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Our Dear "Beloved Leaders"

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A tyrant...is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.

Our Dear “Beloved Leaders”

Once there was a grand land where individuals achieved great things. They fought for their freedom and formed a representative government, based upon a constitution. Their leaders were noble men and understood the lessons of the past. A system called “federalism” was designed that shared authority and restricted amassing too much power in any particular political office. A unique distribution of duties and responsibilities were defined and all remaining functions and ruling charges were retained by separate and independent states that made up this fine experiment for union. What an admirable attempt to protect the human dignity of citizens and to invent an environment for personal prosperity and that gracious concept - the pursuit of happiness . . .

Liberty was the benchmark for the “good society”. The motto - "That government is best which governs least", popularly know as the Thomas Jefferson Perspective, actually was used by Henry David Thoreau and opens his pamphlet, Civil Disobedience. This clear and elegant standard is still the most graceful rule by which all governments should be bound. No wonder that the United States was that shining light on the top of the hill! Yet, during the long saga of national discovery, there were few examples where that light could be seen as a "Shining City on the Hill."

The last three Presidents have been an unmitigating miscarriage and destroyer of the essence of our purpose as a people and country. But this gang of three, are not alone. In the last half century, only Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower can be even remotely seen as defenders of Liberty. However, even these men failed miserably in implementing the reality of limited government. The time has now passed for hoping for another Dutch or Ike. What we are left with are Dear and “Beloved Leaders” . . .

Presidents Become Tyrants
A Dictator Under Any Name

Even for the uninformed and those living in denial, it is self evident that presidents are selected and not elected. The process for ascendancy, weeds out honest men and certainly any real reformers. With each succeeding president, the road to absolute rule marches on, uninterrupted. George H Bush sought the cognomen of great - the "Glorious Leader", as the patriarch elder of the publicly acknowledged New World Order. William Jefferson Clinton sought fame, ill-gotten fortune and satisfaction from harlequins, who would call him Dear and lavish praise and affection, while he angled the heights of excess and treason. Now we have in office the "Beloved Leader" King George II, a man who’s pseudo piety is only exceeded by his ability to look too insipid to be a congenital liar.

All three men are frauds. They share and have identical unity in their fundamental policies of despotism. Moreover, any approved future successors will just build upon the substructure of this endless construction project of universal gulag. The existence of this systemic absolutism is ignored by the public, as they relegate their futile efforts behind finding a ‘white knight’ that will save the Republic.

The essential component that is consistently avoided and denied is that the office of the presidency is the core problem itself. When our country was formed with the consent of independent states, an ingenious separation of powers, called "federalism" was adopted. The design of the American Constitution directly reflects the framers' decision that power should not be permitted to be centralized. That single admission to the failures of all other governing systems and the intent to limit the power of a would be monarch, is what made America unrivaled in her quest to achieve a society where Liberty was paramount.

Today it is not just the man who holds the office of president, it is the entire bureaucratic branch that in theory, is under his direction, which has perfected the tyranny that befalls our nation. "Executive Orders" are not constitutional. Generations of incessant agencies are oppressive. Demands for endless intervention and insatiable budgets produce concentration and centralization of control. The dictates of the executive branch overshadows the legitimate authority of Congress, relegating legislators as mere rubber stamps. Courts have their judges chosen who will pass the test of protecting the establishment of the State; namely the president who claims to be czar.

The executive branch in all its forms, functions and reach is the junta, the cabal and the cartel that enforces arbitrary rule of the "Beloved Leader". The Presidency has stolen supreme power as it seeks totalitarian control. The bureaucracy will always have competing factions for favor. It often works counter to any stated policy. But it always closed ranks to protect the entire system, that claims legitimacy and cover for the criminal enterprises that maintains the autocracy.

Liberty must be extinguished for the totalitarian state to flourish. Imperialism must be practiced abroad to ensure submission to the most powerful man in the world. Obedience must be extracted from the domestic population, as tribute to the dear one - that beloved leader - who bring glory to the absolute STATE. No longer many independent and sovereign states preserving a mutual and beneficial union; it’s now only about the empire!

Even Julius Caesar was denied the title of emperor. He was only appointed the rank of dictator. Though, the designate of Caesar is equivalent to a "Beloved Leader", Rome still had a Senate. Today, the legislature only seeks their pension, a cushy lobby career or hosting a media venue.

Until the legislature asserts their rightful role and slays the bureaucratic beast into submission and accountability, the presidency will only grow in empowerment. We will be cursed with additional arrogant dear leaders, as long as courts pervert the law and interpret the constitution to fit the whims of the current beloved leader. As it stands now the genius of "federalism", is dead. It’s demise is proportional to our loss of individual liberty. As long as the public believe that any leader is dear, they will be graced with more aspirants for the image of beloved and the legacy of glorious.

The Presidency needs to be abandoned. State governments need to reassert and take back their valid roles and responsibilities. The federal vermin has become a behemoth. The executive for central command and control is a despot, and all the alphabet agencies are mercenary overseers for enslavement. The plantation mentality accepts and even longs for omniscient royalty. George W Bush is just another gangster in an unbroken line of psychopaths that want to be king. Even Oliver Cromwell’s "Lord Protector" function of England, was short lived and the monarchy was restored. A weak presidency, under whatever name or any title, is a necessity to realize a civil climate, where individual rights can be protected and preserved.

When people forgo adoration in "Beloved Leaders", they will take a giant step to set themselves free . . .

SARTRE - April 13, 2003

To complain of lack of leadership is, in the field of political affairs, the characteristic attitude of all harbingers of dictatorship.
Ludwig von Mises

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