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Iatrogenic Diseased Health

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Since the regimentation of Medicine by quacks and medical gangsters in control of the American Medical Association, this organization has become one of the most vicious rackets in the country.
Charles Lyman Loffler

Iatrogenic Diseased Health

Universal illness from the federal quack


I was under medication

when I made the decision not to burn the tapes.

Richard M. Nixon

The overriding theme from the DemocRAT clones running against the Fearless Leader, wants to charm you into accepting their formula for eradicating all your ailments. Much of the next presidential campaign will discuss, compare and knock each plan, while the central issue remains silent. Is the condition of national health enhanced with the centralization of mandated medicine?

If you are one among the majority that view government as a benefactor, you will be looking for the most you can get out of the system. But if you are a person who values your own mental health and that of your community neighbors, you will need to search for a balance in wholeness, that all can strive to achieve. The first maxim of medicine is that there is no guarantee of sound health. Physical fitness and a freedom from afflictions is beyond the realm of science to warrant and the capacity of the State to deliver.

However, you will hear varied versions of the unattainable, promised by quacks that want to operate on the body politic. Sickly invalids seek hope from their handicaps. So it’s not a shock when diseased citizens seek to vote for the perfect pill. The virus that infects the populace is not a bacteria, but is a mental illness. It attacks common sense and leaves a fantasy substitute for rational equilibrium. That is why the loathsome debate for the better form of government national health program becomes a foul practice, that can only lead to the expiration of the patient.

Revisiting ‘Hillary Care’ is a terminable diagnostic prospect. Only a sick person would claim that the federal behemoth can deliver a tonic that cures the suffering. The record of generations of bad medicine hasn’t healed, but it surely has harmed the public. Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, Medicare and Medicaid are shams, the war on drugs is a fraud, the FDA is a subsidiary of the pharmacy industry and the abstraction of a Federal Mental Health bureaucracy is an oxymoron. Sorry folks, the general welfare clause in the constitution was never intended to discharge insanity.

The coronary heart of Social Democracy is the congenital infliction of modern society. The aorta is blocked by central planning and the arteries are starved from life sustaining nourishment. Freedom in choice is the nutrient of mortality. Medicine based upon false science is malpractice, so to with politics. When policy is based upon a superstition that government can immunize society from the cancer that spreads from the design of their own programs, the constitution of the citizen is injured. Their systemic damage swells and becomes malignant when private enterprise is replaced with the bureaucratic narcotic. Medicine is as much an art of the practice as a technology of treatment. Government programs always lack treating the individual, while excelling in therapy for the masses.

Individuals have the principal responsibility for their own health. So should their ability over the methods and options for medical care, be of personal choice. You know all too well the adverse circumstance of socialized medicine. Now the country will be subjected to another manipulation of brainwashing to inject the contaminated vaccine of social submission. Phil Gramm is no longer in the Senate to stop national health care. The bandwagon for a federal prescription drug coverage must be derailed, before only sedatives become prescribed. Manifest your indignity for socialized medicine.

Surely, the AMA is no Marcus Welby. Nevertheless, doctors are not the foremost problem. The economics of the health care establishment, regulated and abused by a host of greedy parasites is the core issue. The threat of unlimited liability from excessive law suits has taken much of the incentive out of private practice. HMO’s have driven out reasonable return for physicians, while massing vast profits for corporations and investors. Pharmaceutical companies through advertisement seduce the ill to seek a panacea from sickness with dependency in their magic potions. Insurance companies reject individuals from coverage because they are not part of an accepted group. Food manufacturers insert designer chemicals into their products that alarm nutritionists. Alternative practitioners are scorned, as homeopathic methods are discouraged from reimbursement.

Universal coverage is not humane, when it is financed with theft by a surgeon who only amputates our autonomy as living beings. Requiring the taxpayer to pay for illegal aliens, uninsured emergency care, excessive testing and experimentation and insufferable administrative redundancies, is defective doctoring.

The problems can be solved. Despite the cries for an expanded role for government, the answers lie in returning the purchasing power back to the consumer with an emphasis upon preventive medicine. Quality of one’s health is more important than longevity of life. Each person has the responsibility to become a sophisticated customer of medical services. When insurance pays for endless procedures and lab exams, without any semblance for their proper costs or realistic necessity, we all lose. How may tests are performed simply to protect a doctor’s legal rectum? The litigation risk from ambulance chasing pettifoggers needs to be reduced, or our pain and suffering will continue its compound fracture of society.

The practice of the pharmaceutical sector to dump and sell to foreign clientele, brand name drugs well below U.S. pricing is dishonest. Few industries have greater profit margins and less incentives to sell generic substitutes. Funding future research is desirable, but competitive pricing is essential for costs to reflect relief without gouging.

Returning the value of expense, from employer insurance, into personal and portable accounts, honored by the physician of choice is central to bring down costs. Insurance carriers need to offer medical products that resemble whole life coverage, whereby healthy lifestyles accrue savings that can be applied to preventive costs, while maintaining catastrophic coverage. Affordable, with options of high deductibility, private insurance for the self employed, retirees or unemployed would be realized, as the excessive cost of superfluous treatment is reduced. Patients would be free to spend their personal resources for therapy and medical care. However, the erroneous concept that good health is a universal guarantee and paid for under the coercion of government, must be repudiated.

The holistic approach to health must also include the regeneration of the mental well-being of society. Mental institutions for the bureaucrat and the Social Democrat would be a healthy form of rehabilitation. Surely, we all would benefit from a temporary condition of employment internment for the “collectivists” with an intense tutelage in the principles of constitutional federalism. Recovery for the ‘do gooders’ at someone else’s expense is the worst of all plagues. Health can be restored, when people have the ability to live their own lives. We don’t need more government to infect babies in the cradle, contaminate our working years or desecrate our demise with degraded warehousing.

The debate on national health should demand a return to private medicine. Nothing short of that will heal the patient, cure our aliments and restore our health. Iatrogenic - a medical term- - refers to sickness caused by the doctor. In this case the medical attendants are the pander politicians, of both parties.

SARTRE - May 18, 2003

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy will make the ancient method of drilling holes in a patient's head to permit the escape of demons look relatively advanced. Toxic chemotherapy is a hoax. The doctors who use it are guilty of pre-meditated murder, and the use of cobalt and other methods of cancer treatment popular today effectively closes the door on cure.
Jr. Krebs

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