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Homeland Security Act = Domestic Despotism

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The concentrating [of powers] in the same hands is precisely the definition of despotic government. It will be no alleviation that these powers will be exercised by a plurality of hands, and not by a single one. - Thomas Jefferson

Homeland Security Act = Domestic Despotism

The Homeland Security Act will destroy the Nation and the Republic

By now you have heard the standard analysis of the latest enactment on the road to tyranny! Well, if you didn’t get the official version directly from the White House, here it is - Homeland Security Act of 2002. If you care about our nation and the reasons and principles upon which it was founded, you just might take pause when you sort out the specifics within this decree.

Listing all the specifics, their unconstitutional provisions and intended march towards martial law, using terrorism as the excuse, would not fit within the confines of this space. You will hear in the coming weeks and months from scores of talking heads and pundits about the pros and cons that will inexorably alter life in America. Who will you believe, who will you trust and what conclusions are correct, true and valid?

Recently we wrote an article - Talk Radio has Mellowed. Those mentioned favorably were the likes of Bob Grant, Jeff Rense, Robby Noel and Geoff Metcalf. But the one host that will answer the question best, who has the correct conclusions is, Alex Jones. His InfoWars.com site has links that will take you to his program. Let’s get one thing straight and direct. The information that you will hear has a political agenda. It is directed to cause the listener to think, ponder and question. This is a NEWS program the way it should be - loud and clear, factual evidence with relevant subjects. The significance of the analysis is up to you to accept or reject. But until you are exposed to political content that is absent from the traditional mediums, you will never know what you are missing.

It is important to tone down the volume from FoxNews, shut off MSNBC and delete CNN from your television tuners. Rush may entertain, but you will never get the reality of the times if you continue to rely upon those who are motivated by careers. If it appears or is heard on the mainstream, the likelihood is that the filter of approval requires a message of endorsement. Look at the “Big Picture” and resist being deceived by party partisan rhetoric from all sides. There is only one issue - THE STATE.

If Americans willingly embrace draconian rule the only possible result will be total enslavement. When we were banned from the spook infested Free Republic, Jim Robinson stated: “Don't think much of the threat of a New World Order.” Well, Alex Jones is the antidote to the FReepers disease. Folks, the NWO is the entire enchilada. All the other issues and diversions are a side show to what is occurring right before your own eyes. Unbelievers ignore the admissions of the NWO strategy and pronouncements of their newest edicts from their controlled government officials, while dismissing prudent warning as paranoia from fringe groups. The denial party is over. It is here and it wants you as its servant, captive and slave.

Organized political party opposition is dead. There is only one ruler, the Government Party with a WAR Policy. That’s the reality, if you accept it or not, you fall under the reach of its dictates. A crash course from the doctor of internet radio will treat the ailment of ignorance. The cure resides within our own ability to resist the despotism that has destroyed our constitution and has replaced our Republic. Information and the courage to learn from it is your best protection. When sinister forces attempt to silence the Patriots who are sounding the last call for freedom, you either must respond and rally to that cause or become a tool of the oppressors.

U.S. Foreign Policy invited this tragedy

The fate of millions of innocent citizens are at risk of becoming scarified as this sick game of ‘psycho opts’ plays out upon a society deep in sleep and long on denial. If you doubt that assessment, listen to Alex Jones, call him up, rebut his evidence and refute his conclusions. If you think that the first dark sky landscape over Manhattan will be the last, you are a dreamer. And if you believe that the Homeland Security Act will prevent the next blast you are a fool. Start using your reason and temper your emotions. Who benefits from domestic terror. The New World Order is the model for global rule by elites. Their object is to consolidate “people control”. Their method to achieve absolute concentrated power is to frighten you into submission.
Will you deal with the documentation of the NWO plan or do you merely believe what the federal government tells you in the White House analysis of the Homeland Security Act? Who do you trust? What will you believe? You may reject this pundit, but how do you disprove the InfoWar evidence. The future of the Nation depends on how you answer.
SARTRE - November 17, 2002

In republican governments, men are all equal; equal they are also is despotic governments: in the former, because they are everything; in the latter, because they are nothing. - de Montesquieu

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