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How can intelligent citizens support George W Bush?

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No persons are more frequently wrong, than those who will not admit they are wrong.
Francois De La Rochefoucauld

How can intelligent citizens support George W Bush?

Protecting the sheeple!
Sign from despot to flock

Once upon a time, in the land of Oz, people conceived of leaders who respected their fellow citizens and governed with grace and justice. Wicked tyrants were the foe and greedy power seekers were enemies of the people. Government served the public and the state was limited in scope and function. A fairy tale, just a dream or reality?

At the core of any political discussion is the purpose of the system that rules. Whatever one’s ideology, the common thread that bonds all constituents is that someone else governs in their name. Abstract purists envision a stateless realm within the confines of their own mind. However, in the real world, command and control is the norm. While government is a man made contrivance, mankind demands order out of a sense of personal isolation and fear of insecurity.

Many view government not as a solution but a necessity. Notwithstanding, this resignation, there are others that actually champion the state as their friend. Those are the people who maintain the system and accept those who are selected for election.

By now any benefit of doubt that ‘so called’ reasonable people yearn to give to President Bush, has evaporated. Junior wants the title of King George II. Compared to his predecessor, Dubya seems like a regular guy. To mainstream Republicans he is a hero. But for thinking conservatives, only a sense of dread and betrayal emerges from another administration that promised to restore a republic and gave us an empire.

Money is nothing new when it comes to politics. Political patronage is a way of life, and Bush is maintaining the tradition of the best government that money can buy. The “Pioneer” Fundraisers date back to the 2000 cycle. Recognize any of their names and the legislation or bureaucratic edicts that benefit their interests? What new donors will appear for 2004 and what effect will their contributions have on future policy?

OK business as usual, but what about those NeoCons who drive the doctrine of preemptive strike! Look at some appointment and allies from The Project for the New American Century. For those who think that the American Enterprise Institute is really a right wing think tank, examine the influence of the likes of Richard Cohen, Richard Perle, Michael Fumento and Michael Ledeen. These renegades are counterfeit conservatives, and form the backbone of Bush advisors.

Then there is Generaloberst John Ashcroft, a fusion of Ernst Kaltenbrunner and chief of operations Alfred Jodl. Along with FBI top cop Robert Mueller the equivalent of his Gestapo cousin Heinrich, have the charge of seeing that any nationalist patriot that might threaten the Reich will be subject to Patriot Act I and II. If those names offend, you can call the next escalation into despotism the “Vital Interdiction of Criminal Terrorist Organizations Act of 2003”; YES - the Victory Act.

Think that judicial nominations to the Federal bench are really strict constructionist? Attorney General Bill Pryor said the public corruption and white collar crime unit in his office will handle the prosecution of Alabama chief justice Roy Moore on the ethics complaint. He is quoted as saying: "I'm not happy we have to deal with these matters, but it is part of our duties and we will continue to do so". Sounds like Franz Schlegelberger, the Director of the Ministry of Nazi Justice, at Nuremberg! “Schlegelberger argued in his defense that he was bound to follow the orders of Hitler, the "Supreme Judge" of Germany, but that he did so only reluctantly. The tribunal concluded that Schlegelberger "loathed the evil that he did" . . . but the decision by a man of his stature to remain in office lent credibility to the Nazi regime.” If Alabama's AG Bill Pryor, is the best nominee that Bush can find, are there any true conservative jurists left in America?

Remember DARPA? You can’t be so naive to think that this project has just disappeared into the etherzone . . . Admiral Poindexter is gone, but don’t hold your breath for a reincarnated Admiral Wilhelm Canaris - "I die for my fatherland. I have a clear conscience. I only did my duty to my country when I tried to oppose the criminal folly of Hitler."

Then there is the economy, offshore exodus of jobs and historic balance in trade deficits. All the time as federal spending skyrockets! Enough money for nation building in Afghanistan as the poppy crop returns to full production. Permanent deployment in Iraq as the cost of victory, while the price of gasoline rises to elevated levels of pain. WOW - if Bush is a conservative only the boys from Bohemian Grove are being protected.

When did you last hear about the prospects of making good on those Social Security obligations? Hey, everything has changed after 911 - RIGHT? But the reality is that all the consequential changes further the dominance of the State.

Well, the verdict is in and even in the absence of Nuremberg chief prosecutor Robert Jackson, George W Bush awaits sentencing. His administration has failed our people, assaults our traditions and destroys our future. So why do so many voters still favor his regime? Much of the answer lies within the disconnect upon which most of the masses maintain from factual reality. Manufactured fear steers, once rational and sensible people into delusions of ill-timed and misplaced loyalty. Any pretense of a society of laws and not of men has long been dispelled. The Bush perversion of our Constitutional Republic has taken place in full view and with the concurrence of a majority of the population.

Democracy is a dangerous facade and an insupportable reason for abandoning our heritage. Leaders have a primary duty to preserve our Liberty. Wars for empire serve only the few and costs dearly for the rest. World Net Daily has a link of email from readers. It reads: Are we too stupid to live? Keep supporting George W Bush and there will be no need to phrase this in question form. Intelligence is finite and in our current age, rare.

SARTRE - August 24, 2003

Failure comes only when we forget our ideals and objectives and principles.
Jawaharlal Nehru

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