in William F. Buckley’s conservative National Review! Oh, sorry - isn’t that exactly what has been going on for decades?

If you want to understand the reality of political elections, learn from the coming choice in 2004. You will only be offered a safe choice from approved, NOT secret or hidden conspirators. It is all in the open for those who are willing to see. Forget the diversions around the Lott controversy, focus on the results that comes out of every effort to fumble sensible policies. No serious attempt is ever made to change the rule from these elites. The choice for real reform is never permitted. You should not be surprised when Senator Chafee, the son, is the one to call for Trent to go. The big picture demands the next majority leader to pay homage to the skull and bones rituals with more devotion.

SARTRE - December 19, 2002

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from it's original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy making arm of the government." -- President Harry Truman

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