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A Mob For All Seasons

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Like Cato, give his little senate laws, and sit attentive to his own applause.

 Alexander Pope

A Mob For All Seasons

Wasn't that other brother - BILL
The guy who liked cigars with a small one?


So Uday and Qusay Hussein rest on a slab with a name tag attached to their toe. Using a tank killer and TOW missile to finish the task, no surprise that the photos are not flattering to the deceased. As one looks upon the images, what exactly does one see? Contention over their authenticity, may become sport for a parlor game, but the facts remain - the Hussein boys are finally irrelevant. Definitely, it won’t be long before those pictures will undergo a creative metamorphosis into your favorite and hated foe. Can’t you already see a bloated Bill and Hill look alike in the garb of the wicked tyrants?

Such thoughts may offend the sensibilities of the Clinton faithful; however, the similarities are hard to ignore. The Hussein’s were nationalists and ran a criminal gang of sadists and gangsters. The Clinton’s are internationalists and presided over their own network of organized crime and murder inc. That 45 slug mutated into aircraft debris will remain a mystery that only Ron Brown can explain.

If the clan from Arkansas is not your antagonist, the Bush family has even a longer record for nefarious lawbreaking. Feuds between business partners often lead to hits by paid assassins. In the underworld of cabal disputes, former friends frequently become menacing threats.

While Ba’ath Party loyalists continue their guerrilla attacks in a continued war of attrition, we are told by Dick Cheney that “it would have been "irresponsible in the extreme" to ignore the threat posed by Iraq”. Of course the real question must ask: a threat to whom? The subversives from the Meyer Lansky wing of the syndicate, has their own agenda. The triumvirate of Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Perle are eager to expand the occupation, colonize more territory and protect their homeland.

Are any of these “made men” relevant to your interests? The same traits that made the Hussein reign despicable are and were practiced with polish and subtlety in the Clinton and both Bush administrations. Detestable deceit is common place in any despotic regime. The focus behind U.S. foreign policy is imperialism. The failed drive for regional mastery under Saddam was also based upon dominance. The super power eliminated the capo. The organization purged a renegade family. The mob continues to do their business.

What remains a riddle is why Saddam didn’t make peace and accept his role as a bit player? Assuredly, the take from the oil extortion was ample to fuel the armies of empire. So why did the Hussein territory buck the commission? He certainly was no religious fanatic. Implications that he was playing a deadly game of chicken, is too simplistic to square with his history. What was really behind the refusal to provide proof that WMD, especially nuclear, no longer existed in Iraq? Speculation that such weapons were moved out of the country, begs the issue. You use them or lose them, when you take on the MAN.

Critics that point to the imminent danger from North Korea have far more credibility than those who clamored for invasion of Iraq. So what was behind the seemingly idiocy in Hussein’s actions? Hope for a dynasty died with the mangled images of his sons. While many Iraqis won’t believe the photographs, the relevance of the Saddam era is rapidly ending. Dead men don’t tell tales, Odai and Qusai were made silent!

How is this reality much different from the domestic situation? The scheme has always been to secure a dynasty of continuity to ensure control over the People. However, the relevance of any presidential regime fades with each new contract that is executed. The methods of the hit will vary, but the goal of rubbing out the upstart or the non compliant is the same. Most Americans are fooled into thinking that the picture of the target or mark is not a reflection of themselves.

They may fantasize seeing the image of an extinct political enemy, but the prospects of that happening is slight. The next dead victim will more likely be one of their own. The deaths of the Hussein brothers won’t hasten closure. It only signifies that a replacement tin horn dictator will be selected by the bosses.

As long as the masses heed and give obedience to the phony protection scam, the gangster political culture will spread their contrived fear and enforce their counterfeit safekeeping. The Clintons and the Bushes are godfathers of the corrupt. The Husseins were outlaws who bucked the system. Their removal settles a turf fight. As any good Mafioso knows - point the spotlight on someone else, keep a low profile on your own crimes and keep your enemies close. These crooks are all bandits scheming to avoid their own lynching. So when you look at the mug shots of Uday and Qusay - or are they Odai and Qusai - what do you see? We’ll let your imagination paint the picture that fits the offense.

SARTRE - July 25, 2003

Rulers, who neither see, nor feel, nor know, but leech-like to their fainting country cling, till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow, -- a people starved and stabbed in the untilled field...
Percy Bysshe Shelley

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