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VE Day Losing WWII

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In all history there is no war which was not hatched by the governments,
the governments alone, independent of the interests of the people,
to whom war is always pernicious even when successful. 
Leo Tolstoy

VE Day Losing WWII

An unwanted war against the wrong enemy

From the reading of history the victor is supposed to write a favorable account.  After all the classic documentaries and countless sequels to the “Greatest Generation”, we are left with the stark fact that winning the war against Nazi Germany really meant that the conqueror of the  “Great Patriotic War” was the Soviet Union.  Hardly a model of moral virtue or social inspiration, the decision to ally with Joseph Stalin to defeat Adolf Hitler has proven to be the most tragic error in a history of American foreign policy blunders.       


The arguments used at the time to follow a course designed by Winston Churchill to save the scraps of a commonwealth empire, caused the final destruction of those colonial renegades.  With a Marxist president in office, Franklin Delano Roosevelt completed the dismantling of the republic and twisted the country into accepting a global interventionist force.  The 20th century was conspicuous with despots.  The malicious similarities of the big four clearly demonstrates that the only divergence among them can be measured by degree. 


One does not have to admire the corporal to denounce the drunk.  Rudolf Hess was left to rot in Spandau Prison to silence the truth.  In 1943 the American Mercury identifies the real Hess mission – the Hitler proposal: “Hitler offered total cessation of the war in the West. Germany would evacuate all of France except Alsace and Lorraine, which would remain German. It would evacuate Holland and Belgium, retaining Luxembourg. It would evacuate Norway and Denmark. In short, Hitler offered to withdraw from Western Europe, except for the two French provinces and Luxembourg [Luxembourg was never a French province, but an independent state of ethnically German origin], in return for which Great Britain would agree to assume an attitude of benevolent neutrality towards Germany as it unfolded its plans in Eastern Europe. In addition, the Führer was ready to withdraw from Yugoslavia and Greece. German troops would be evacuated from the Mediterranean generally and Hitler would use his good offices to arrange a settlement of the Mediterranean conflict between Britain and Italy. No belligerent or neutral country would be entitled to demand reparations from any other country, he specified.”


If Churchill really was an anti-Bolshevik, why would an alliance with a communist habitual murderer be preferable to coexistence with a revitalized German continental country?  Could it be that the Germanic roots within British ruling class feared a rivalry from cousins more than the savagery of Leninist comrades.  The collusion and connivance of London collectivists in creating the Russian revolution is confirmed by the history that is never taught in school.  Socialist romantics that admired Trotsky got a dose of reality with the Stalin purges.  Ignoring that record of paranoia and pathological evil is no excuse for providing the military means to construct a Cossack gulag for rebellious White Russians. 


The invasion of Poland was a direct result from a deal between Hitler and Stalin.  If Hitler would pledge non aggression with the Gori Georgian and divide up Polish territory, trusting Stalin to respect national sovereignty would be insane.  During the “phony war” period, England schemed to devise the lend lease fake neutrality for a receptive FDR.  The Churchill architect sold the plans for the Roosevelt construction company to become a bellicose supplier.  When Japan joined the Axis alliance, Hitler set the stage for a fatal mistake.  Stalin knew that the Manchurian invasion would stop at the Siberian border.  When operation Barbarossa drove east, Stalin was shocked.  But Churchill was not satisfied to let the fascist Reich wage a war of annihilation against their bitter Soviet enemy. 


When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, Hitler made his decisive misstep.  He declared war on the United States.  Exercising the Axis accord to combat the Imperial Empire’s war, proved the most foolish decision imaginable.  Churchill was most pleased and Roosevelt delighted.  They finally joined their fellow traveler  Stalin and had their opportunity to methodically dismantle the last vestiges of individual rights in their own countries.


If the Western democracies were truly waging war against a fascist dictatorship, what was the point of eliminating Hitler only to replace him with a much worse tyrant and more dangerous sociopath, Uncle Joe?  Anyone who could not or were unwilling to admit the gruesome nature of Stalin’s paranoia acted with total disregard for America’s true interests.  Converting the United States into the global military titan only destroyed the very reasons used to sell the war.  Fight to save Western Civilization and the American way of life was the ultimate causality at the end of the conflict.  VE Day was not a triumph of rescuing our own country from a threat of extinction. That combat was the means used to obliterate the very essence of as independent society.  The yoke of oppression was placed around the necks of Americans by a government that consistently lied  - over and over again - all the way into another avoidable foreign adventure.  


General George Patton had it right about Stalin.  But only the voice of America First proponents like Garet Garrett forewarned the nation about the consequences of engaging in another unwanted war.  True Believers who conclude that a war against Hitler was necessary are harebrained kool aid drinkers.  FDR sold out our traditional heritage to advance the centralized autocracy of a conspiratorial ruling elite.  Their formula for world governance translated into eliminating all competing political regimes.  The Cold War as a foregone conclusion for aiding a foe that deserved to be defeated.  Making Stalin an ally was even more ludicrous than the Wehrmacht following the Rising Sun.


By fighting another irrational battle in Europe the celebration of VE Day commemorates America’s loss of it’s own country.  The empire that followed eradicated from memory and purpose what made America unique in history.  Citizen soldiers were sold into systematic domestic slavery.  The escalation of federal despotism was the outcome.  Not exactly what Douglas MacArthur had in mind  “In war there is no substitute for victory.”  Where was the victory for the populace that shed their blood to protect a domestic government that betrayed her own loyal citizens?  The real legacy of VE Day is that you loose by fighting in foreign wars.  When the profound interests of the countrymen are sacrificed to the War-God, you don’t have to be from Mars to understand that humans are strange creatures. 


Patriotism is valid when your leaders are faithful to the reason why America was founded.  Would George Washington general in Mr. Roosevelt’s war?  Would John Adams defend Churchill’s kingdom?  Can we really afford to win any more overseas campaigns that eat away at the national fabric?  How many times does this country need to repeat past failures of placing a false trust in your own government because it refuses to accept the real lessons of history?  WWII was a mistake for the United States because it viewed Churchill as a friend.  The enemy of the Republic sat in a wheel chair.  Better learn that the fear of such totalitarian democrats has far more relevance than fearing an imaginary metaphor.  An American empire is not a replacement for an independent nation.  Too bad that Patton and MacArthur didn’t fight the real enemies . . .  Sixty years thereafter, the need for the true war still exist.


SARTRE – May 9, 2005      

The nineteenth century planted the words which the twentieth century ripened into the atrocities of Stalin and Hitler. There is hardly an atrocity committed in the twentieth century that was not foreshadowed or even advocated by some noble man of words in the nineteenth. 
Eric Hoffer

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