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State Administered Viagra

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I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians.
Alexander The Great

State Administered Viagra

Honey we need Federal prescriptions coverage!
The boys in DC always make us all happy and know best

Our society is sustained on a steady diet of hype. Incrementalism is the means that common folks are indoctrinated into regimentation. Drip by drip the IV, intravenous feeding, that starts at birth cumulates in the popular culture of fornication. The purpose of this behavior is not gratification or reproduction, it’s all about diversion. If you think the business of sex is about relations between two individuals, you have missed the point of the penetration.

Conceive and frame the topic in terms of a vast process of  “Chinese Water Torture” - coming from Potomac water. Who benefits most when the public ignores the working of government and reverts into a staged world of endless soap operas? The Viagra syndrome has nothing to do with performance, but everything to do with getting screwed. The STATE loves when “little people” become reliant upon drugs for satisfaction. Dependency is the step child of an licentious relationship, and the government is in the business of procreation. Growing the size of their family, at a severe cost to yours; is the dirty secret that nobody is supposed to learn. We are told that a generous “Big Daddy” can and will make all the kids happy.

It’s been forty years since Norma Jean left the comfort of silk sheets, enhanced with a Camelot political touch. Yet, her memory is more vivid than the lives of the Founding Fathers. Idolization of Marilyn persists, while respect for James Monroe is forgotten. The political class thrives upon celebrity status. They may revile the stars from Hollywood or Broadway, but they see themselves as the brightest of suns showering rays of light upon their dominion. To them, mainstreet is a place that owes tribute to the princely papa of a grand society . . .

There is no mystery in seduction when government is the suitor. Lies, deceit, and fallacies are sold upon the fantasy of delusions. The populace eat it up and swallow. Immediate relief forgoes lasting rewards for the delight of the moment. That’s why it is so apropos that a small pill is sold to chase away the blues. Before long mainlining political remedy will become the rage. Prescriptions for social ills reflect a machismo adoration cult. Groupies cheer the latest media created macho man, that can out promise his contrived competition.

Sensual proficiency is the great savior from responsible civic engagements. Leave the heavy lifting to the pros and keep taking the pill. If those ads were all true and inches were guaranteed, add up all those solicitations and the cumulative distance would take you to the moon. So goes the line that the ‘pols’ pitch!

That IV keeps feeding us poison to our collective system. Society no longer relies upon a sense of individual self interest, but eagerly replaces independence with State sponsored dependency. A new dose of altruistic medicine awaits with each new capsule of social engineering. So why do you continue to drink the hemlock?

Has fluoride so retarded your resistance system that the only fluid you can digest is one that has an official seal of approval? Drip - Drip - Drip, add more toxins to your physiology. The body politick is on life support, but all is well with a shot of viagra! No herbal vuka Nkuzi substitutes or generic pretenders, keep it real and take the authentic cure . . . that vast spin machine that dispenses its version of quality of life will put you on their mailing list. The media will define what is appropriate and you will be assigned a ‘PC’ Rx code for direct delivery.

There is no business like the sex trade. It’s the most powerful force this side of the re-education camps. Or is there any difference in their locations? Taking a detour from the script, will get you assigned for additional observation. So what is the plan behind this managed care approach for public health?

The irony lies in the unchallenged cultural acceptance of birth control, which limits procreation of the most fit, as the spawning of the ‘civic challenged’ under class intensifies. All the time, we are inundated with the message that getting off solves everything . . .

Politics relegated to the sentiments of an inferior electorate is terminal for any society that values means, purpose and substance. Adding to the ranks of voters, illiterates that reject any identification with traditional heritage, principled goals and sacred aspirations, is suicidal. That is the ultimate diagnosis for the United States. The forecast for the future won’t avert destruction, by taking an IV needle in the arm. Major surgery is desperately needed to heal a sick patient. The country has terminal cancer, because the nation has abandoned its past foundations that bore and raised a hearty baby. The basis of limited government has become the personification of cradle to grave community comfort care.

It’s time to go cold turkey and stop taking State medicine. Co-dependency doesn’t work. Deviates breed disease, as the politicians pander in support of an absurd version of pluralistic - multicultural - democracy. The IV solution that seeps into our inherited culture is a lethal virus that is killing off the last remnants of America. The abortion that needs to be discharged is not the murder of our own, but the expulsion of the sinister culture of egalitarianism. Unless that happens the miscarriage will be borne by our remaining prodigy. Is that the legacy you wish to leave?

SARTRE - September 20, 2003

Since the regimentation of Medicine by quacks and medical gangsters in control of the American Medical Association, this organization has become one of the most vicious rackets in the country. - Charles Lyman Loffler

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