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A New Way to be Taxed

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Rulers do not reduce taxes to be kind.

Expediency and greed create high taxation, and normally it takes an impending catastrophe to bring it down. 

Charles Adams

A New Way to be Taxed

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Ask the Tax Mama to get you right with the IRS

A subject so near and dear has become a national preoccupation.  Avoid thinking about just how much taxation really targets our pocket books.  The resigned rationalization that nothing can be done to avoid the taxman is the underpinning attitude that pervades the economy.  So ironic that most business decisions are deeply influenced if not outright made by their tax consequences.  The entire accounting profession is built upon a produce of reporting and compliance with a sought after goal of avoidance.  What other sector dominates your financial universe more than the fear that your affairs will be audited in minute detail and that interest and penalties will be assessed.  As any observant taxpayer would attest, abiding by the tax law is a full time endeavor.  Hiring legions of accountants, CPA’s, financial advisors and tax attorneys has become one of the few growth industries that seem to be immune to offshore outsourcing.  If Congress and the IRS are unable to comprehend the complexity of the tax codes, how can you expect a sub-continent boiler room to be an effective advocate for your very own financial survival?


Tax Away Your Dreams is a familiar reality that has overtaken the promise that America once stood for and was built upon.  Relative comparisons to even harsher socialistic societies, offers little relief for the pain of poverty.  Indebtedness has become the only lifestyle that most citizens can pursue in their chase to make ends meet.  The inevitability of the tax collector is seldom challenged for good reason.  The taxman has always been a key job for duty collection, it is the main function that keeps government in business. 


Nevertheless, understand that raising revenue is not what pays the bills for the State.  Deficits are created and expanded whenever more funds are needed to clear the payment for civic obligations.  Taxes are primarily about behavior control.  At its most insidious purpose is an organized consortium of privileged elitism designed to encircle the populist into corals of docility.  The practice of dunking diseased cattle for therapeutic treatment is the State’s version of baptism.  Saving the sheep from the rebel virus of financial independence is a goal well suited for any loyal public servant.  Tax rules are the means to herd the animal flock and sheer the fleece and carve up the meat.


So let’s just admit the truth about the taxation process.  It’s plain theft.  However, it’s a form of robbery that is virtually universal in its acceptance.  So why not merely make it simple?  If you are going to be burglarized just walk through the door, don’t break it down. 


For the brave hearts that do their own federal and state tax returns the experience of Turbo Tax offers a valuable insight into the worth of all those cancelled checks you paid to your former accountant for his or her sophistication and skills.  The lesson is in the explanations, not in the tax interview.  The meaning of the terms and their application to your circumstance is an exercise that should be effortless and easy.  Since you are an honest victim of thievery, you surely will want to be cooperative.  When asked to report that two dollar sale on eBay, you jump to find the correct box to check.  That trouble-free program will walk you through each step.  Uncomplicated and user friendly for the most simple of all returns, is proven with every question.  Just check no on those exotic questions, you are just a working stiff and your W2 and 1099’s have all been declared.  Gee this test is fun!


That bad old AMT (alternative minimum tax) is only meant for the rich guys.  At best you are holding on by fingernails to your middle class status.  Surely that AMT will never hit your home-based business!  At least your home state hasn’t gotten around to the virtues of the AMT as yet.  And don’t you just love when the tax software tells you that there are different rules for your individual state return, and you need to buy that version too . . . What a deal!  Such help can only be invented in America.


OK, what is the alternative?  Since conforming is the national ethos, why fight the process?  Let’s just take a loyalty oath and add Uncle Sam as a co-signature to all your financial accounts.  Put his name on the deed to your property, make him a beneficiary to your insurance, have him as a shareholder in your family business and make him the offer to increase his allowance whenever circumstance demands an infusion of additional public funds.  Hell, he is really your partner, and your tangible family is actually the diverse community of fellow citizens.  So why not just work a little harder, you need to feed your real dependants.


The notion of private property is inconsistent with the culture of pervasive public funding.  And we all know that what is good for the many far out weighs any foolish idea that your money is your own.  The reason why the tax code is so complex is that there are so many deviants looking to skim off enough cash to buy a glimmer of economic freedom.  Once again the foremost function for tax regulation is people control.  So get with the program pay your fair share.


If you doubt that convolution is essential, ask the TaxMama.  That motherly touch to tax insanity says: “Too many people who know they will file tax returns just can't seem to face up to the task. Why is this? Do you think maybe it's too complicated? Couldn't be! Let's just see what you're up against.”  Similar sites are devoted to the navigation of the Amazon tributaries of this tax jungle.  The entire tax consulting industry may have value in staying afloat, but what is the point in wandering into this tropical tax forest when the trees are all being clear cut because of the greed and dominance of the government beast to control the land.  If eating your own young is the price needed to exterminate predators that compete by the practice of survival of the fittest, taxes will put an end to the natural desire for upward mobility.      


Are you really better off under a perverse system that taxes more than half your income and places a shadow claim against all your worldly property?  Are you a ward of the State or are you a sovereign citizen that lives within a civic community that administers based upon your consent?  Taxes must be simple and unencumbered from social engineering for them to even claim to be lawful.  The reason a total and complete abandonment of the current tax tyranny will not happen rests upon the false assertion that the government serves the people.  I feel your pain, but does your government?  Add up the toll you pay, and blame yourself for your acquiesce in funding and conforming your behavior to the ultimate organized crime syndicate.  It’s time for a new tax system, but before that can be realized, a legitimate government must be established based upon power of the people.


SARTRE - April 11, 2005      

There is no worse tyranny than to force a man to pay for what he does not want merely because you think it would be good for him. 
Robert Heinlein

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