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Another Campaign to Nowhere

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Ariel Sharon of Israel is a Man of Peace - George W Bush

Another Campaign to Nowhere

I swear no more kissing Suha Arafat
Intimate Relations will be kosher

Bill Clinton was dubbed the first black president, so what should George W Bush be called the first rabbi chief executive? As the campaign to justify the war on terror continues, who has benefited from this insane journey down a road that can only end in a wreck, at the bottom of a political cliff?  If the world is being assaulted by a committed band of extremists and fundamentalists, why is there so much apprehension about asking exactly who are these zealots?

We all should know the answer to that question! To get along - one needs to go along. What goes unsaid will not come back to haunt anyone, so just keep quiet. Understanding domestic U.S. politics is akin to a perpetual money watch and policy favoritism. The simplicity of comprehending events is befuddled by the propaganda of diversion, illusion and political correctness. A young child will ask, mommy - who are the good guys - but the mother scarcely answers with the truth. All that is said is “WE” have enemies and must protect ourselves.

Reducing all the ills of the world down to a singular bogeyman is inaccurate, no matter which one is picked. However, avoiding an examination of the many suspects who have a record that profiles hostile intent would be plainly foolish. Seasoned observers and students of history realize that a nation is formed around common interests. Alien elements; whether foreign countries, clashing cultures or conflicting ethnic groups are seldom true friends. Our society can only survive by preserving our purpose and protecting our own interests. So what positive security does America get out of supporting a policy that fosters only rage and hate?

The eternal strife in the Middle East is inevitable because all parties drink from a well of sheer madness. Now the rabbinical perversion of a Lukid political mindset has emerged as the official policy of a wacky Bush administration. Before additional confusion is drawn from this statement (that hate mail never gets the point) this quagmire doesn’t have any reasonable peacemakers. Reconciliation is a dream in the hearts of fools. Freedom of choice is a concept unknown in a region of distorted and genetically flawed feuding cousins. The essential question for Americans, who place our country above that of any other commune, government or identity is one that "polite society" refuses to tolerate - WHO CARES if they all kill each other?

Now that may seem harsh to the touchy and feely flock; however, does the reality of the circumstance make it any less relevant?

Do you really think that any approved candidate running for a nomination from a party that worships a president that pardons Marc Rich can be trusted? Even a NeoCon like Richard Poe admits the absurdity of the charade: “Even when Hillary won an unheard-of 99 percent of the vote in the Hasidic Jewish town of New Square, N.Y. – where Bill Clinton had pardoned some local bigwigs convicted of felony fraud – no one tried very hard to discover whether Hillary had traded those pardons for votes.” If this is news to the max readers, when will the Front Page loyalists get around to answer the obvious? It’s about U.S. policy supporting the Zionists, STUPID!

How much of America are you willing to lose to protect the Sharon and Bebe crowd? For those who accept that in order to be public-spirited you have to love the Patriot Act, borders on certifiable insanity. A couple of candidates applying for admission are Laurence Tribe and Alan Dershowitz.When a loony left collectivist journal like The Nation, noted for prancing around Katrina vanden Heuvel as a gilded mare, you know the world is going through withdrawal. “Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe, a stalwart defender of civil rights and civil liberties, has condoned the use of military tribunals and the detention of more than 1,200 people, even though not a single detainee has been charged in connection with the attacks. His colleague Alan Dershowitz has suggested that torture may sometimes be justified, as long as it is authorized by a warrant. And George Washington law professor Jeff Rosen has argued that "the real story after September 11 is that America hasn't yet come close to abandoning any immutable principles of its national identity." “

Now ask yourself is Rosen really speaking about the national identity of the Tribe that the Harvard legal twins, Alan and Larry are so eager to defend?

Don’t be ashamed to face the cold hard facts of modern political life. Hey, Howard Dean is smeared for what! Saying we "ought not to take sides" . . . and this coming from a doctor, married to a tribal homeopath physician. Dean wrote in a letter to that great champion for a tolerant America - Anti-Defamation League national director Abraham Foxman dated September 1, 2003. "The U.S. and Israel are partners in the war on terror. As long as that war continues, members of Hamas, who are enemies in that war, are going to be casualties if they continue to target innocent civilians with terrorist acts. Ending violence and stopping the terrorists is the first step toward a lasting peace in the Middle East."

So can any reasonable and realistic voter really believe that there is a choice to vote into office a president who will cut loose all the crazies that are obsessed with non American interests? The crew of gangsters that extort billions from our pockets to pursue a greater Israel never ending war for expansion and dominance are not our friends. The threat of nuclear blackmail or its use is far more likely developed from the Dimona nuclear reactor, separated at Machon and launched with a Jericho missile, than from an emasculated cave dwelling cripple. Just remember who created Osama bin Laden as the perfect villain and who benefits from the state of managed confusion that is sold to the public as the chaos of terrorism.

Bush is a lap dog, as so will any DemocRAT who gets the nod. Allowing our national security to be designed by Zionists and subject to Knesset approval is suicidal. Breaking off special treatment with an antagonist, more foe than ally, is not only prudent but necessary if America is to survive as a country worthy of our heritage. The next election is nothing more than a test for those who will pay homage to the red calf in Israel. Almost makes one go vegetarian, we’ll keep eating those french fries . . .

SARTRE - September 28, 2003

"We're cooperating fully, we're not claiming any privileges, it's enough.
 We're the president."
Hillary Rodham Clinton

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