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Curse of Multiculturalism

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“…there is at least one Member of the Senate who is never going to grant amnesty for illegal aliens…”
Sen. Phil Gramm

Curse of Multiculturalism

Move the revolution south
Borders are meant to separate

The Mexican-U.S. connection cannot be stopped. Politicians should know that we are here to stay and at one point in history we will be in power. How you treat us now, will determine how we'll treat you once the roles are reversed.
Marcos Gutierrez

The continuous ruin of cultured society has been fostered by the lunacy of multiculturalism. The abstraction that pluralism is a virtue and that diversity is beneficial has produced a popular culture that hastens our own self-destruction. Mexifornia is more than a shift in population, it is an insult to our national intelligence and individual dignity. Lost in the rush to succumb and adjust to a systematic country-wide suicide, is a fear that confronting the overwhelming reality of invasion will paint one a leper in polite society.

What an obscene notion - defending self interest, traditional heritage and sovereign survival. Statistics often bore so they are usually ignored. But disregarding facts requires more than just dismissing data, it requires a denial of reality. The entire purpose of a society is to organize a populace into a civilized unit of social compatibility. Countries are formed as nation-states, based upon common ethnic and tribal similarities, goals and aspirations. Since only a fool or a social destroyer seeks the demise of essential natural order, it is obvious that the mantra of multiculturalism is the habitat of the prevaricator and dupes.

From research conducted by the Center for Immigration Studies, significant results are evident that foretells a bleak future. Note from the introduction to the report: “During the 1990s, the nation’s immigrant population grew by 11.3 million — faster than at any other time in our history. Using newly released data from the 2000 Census, this report examines the changing distribution of the nation’s immigrant population by country of origin at the state level. The findings show that in one sense, today’s immigration is more diverse than ever because people now arrive from every corner of the world. In another sense, however, diversity among the foreign born has actually declined significantly. One country — Mexico — and one region — Spanish-speaking Latin America — came to dominate U.S. immigration during the decade.”

Open borders has come to mean that Pancho Villa (his surprising family history you never learned in school) has decided to take up permanent residence. The limousine liberal set and bleeding heart sympathizers, share one attribute - a distorted understanding of social justice. The demise of any country is self evident and inevitable, when prudent standards for residency, let alone citizenship are abandoned. The core element that is missing from this insanity is unmistakable. What ever happened to the civil rights of the descendants from all the generations that built this country?

Examine the tables from the - Where Immigrants Live - report. Consider these facts for the last decade:

“The number of immigrants living in the United States from Italy, Germany, Ireland, and Greece actually declined during the decade. The number of immigrants from such countries as Laos, Canada, Portugal, and the United Kingdom remained roughly constant. In sharp contrast, the number from Mexico and most countries in the Western Hemisphere increased significantly during the decade. The number of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Pakistan, and India also increased dramatically during the decade. Immigrant populations from East Asian countries such as China, the Philippines, and Vietnam also grew very significantly, though not as dramatically as the numbers from the Western Hemisphere or South Asia. Despite very significant growth among countries other than Mexico, that country still accounted for 43 percent of the total increase in the foreign-born population.

Declining diversity was mainly due to very uneven growth in the size of different immigrant groups. For example, the number of immigrants from Spanish-speaking Latin America increased by seven million and those from East Asia rose by over two million. In contrast, the number of immigrants from Europe increased by less than 700,000 and those from Sub-Saharan Africa increased by about 400,000.”

Those who feast upon a diet of diversity, might grow concerned! The peril to their balanced rainbow coalition will be unequal. Will that outcome cause an outcry for the construction of a “Chinese Wall” built by Brown and Root (the Halliburton subsidiary) to keep out those ‘wet backs’ or will they simply hasten their demands that the Southwest be returned to Emiliano Zapata? You remember his - Plan de Ayala - called for not only restoration to pueblos of lands they had lost through illegal expropriation but also for classification of landlords who opposed the Zapatista movement as "monopolises" whose property could be seized. Tables turned means allies shift.

From the premium site on immigration, VDARE, the peerless Sam Francis makes the following point: “In the first place, the problems created by mass immigration in California and the rest of the country are not mainly the result of illegal immigration but of the legal variety.  The state's foreign-born population is about 9 million, but only some 2.3 million illegals (25 percent).  If we want to curb the "diversity" Mr. Hanson is justly denouncing, we mainly have to cut legal immigration—as well as enforce the laws already on the books against the illegal kind.”

Mexifornia, MEChA and Aztlan are not new. What is different is that the last few generations of traditional Americans have died off and left in their place are constituents for the balkanization of special ethnic interests. Folks; this is the reality that politicians scrupulously avoid, tribal activits eagerly shove up our nose, and ordinary citizens bask in their denial, as the Last Hurrah move inextricably to the chaos of a hostile mob majority.

When will the public admit that the country we reside within, is no longer AMERICA? If the battle to save a sane Republic is lost, than the only rational alternative is to breakup the remnants of a failed union. Each sovereign state needs to be exempt from federal interference since the communal purpose for union is not shared among the population of different regions and inhabitants. The politics that fosters, expands and enforces central rule that panders to conflicting foreigners with clashing cultures, demands repudiation. The demographics are undeniable and the consequences are inescapable.

How many times have you heard the argument in favor of self determination? The excuse for a global interventionism, conquest and occupation is supposed to be so that distant countries can be liberated. All the time our own land is invaded by hordes of aliens, committed to destroy our Western Civilization that is based upon a history and tradition that they reject. At least the Huns assimilated Attila’s offsprings. Can the same be said when the preferred language will be dominated by Mexifornia intruders?

Multiculturalism in all its foul forms, is the enemy of any citizen that sincerely accepts the principles of individual liberty and limited government. When a country employs immigrant mercenaries to wage foreign wars, while it exposes her own citizens to a direct assault from open borders, you have a terminable system. Troops dying daily in Iraq is acceptable, while the streets of LA are surrendered to a jungle of animal gangs. That’s the legacy of the United States for any American patriots left to suffer. Wake up before its necessary to speak a foreign language in your own country.

SARTRE - September 7, 2003

"A nation and a people is more than simply the sum total of the individuals who happen to live within its borders. For a multi-ethnic society like the United States, especially, it is a population which shares certain cultural traditions and moral values. Protecting those traditions and values means limiting how many people can enter, under what conditions and with what commitment to becoming American rather than remaining foreign." - Thomas Sowell

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