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The Loyal Opposition

Strappado Wrack

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Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods.

H. L. Mencken

The Loyal Opposition

Even in death your vote counts . . .

The favorite American sport is politics. Even when the maddening crowd says they hate it, they can’t get enough. Reality TV seems pale in comparison, full contact football looks tame in contrast and GPS bombs test safe, as the duds and blanks of representative democracy unfold for all to see. The ravage caused from the process not only spreads collateral damage, it inflict terminal carnage. The notion that a two party system produces opposing options stretches the limits of hallucination. Nevertheless, people cling to the illusion of choice when the reality is unanimity.

In the midst of the racket is the fallacy that either party stands for anything. But at the core of the scheme is the fact that the anything is reducible to the same thing. The anything is what works for the moment. The craving to gain and retain power is what bonds the political class. The ins and the outs are merely determined by who’s turn is it now! The loyalty that is displayed is to close ranks, when the organized crime syndicate is under attack. The system invariably rescues the faithful, the game is always protected and the courts predictably give relief and atonement to the most prominent crooks.

Only the outsider is driven off the reservation, while the taxpayers are kept on the plantation. By now, you should know it is all so sadly true. That’s why nothing meaningful ever changes. The myth that policies alter with different administrations or shift with a turn in majorities is pure fiction. So what, if anything, can be done to transform this shell game? Public outrage is seldom sustainable, and surely rare even when the most scandalous abuses tap the morbid submission of the sheeple. What is the alternative?

Most habitual readers know that the "Strappado Wrack" touches the torture cord of the absurd. The inane process of elections is pivotal to maintain the artifice of a “so called” democracy. Allowing citizens to delude themselves into thinking that real choices exist, when casting a ballot, is plainly a device to deceive. The queasy sedative has an alluring beauty for the unworldly boobs who feel good after they register their vote. The scheme works, because most people are unwilling to face reality, believe in the illusion of benevolent leaders or are simply too stupid to understand the adverse political results that inevitable follow every election.

The nature of this macrocosm problem is the existence of a political class and their control of the process. They view themselves to be an aristocracy - a privileged elite - when in actuality they are bloodsuckers. No reform of a broken system will correct this phony slide of hand. So why not adopt a clear, uncomplicated and incorruptible selection option for office holders that displaces the entrenched political class?

The civic duty of citizens obligates involvement and maintaining accountability for their governmental structure. Constitutions are written to protect natural rights and to confine the State to limited functions. Office holders have the responsibility to preserve the preeminence of the individual, and the subservient role of bureaucracies. Laws reflect acceptable moral conduct within society, not compliance to administrative dictates. Change is inherent and people retain their purpose to seek Liberty and their pursuit of happiness.

In order to advance these objectives and to fill recognized public positions of civic administration, a rotating selection, based upon accepted community standards from qualified property owners and constitutionally educated citizens, would be chosen by lottery. Defined and limited terms in office, with no pay, pension or benefits would be the condition for serving the public.

Social democracy has proven to be an utter failure. A replacement for sham elections with a system of random selection could hardly do worse, than the present orchestrated fraud of permanent political clones. There is nothing sacred about voting when identical twins are the only choices.

If the DemocRATS sound sensible when they are in the minority, just give them majority power and see how quickly their tune changes. When RepubliCANTS fail to dismantle the welfare society, when they hold the plurality, just wait when they become the minority to sound the reform theme. The hoax doesn’t change, only the respective roles that the ‘ins’ or ‘outs’ play and who is using the reformer talking points. All that ever happens is a switch in rhetoric, while the direction of STATE tyranny progresses to the next level. Each cycle of elections never offers a plebiscite that brings sound government. You are never allowed to register - none of the above . . . but are compelled into choosing the lessor of two evils.

Do you really want to end this fracas or are you too lazy to enter the citizen lottery corp? Winning a spot in a taxpayer administration that offers the ability to reduce, restructure and reshape your local destiny too much for you to handle? Are you just content to leave the heavy lifting to the other guy, or worse yet, the professional politician?

The devil is usually in the details, but the principle of replacing a confidence game run by an oligarchy alliance, offers the only real chance to free ourselves from the boot of despotism. Do you have more faith in the decisions of your neighbor than those made by the Potomac charlatan class? If expertise was essential to rule, why is it necessary to ban common sense! If government justifies revenue enhancement through a lottery, why not allow nourishing the public sector through providential assortment? Do you feel lucky or are you just resigned with shooting 'snake eyes' at the crap table? Give us all a chance; abolish, shun and neutralize both political parties.

SARTRE - May 30, 2003

It's not the voting that's democracy, it's the counting.
Tom Stoppard

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