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Hessian Regiment from the Hussein Campaign

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Greed is all right, by the way I think greed is healthy. You can be greedy and still feel good about yourself.
Ivan F. Boesky

Hessian Regiment from the Hussein Campaign

Just as the greater the lie, the bigger the theft - the easier it becomes. Now that the troops are coming home, the spoils of war can be integrated into the big picture. Back in the 1950’s a favorite program was named “The Big Picture” which presented the significance of a particular news event. How those events fit into the cultural viewpoint was seen as a valid approach for understanding the issues of the day.

The pay may not be great
but the moonlighting is outstanding!

Hollywood took the slant that entertainment, even in a war comedy flick, could spoof a basic human flaw - greed. Recruiting a squad of likable soldiers and characters, and offering an opportunity for a real pay day, we get to watch the human condition play out a reoccurring plot. “Kelly's Heroes” is an amusing tale of robbery, tongue-in-cheek humor and wartime action. Who doesn’t have a little larceny running in their blood, especially when 14,000 gold bars are the prize? Rescuing such loot from Nazi safekeeping surely is a noble cause! Even an ‘Oddball’ tank commander and character who enjoys imitating a fearless general, can’t redeem the theft from anything more than a scheme for personal avarice. Hell isn’t just for bizarre heroes, ordinary servicemen want a piece of the action.

So why should anyone be surprised when U.S. military officials say that about $900,000 was taken by American soldiers from a cache of about $600 million in U.S. currency found in Baghdad palace complexes. Officials say most of the money has been recovered. Five soldiers are under investigation.

Surely it isn’t too much of a wonder that an engineer for Fox News Channel, Benjamin James Johnson, allegedly took 15 paintings and assorted Iraqi government bonds. He worked for an organization where fair and balanced is their motto. Nor should anyone be too startled that gold-plated firearms and ornamental knives were seized at airports in Washington, Boston and London; isn’t the victor deserving of souvenirs? What shock when military units recruit foreign nationals, modern day Hessians, to serve with the promise of future citizenship. What awe when mercenaries set out on their own personal missions! Officials said more charges could be brought and more seizures of stolen items are expected in what is being dubbed "Operation Iraqi Heritage."

Hey, this is heritage that is really worth fighting for . . . almost makes one want to emulate George Clooney, one more hero, on another search for Iraqi gold during the first Gulf War. How nice it would be to become one of the Three Kings.

But this is just the sideshow. The big picture has a treasure far more valuable than a few tacky velvet Elvis portraits. The gold sought is black and drives the military machine worldwide to monopolize the international economy. While that may be the hoard that motivates, the hordes that march under the whores who command, following orders from the heinous globalists that lust for total control, is the real “Big Picture”.

The “Big Joe” in this equation is not a simple platoon commander, looking to cash in on stolen booty. No, those who are behind this robbery are in the mold of  “Uncle Joe”, mere totalitarians that pursue their imperial deception which becomes an ordeal for the rest of the world. The plunder that is packaged in staged images of deliverance, resembles a block party paid for with the graft from extortion.

The arguments that purport that the Iraqi War was inspired for liberating a country is a lie. Just look at the kind of imposed government that is being forged. Wait and see what will happen when internal factions rebel against the junta that will be seated by the coalition cabal. When will the brigades of Kelly’s Heroes find all those weapons of mass destruction? How nice and neat to avowal that they were all moved to the next target for the ‘Hessian Regiment’, after the Hussein campaign. Assuredly, some traces of WMD can be found with the help of the engineers for Fox News Channel?

Nonetheless, the best argument for theft is always the most elementary. Let’s use the Iraqi oil to pay for the cost of liberation! Certainly, this one will carry the day for most ethically crippled empire worshippers. The natural resources of a subdued enemy are fair spoils for recouping the expense of salvation. Sounds like not only the supply-man ‘Crapgame’, but all the other avid speculators with OPM - other people’s money - are so eager to scam the pillage as just rightful tariff on a newly conquered colony.

Finally, the analogy really hits the mark, when our archetype gangsters reveal their real name. Yes, it’s the ‘Likudnik Heroes’ that assembled the armies for a greater Israel, and protection of the motherland. Hey, a socialist apartheid is OK when the clerics are kosher. Just don’t let those fundamental Islamic’s make a theocracy out of Iraq! Only approved plutonium can be stored in our region, while the swelling of U.S. foreign aid is their cut from the heist. Not much humor in this screenplay . . .

The Big Picture is much different from the petty greediness of a bank robber. Why burglarize the vault when you control and manipulate the printing presses? Just pay the foreign legion enough and allow them to a few slim pickings and the good old boys will be singing Dixie! Isn’t this American Foreign Policy - Global Imperial Colonization - and we are owed something for our efforts? Yep, GIC is good! “Greed Is Cool” and we want to kool off from all that time in the desert, because we are the heroes . . .

SARTRE - April 27, 2003

The monstrous evils of the twentieth century have shown us that the greediest money grubbers are gentle doves compared with money-hating wolves like Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler, who in less than three decades killed or maimed nearly a hundred million men, women, and children and brought untold suffering to a large portion of mankind.
Eric Hoffer

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