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Media Inducted into the Military

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The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions.
  Robert Lynd

Media Inducted into the Military

Evil Empire Emperor

That nice-nellyism - S & A - is not even worth the print to spell out the letters. Let’s just call it for what it is: barf and gag! If you ever needed proof of “contrived reality”, just watch all those pretty boys riding high on top of a tank preaching the War Party line as the mechanized panzers shout - “Let’s Roll” . . . This place might be a desert, but the only fox in this wasteland is devouring the chickens - cooped inside a ring of slaughter by GPS ordinance. What a glorious day, celebrating the liberation of disapproving nomads, brought to you by the kvetchs from DreamWorks. Add in Lucas Films effects and you get the image that Darth Vader was targeting his laser-wands against the “sand people” to perfection. And all the time we were told they had their own death star?

The press is doing a marvelous job. They have been inducted into service and are now free to ride in harms way. Independent reporting from the front lines will never get any better. Ernie Pyle eat your heart out! Will Andy Rooney re-enlist “60 Minutes” for their objectivity? No bias there when it comes to casting ‘little hitlers’. And how long will we need to wait for the next edition of Tom Brokaw’s running saga of WWII reincarnated?

I’m in awe, but not shocked. Those cheerleaders at “fair and balanced” are really enjoying themselves. The show looks grand on every block (now you know what that G-Block stands for). Heck, who misses pre-emptying O’Reilly, he now has the time to interview for “Viceroy of Baghdad”. Still, we sure miss the old CNN, with Bernie Shaw hiding under his bed. The only excitement about Peter Arnett comes from the Vegas action when he gets classified as collateral damage.

So this is war coverage in the age of sanitized restraint bombing. Not exactly the stuff that made Southeast Asia famous. For those who forgot about that place and era, maybe your memory might be refreshed with the FX film - The Pentagon Papers. "It wasn't one man, it was the presidential office itself":

Truman ignored letter after letter from Ho Chi Min asking for help. He then financed the French with arms and Congress knew nothing.

Eisenhower agreed to split Vietnam in two; helped to install a hopelessly corrupt government; helped rig elections to support it and then sent in the first US advisors to support it. Congress is still in the dark.

Kennedy made plans for a large-scale involvement as early as 1961, authorized the overthrow of Diem's regime and sat by as Diem was assassinated in the streets of Saigon.

LBJ used the attack in Gulf of Tonkin (which according to the study never even took place) as an excuse to get us into war without a formal declaration from Congress.

In contrast to that war, never to be called such in polite company; this Iraqi deliverance can stand the light of open journalism - or so we are told!  However, if you really believe that the media doesn’t distort, why are you reading internet commentary? Remember those Army 'psyops' interns at CNN during that Balkan rescue, from that other ‘uncle joe stalin’. (sorry not supposed to interchange Commies with Nazis).  That deal lead Peter Arnett to a one way exit out the door. Aren’t you so glad those Fourth Psyop Group are now playing nice with those media camel jockeys ruffing it with the troops, eating the same MRE’s?

Pharse II ready for the Sequel

But hold the presses! H L Mencken was correct: “Freedom of press is limited to those who own one”, or is it? So which part of this infamous S & A strategy don’t you get? Chief Censor Rachel Dolev sent a letter to "scoop" news web sites, instructing editors to seek government permission before publishing information about "materials that could pose a threat to the security of the State of Israel and its residents."  Note, that while print papers and media networks are having their reporters traveling with the regiments, the folks back on the Zionist reservation are being threatened to get approval, for internet posts, from their own little general!

Just who owns and edits the mainstream media you are watching and reading? Surely, you don’t need to see a who’s who list from an uncensored source to know their names. Taki has it right, as usual. Referring to the recent article in the distinguished publication, The American Conservative, “Bush was told to target Syria and Iran and to overthrow Saddam. Furthermore, a list of Middle East regimes that Podhoretz, Ledeen, Netanyahu and the Wall Street Journal regard as targets for destruction included Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinian Authority and ‘militant Islam’. Asks Pat: ‘Who would benefit from a war of civilisations between the West and Islam? Answer: One nation, one leader, one party. Israel, Sharon, Likud.’ "

Which media do you trust? Is Tom Rose, publisher of the Jerusalem Post your source, as he spins his perfidy on the IMUS radio program? Are you so turned off to what you have been told about Al-Jazeera that under no circumstance would you tune in to see for yourself? If so, the Tom’s of the world - Friedman and Rose and throw in the apologist Cal Thomas - have your ear; while Tom Delay hammers and enforces the accepted policy. All singing the tune, scored by the politics of a Rupert Murdoch.

The reporting from Iraq has official blessing because it reflects the images, descriptions and conclusions that the coalition (translate from the newspeak into its real meaning: Galactic Empire), wants you to believe and swallow.  You won’t see Sy Hersh sitting on top of a Bradley vehicle. John Pilner won’t be shooting a documentary from an Abrams tank. And certainly no Philip Agee would be working intel from Tommy Frank’s command center. Another Tom - just seems to pop up - following orders. Sorry General Sir, O’Reilly wants the job of shah, guess he can wait until Phase II, liberation of Iran . . .

Gulf War I introduced us to the video games of combat. Now we have the pleasure of watching the elimination of a disgruntled Bush business partner, with all the bells and whistles of the latest animated X-Box technology. But is that software recording real events in true time, or are events that are all too real, being edited to tell a scripted story as the live cam flashes on your screen? William Randolph Hearst would be green with envy.

Those dead Australian reporter causalities in northern Iraq and all the others journalists that disappeared are all from the foreign press, not under the protection of CIA PsyOps. Even special forces follow orders . . .  The lesson for newsmen - accept induction or face embalment. So before you settle for the fearless leader version of this campaign, keep in mind that the foreign rights to this movie epic, were sold long before the flick began filming. “Rolling Wave” - gives a nice touchie feelie quality if you can ignore the blood. Raising that American flag was relegated to the out takes; bring back the gum, hersey’s and smokes. The new government is here and we came to help you!

Wow, the press all deserve a Pulitzer, the Oscar’s can be given out next year. Just goes to show you that keeping all the WMD to ourselves and that meek and humble ‘pseudo democracy’ in the region, means we get a box office smash and residuals for years to come. Now this is objective reporting at its best! No wonder all those women are caught on tape kissing the feet of the imperial storm troopers. Yes, the emperor must know best, and we are fortunate to have movietone newsreels to entertain the audience. Can’t wait for the sequel!

SARTRE - March 23, 2003

"If defending the principles of individual Liberty makes one an outcast, those who spread the smears must be emulating those whores that kiss the feet of the master."

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