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An Election Ordained in Hell

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All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies. 
John Arbuthnot

An Election Ordained in Hell

Designed in New York, Programmed by LA
Counted in DC, Certified by Tel Aviv

Digesting the results from a Diebold voting count is like holding your breath while drowning in a pool of your own blood. You hope the statistics will provide optimism, while you know that you are expiring from the loss of your own vital fluid. Pundits are quick on the draw to report rumors and dispense disinformation from exit polls. Party operatives talk the game, while the hacks work the counting machines. The red areas spread as the blues befall the loss from a fickle suitor.

Rejection for progressives, lament for multiculuralists, despair for the Cafè Latte set; how can it get any better! Wait a New York minute, all that seems to be right for the realm, has a world of hurt yet to come. You know the States will certify this election, yet does the process provide a legitimate reflection of the public will? Before you accept the fairness, ask what is righteous or desirable about the voice of a befuddled electorate?

Voting between obscene options is deranged. You should already know the delusion of supporting the lessor of two evils, never reverses the descent into subjugation. Slowing down the operation, doesn’t cure the cause of the suffering. The sick only get another hit of drugs to keep the dopes jovial, until the euphoria subsides and reality returns. Pain doesn’t seem to impact the spectators. Only the fans of rival standard bearers rationalize that a real difference will emerge from the selection scam.

For decades the populace enjoy drinking their ‘kool aid’. Their mistaken faith in sweet sounding rhetoric leads them to swallow hemlock, as long as it is dispensed from an official party machine. The GOP enthusiasm of another four years, clashes with the certainty of treachery. Authentic conservatives will, again; be subjected to the insult of organized deceit. Enduring more of the same criminal policy, as the price for victory, is unacceptable.

The Christian-Zionist rabbi bested the hereditary Talmudist. The orthodox Bush apostate won and the kosher John “Kohn” Kerry lost. Was this charade ever a race or was it nothing more than a consecration by Pharisees? You won’t find Ariel Sharon in a state of atonement. He’s singing the cantor song - a greater Israel. NeoCons rejoice! Four more years of inflicting suffering and death, all paid from the coffers of  half-witted Yanks. Coffins pile up, treasure squandered and freedom destroyed - all in the name of Zionism. What a mandate to rule the world . . .

What is missed or disputed by Republicans is obvious to the observant. The denial of their own failure, as the majority party in control of Congress and the Presidency, begs introspection. While the basic nature of the American public is conservative, the performance of the GOP administration is contradictory to the traditional principles that constitute political conservatism. It’s not about maintaining and advancing the status-quo of big government interventionism. Constituents in the red regions are not voting for ‘comrade collectivism’. That’s the goal for the blue bloods, who feel the pain of the underprivileged, as long as they remain in government ghettos. The subcontinent contrast has come to the United States. The Pakistan of privilege on the left coast, the Bangladesh of entitlements in the urban cesspools and the Indian reservations in-between. No more fly over country. It’s all about the multicolored culture - the Barack Obamaization - of the society, doesn’t stop with another term of Republican regulation.

What will the “Great White Father” in Washington do to his children when his true loyalty is to a tribe not of native origin? His plantation commission would act the same if the swift boat captain was at the helm. Do you have any doubts of his agenda? The advertisement - the most important election of our lifetime - falls short of substance. If the Democrats are really relegated to a permanent minority status, that would be fitting. Their “true believers” are rainbow utopians looking for a “we are the world” paradise. But what joy is there in a Republican rapture when the destination must pass through a Yiddish check point.

Hell must be a pleasant place, compared to the inferno that is intended for our imminent fate. The criticism from the out party always sounds sensible. The in party always rules in the best interest of the State, at the expense of the people. The record is unbroken, both branches of the same syndicate rule identically. Only minor nuances of emphasis change. Both speak with forked tongue and ravage the savages because they can. Did you vote for them? If you did, you must like being scalped . . .

Nader is correct about the corporate/state axis. Badnarik is sensible to defend civil liberties. Peroutka is right about placing God back in charge. Why did you not vote for one of them? Need more of a choice, take a gander of the complete list of candidates: Concerns of People, Greens, Peace and Freedom, Personal Choice, Prohibition, Socialists, Socialist Equity, Socialist Workers, Workers World and a host of Independent write-ins. What no Communists, you ask? They are already officials and regulars in both major parties. So with no chance of victory, you settle for the master you already know and the tyranny that makes you feel comfortable.

Folks, the lesson of the 2004 elections - the process is the fraud. The guilt of concurrence is the legacy of a once noble country. The shabby shame of acquiescence is your badge of courage. The whining of Katrina vanden Heuvel differs from the cheering of Sean Hannity only in show. Both are a charactery of respective sides of a corresponding coin. Fools that listen, let alone accept their version of political reality, are pathetic. Most voters have proven, once again; that they are not much better.

The red and blue divide is small if you count electoral college votes. It’s broader if you add up popular votes. But it is at it’s widest when you force a mixture of incompatible factions into an undesirable and unworkable union. Add in those who support - none of the above - and you get the complete will of the people. The irreconcilable difference are permanent. The objective of remaining one nation is denying the truth of circumstance. The crisis of disconnect needs to be accepted as the natural order. Bush is not the principal culprit, he is a mere symptom of a fundamental failure in the political system. The lack of legitimacy, with the coercion of compliance, is the official platform of every administration.

How can you reform a system that won’t allow essential change? America First solutions will never be allowed to be discussed, nor approved to be enacted, until people face up to the bogus doublecross by the RepubLUKIDemocrat  monopoly. The only answer is a total divorce. No excuse is left for phony Republicans, we want the beef - limited government. No empathy for Fabian Democrats - emigrate abroad. The rest of the electorate, pay the price of your recent decision.

SARTRE - November 8, 2004

Under democracy one party always devotes its chief energies to trying to prove that the other party is unfit to rule--and both commonly succeed, and are right.
H.L. Mencken

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