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JFK retrospectives adnauseam

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"All I have I would have given gladly not to be standing here today." 
(Lyndon Johnson, Address to a Joint session of U.S. Congress,
five days after the assassination of President Kennedy in November 1963)

JFK retrospectives adnauseam

Few ask the real questions

Are you tired yet from all the programs memorializing John F. Kennedy? With the passage of time, clarity increases as closure evades. Only government stooges accept the Warren Commission version of fantasy land. As the population ages, with a majority having no direct recollection of that fateful day in Dallas, we are left with interpretive history. The facts are less important than the reality of what transpired over the last four decades.

America not only lost its innocence, but more significantly lost its adherence to limited government. No doubt the United States was on the fast track to socialism since FDR, but with the elimination of JFK, the process went into overdrive. That’s not to imply that Kennedy was a right-winger; not hardly. But in comparison to today’s artificial conservatives, some of his policies would be refreshing. The flood gates opened wide when LBJ took control.

The consequences for the nation have devastated the dream of a Republic. The notion that the federal government has an obligation to be an activist instrument for social engineering, became ingrained in the distorted consciousness of a guilt ridden public. The country of today is a hollow shell of individualism. The quest to secure community has required the surrender of personal ascendancy. The standard of distinctive achievement has been transformed into a culture of hopeless interference.

Think about it. Take the long view. Compare the degree of possibilities of forty years ago to the resignation of the present. Economic affluence is not the test, independence is the goal. The only true advancement in reach and scope has been the growth of the all powerful federal government. Imbeciles who conclude that this record is social progress feed the monster. Bleeding hearts who are eager to abandon their own roots to commingle with destructive cultures claim that equalitarian attitudes will bring social justice.

People never learn. After the sanctioned assassination, healing the country provided the necessary cover to implement the goals of the coup. Most of the evidence that explains the background that led up to the removal of Kennedy fails to address the breakdown of the entire historic underpinning of the nation, since WWII. The seeds of the Great Society were sown in the idiocy of being dragged into that global contrived conflict. Those who should know best, since they lived during that era, often deny their own blind faith in a misguided allegiance to a central government.

Fast forward to the 60’s and you get the offspring of that generation who’s motto was “love it or leave it”. Without a vestige interest in the dividends of regimentation, questioning unsound government dictates became natural. The mortal threat to the culture of bureaucracy, is independency. What better solution to eliminate that peril than ratcheting up the level of government expansion. All in the false name of fairness, the society must restrict personal individuality. Kennedy was too aloof to the interests of the mega-state to be allowed to direct it.

Father Joe, understood the nature of the Roosevelt deception and was fired for his opposition. Nothing increases the reach of the State more than war. Since President Kennedy was reluctant to mobilize the nation to derail those falling dominos, he became expendable. The theory concealed the assumptions from the real facts. The actual motivation was borne out over the successive decades. The American Empire is no accident, it was always the long term plan.

So what should be learned from this latest round of Camelot worship? The art of politics is the perfection of steering the public away from the true questions! Since the strength of independent conviction has been so subdued over the years from a continuous assault on rational thinking, it is not surprising that official propaganda has tamed the memory of the public. The objective of a ‘PC’ culture is to ostracize the dissenter. Avoiding the basis for government consolidation, by denying the sinister motives for its expansion, is the purpose in keeping your attention disconcerted.

Celebrating Kennedy’s life is a joke. He was no saint, but was a roadblock. He was no hero, but was an obstacle. And he certainly was no savior, but was undoubtedly loyal to family interests. The reason he was killed is that he was from a competing family . . . looking to disrupt the game of the big syndicate.

Anyone who has the courage to face the demons of our national experience needs to mature and confront the truths that you are continually taught to deny. It is not unpatriotic to seek genuine social justice. The crooks maintain control of the government. Don’t accept the account broadcast on the History Channel. Listen to Michael Beschloss’ apologists, don’t disturb your deep sleep. Conspiracy ridicule is the expertise of Senator Arlen Specter. He’s been part of the government all these years, surely you can trust him! Just ask yourself what your life could have been if the forces of Statism were held accountable? Asking that question does not make you disloyal to America, it may well enable its long belated restoration.

SARTRE - November 18, 2003

Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.
George Bernard Shaw

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