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Pay Back Time for Vermont

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Every coercive monopoly was created by government intervention into the economy: by special privileges, such as franchises or subsidies, which closed the entry of competitors into a given field, by legislative action. - Ayn Rand

Pay Back Time for Vermont


So the RepubliCANT'S won control of the Senate. Now what are they going to do to restore the Republic? Well a good start would be to send a clear message to the State that produces more than collective sour milk. Yes, ‘The Peoples' comrade community’ known as Vermont deserves swift and severe punishment. No doubt that defector Senator James Jeffords should be given a desk in the hall for any committees that he can weasel his way on, but the real retribution should be shown to traitors Senator Patrick Leahy and proclaimed socialist, Representative Bernard Sanders.

Leahy has proven himself a slug of the first order. Small wonder his efforts to block, stonewall and prevent federal judge appointments got all the press. But do you know that the venerable defender of the native bolshevist regime is also a protector of the FBI? Secret police organizations are no minor part in the scheme of destroying traditional American heritage. Remember that unsolved investigation of that anthrax-laced letter sent to the bald buzzard? Was it poetic justice, as some would want you to believe, or could it be just another cog in the wheel of heightening public apprehension?

What we clearly know; however, is that the extent of Leahy's respect for the rule of law is about as great as any loyal member of the central planning bureau. So what will Bush do to serve up this vulture on a plate that adds that special dairy products flavor? What makes Vermont political cuisine so unique, is that it is sprinkled with molded cheese and has a rancid smell.

Just take a whiff from the odor of that independent commissar Rep. Bernard Sanders. His scent reeks of cow dung. Consider his whining on milk supports. Option I-B would replace the differentials paid to farmers for fluid milk, phase-out the basic formula price, and move toward a more open-market system that would sharply reduce prices paid in New England. Then he says: "This would be a serious blow to family farmers in Vermont in many other locations throughout the country and it raises the likelihood that the large dairy corporations could easily manipulate prices."

Sanders comments on the Dairy Compact, "Contrary to USDA's rulemaking, New England farmers and consumers support a strong government role in dairy pricing. We recognize the need for government to play a role in promoting and protecting sustainable family farms." In the spirit of full disclosure, we sold a private company to a Fortune 500 Company which directly fostered additional concentration into this industry. Note that we have long made the case that there exists an unholy alliance between the Corporate/State Axis. This particular example is very personal, since it offered an option for a very early retirement. But the outcome for this tranaction enhanced industry and government control of the dairy monopoly.

Vermont is a staunch supporter for subsidies and "Turncoat Jeffords" made this Dairy Compact issue his price for switching ships. Do Republicans really believe in a Free Market or are they onboard the subsidy sloop with their socialist colleagues? What do you think! The objective to sell is obvious, but the reason why the family enterprise cannot survive against corporate predators, blessed by government protection, is at the heart of the political equation.

Leeches like Leahy, Jeffords and Sanders are lap dogs for their true master - the STATE. When their political rhetoric screech - for the public good, the are hypocrites. They have played a cruel game of deceit, misdirection and confusion for decades. Their just due is to be isolated as much as possible from the corridors of decision. Republicans need to take off their gloves and make examples out of all three. Vermont has welcomed and has become a retreat for west side Manhattan refugees. The good stock that remain have been ostracized from their own pasture and now feed upon the remains of the slime that the liberals excrete.

Any state that lauds the mindset that is popularized at a Middlebury College, must salute and sing to the "The International" - The law oppresses us and tricks us, . . . Too long we've languished in subjection, . . . The earth belongs to us, . . .

By now we should all know who does the oppressing, who enforces the subjection and who US should really be! The task for the GOP is to vanquish the enemy. Show no mercy, post their skulls on pikes at the city gates. But if you are a "gambling man" the prospects for drinking acerbic lactose will probably continue. The cream is only saved for the inner circle. This may well be the exam to watch and see if the Republicans are determined to pass the test. The herd wants to be heard, while the cows just give up this whey, and the butcher eats all the steak.

SARTRE - November 10, 2002

The only vice which cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy. - William Hazlitt

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