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Nothing to Fear - All is Perfect!

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Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it.
Salvador Dali

Nothing to Fear - All is Perfect!

"I wish I wasn't the war president."
"Who in the heck wants to be a war president? I don't."

Successive generations are familiar with the FDR era slogan “Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself”, but how many are aware that ‘All is Perfect’ in this new age of health, wealth and progress?  Those who peddle apprehension are often damned for negativism.  While proponents of “have a wonderful day” and a brighter future, are seldom condemned for being unrealistic.  The cultural bias is rooted in a false optimism.  Facts, reality and veracity take a back seat to idealism.  The sum of all fears is irrational if you want to live a life free from anxiety.  Facing what is real, as opposed to illusory is too unsettling for most people to consider.  It’s much better to go with the flow and place your trust in the leaders that secure our way of life.


Every triumphant politician knows how to walk the tight rope of playing off fears and offering feigned solutions to perceived dangers.  Public worries are designed to be channeled into civic action.  Strokes of the pen are the means upon which public servants advance their power over society.  A crisis is only as good as the new governmental program meant to solve the problem. So why not examine the current condition of America and deal with the way it is, not the way you are told that exists?


The real estate boom skyrockets, low interest rates allows for leasing any car you want, every imaginable consumer product is available at your neighborhood Wal-Mart, flying is so cheap that greyhounds can afford the bus and cruise ships will ferry you to any destination under the sun.  Life is PERFECT!


Life expectancy increases with every pharmaceutical miracle drug, the span of retirement years offers unlimited golfing near your winter home, the internet brings every resource to your blackberry as you relax and sip cappuccino at Starbucks.  And if you get bored, play the slots at Steve’s new playpen - Wynn Las Vegas.  It can’t get any better than this . . . right?


Endless commercials and media reporting re-enforce that life is good and worth living.  Spend more, adding debt for another time makes today so much better.  Entertainment has never offered more choices.  If you aren’t happy, you have no one to blame but yourself.  Life is good in America, just ask your fellow lodge buddy.


So why should we fear anything?  We can conquer any foe, beat any competition and destroy any upstart. Electing presidents that make us feel good is the recipe for a contented country.  Just look how well we are doing.  No more 911 disasters, an endless supply of cheap labor for gardening and housekeeping, and how about that great multicultural mix that makes our neighborhood so diverse.  Now that’s progress!  Aren’t you so delighted?  How gay it is to be married to this great system. 


Awe has no place in a society where optimism is so prevalent.  A naysayer will say the party is over.  Only cynics think Washington DC is a foul friend.  Folks from the government are here to help, so enjoy the fare and dine on their food.  Gee, we elect these fine representatives so let them give us the country we deserve.  Citizens have a duty to be happy, this is a Great Society - take pleasure in it!  Spread the gospel culture of democracy to the rest of the world and stamp out those fear mongers who refuse to watch our news.  Pessimism is a condition for those who believe in the past, hate the present and fear the future.  Be modern - be happy.


Aren’t you so glad you are not one of those critics of our two party political paradise.  If you get tired of the incumbent gifts you can always vote for more from the other choice.  Forget about the obligation of incumbency, the encumbrance will be paid way into the future.  That’s why the outlook for the future is so bright it’s a long time coming.  What do we have to fear - all is going so well!


Wasn’t Roosevelt’s New Deal the quintessence of what the United States has become?  Heck, a fear of government is irrational, just take a poll and ask any “correct thinking” Faux News loyalist.  Would you be surprised to hear that Sean Hannity and his running mate Ted Turner are ready to team up to run the New World using a gentler hand accompanied by a big stick?  Why fear the inevitable, it was reported on CNN and confirmed by Murdock . . . it must be so.


It begins to look like only the deranged have fear anymore.  Why worry, you aren’t one of those fighting (sorry exterminating) the crazy terrorists, who just hate freedom.  Hell war is good, it keeps the economy booming, FDR proved that.  Do you believe that anyone is against open borders, when even a simpleton should know that the army can afford to hire divisions of foreigners at minimum wage for a permanent green card?  With this formula, we can beat the entire world!


So do you agree, All MUST be Perfect?  Or are you one of those critics who send their hate mail and call the messenger names?  Some even go so far as to say you must be nuts.  Well General “NUTS” McAuliffe was right.  We have no reason to fear the totalitarians abroad.  Our concern, as should be yours, points to domestic despots.  For in their Perfect World, you must be the ideal idiot.  So far they are succeeding.  The public never disappoints they are just wonderful.  That’s why fear itself is not the real problem.  It’s the fools who give cause for the current condition of cowardice that condemns our country to a cruel future of perfect bliss.


SARTRE – June 6, 2005   

Just as courage imperils life; fear protect it.

Leonardo Da Vinci

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