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John McCain: The Man Who Would Be President

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"Do you know why Chelsea Clinton is so ugly? Because Janet Reno is her father."
John McCain

John McCain: The Man Who Would Be President

More liberal than Teddy, he's my man!

"Prescience is a funny thing.  But when Todd Brendan Fahey created DumpMcCain.com in very early 2000, to counteract "conservatives" notions that Arizona Senator John McCain was still a "Goldwater Republican," he lit the hot torch.  Scoffed at, ridiculed, reviled by "mainstream GOP"-types, he was booted off FreeRepublic.com for insisting on spreading the anti-McCain message.

Today, there are only the chirping of crickets.  GOP-backers don't want to lose a Senator, but everyone now knows (or should know) that Fahey was right.

"John Kerry is a close friend of mine. We have been friends for years," McCain said Wednesday when pressed to squelch speculation about a Kerry-McCain ticket. "Obviously I would entertain it." Freud would be proud, no slip - just pure lustful desire. Now just maybe the mentally challenged Republican faithful might sense a two-timer among them, but that possibility is probably too much to ask. If they love the Bush shrub, the sagebrush of a McCain plant can’t be that far off.

This isn’t the first time that the sun has taken its toll on the Senator. The offspring of a former president is not the favorite son of this Navy man. McCain must really have something against reservists, if he entertains a waltz with a non Annapolis swabbie. Flirting with lefties must be a byproduct from those years under the management of the Hanoi Hilton. It’s not the first time McCain made a play for a seat at the socialist table.

Remember this assessment? “Could this conscious effort of McCain, to align himself with a traditional Democratic special interest voting block be the 'Manchurian Candidate', representing the interests of his real convictions? It has long been reported the ubiquitous characteristics that lends itself to concluding that McCain is a 'Trojan Horse' for the conservative cause”. By now it should be evident that McCain is even less conservative than Bush. Obviously, the Dubya administration has ruled under a 21st century version of a FDR/Wilson ticket. Just imagine what a Kerry - McCain presidency would be like!

If Richard Cohen can be Bill Clinton’s Defense Secretary, why not make peace with the Bushes and install Jed as Homeland Secretary in charge of border security? Politics is suppose to make strange bedfellows, but who would think that such “Good Fellows” could run the organization with such style and grace?

In case you forgot, that bastion of the Republican Party voiced tactics and support for the Senator. I’m shocked, really SHOCKED!  “Believe it or not, we need more McCains. We need more McCains so we can start replacing them without turning over majority control to the other side”. - Jim Robinson (founding force behind the unfree republic) Well, if a lap dog like Robinson is willing to tolerate a McCain over the alternative of the “other side”, just what added torture will be needed to convince the true believers to accept that John Kerry could have picked a much worse VP?

Look at the bright side. Both are recovering cancer patients. And Denny Hastert would be next in line. If Kerry and Bush are rooted in the same bones and share a corresponding skull, why shouldn’t a CFR member get the second slot? When DumpMcCain.com listed their reasons for relegating McCain to the deep six, why should we believe the evidence. The potential of a real dream team is too important to submarine a bipartisan effort to run the country by letting the facts mess up the plan. Look at it this way. All that Global Crossing nonideological courtship of both parties deserves some reward from that $31,000 given to McCain! Since Kerry wants to turn his back on all that special interest money, that made him king of the heap, an experienced bag man like McCain would come in handy . . .

The American public demands an end to bitter campaigns. They want a presidential cycle to reflect the commonalties of both parties. Working together and swapping spots in the next administration might really catch on. If Cheney is the problem, the good old boy could be replaced with a more acceptable compassionate conservative. If McCain jumps ship, that leave the door open for Zell Miller to switch parties. How about recruiting Barney Franks, a new - New Englander to balance a Republican slate? His addition would surely marry the best of both regions and ends of the spectrum.

McCain would offset the Nader factor. All those disaffected Greens could get behind the cosponsor of election reform, right? Now all that soft money is banned and with McCain on the Kerry team, Soros can get back to ruining other countries currencies. Maybe if Bush was really smart he would give his blessing to McCain. Keeping a team of John Boys, even with passing over an Edwards, would allow for the recycling of those South Carolina strategies from the last primary. Always best to trash a Senator with a longer record, the dirt sticks better.

Traditional Conservatives don’t have a Pat Buchanan this year. Their votes are likely to take a hiatus. Those NeoCons would benefit from McCain smooches with Kerry. A liaison would set the precedent for returning to their true origins. Their political intercourse is adept at creative illusion, dropping the con for a lib is an easy leap for the slick. NeoLibs would get better press and McCain could get the adoration, from his true supporters, that he so eagerly seeks.

Yes, Kerry could fulfill the prophecy - Bush the Temporary, was replaced, just as the script was written. McCain would appeal to the FreeRepublic clowns, because Jimbo says it is a strategic realignment in order to keep the majority. Clones will follow and empty their purses to help the cause. The will to be president is driven by the desire for power. Tasting the waters seldom satisfies the thrust. Trading ideology, compromising principle or betraying people are a small price to pay for incorrigible professional politicians.

McCain’s a full fledged phony without an ounce of conservative values running in his veins. Bush has proven himself to be a fraud and the tool of the NeoCons. This election is a charade of a sham called democracy. There are no surprises left, only the substitution of a name; while the same policies remain. Spell it Bush or McCain; but don’t use the designation conservative. Kerry is Bush’s brother, in the only society that selects those who are granted the nominations. McCain can only settle for second place, in service of the powers, that host the parlor game - picking a President.

SARTRE - March 14, 2004

"My Administration will work with the states to make this unique bill work. We must put disabled people to work. They are a valuable untapped resource".
John McCain 

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