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KSM caught - declare victory

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KSM caught - declare victory

Best of Friends for Years

Now that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, a senior operative in Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network, has been caught; the ranks of this terrorist group have suffered a severe loss. Shouldn’t that instill confidence that the quest to locate those responsible for 911 is working? The history of those events seems to be written already, composed for most Americans. Well, before any serious investigation, all the conclusions have been reached. So we are told!  All those unanswered questions that led up to that tragic day, simply need to be ignored. So why not rejoice, the completion of the task is in sight. KSM will spill the beans and give up bin Laden.

"It's hard to overstate how significant this is," White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said. "It's a wonderful blow to inflict on al-Qaida." Wouldn’t it be nice if the administration would focus on the original objective, that is, to bring those criminals to justice? That goal was always valid; but as events of the last eighteen months prove beyond any doubt, the agenda has changed dramatically. Clearly this escapes the Bush administration, but sadly it eludes the American public, as well.

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed will be interrogated offshore for obvious reasons. Abu Zubaydah, al-Qaida's suspected financier, has already under gone intensive questioning. Hardly anyone is concerned about his fate and even less will rally unto KSM. That’s fine! Neither have demonstrated they are our friends. But what is important, is the information that they possess, and in all likelihood, will eventually give up. It’s a tough sell for human rights groups to take up this cause . . . Let’s be honest, most people are more than eager to look the other way on how that information is extracted. The problem is that the same people have little interest if that intelligence might provide the missing links that would turn the focus on areas and people who are off limits from scrutiny.

Is the official version of the events that lead up to 911 and the subsequent cover-ups that prevented serious investigation of creditable inquiry, supposed to be accepted? If you listen to both major parties, its an open and shut case - we need to move on - and expand into a “war on all terror”. Why is it so difficult to agree that any and all parties connected with domestic terror are the enemy of the country? If Khalid Shaikh Mohammed starts to provide the evidence of the cooperative relationship between Osama bin Laden and the Carlyle Group, do you think it will be reported to the public or that the government will act upon this information? Since Geo-politics is a very serious game the players don’t usually wear numbers on their jerseys. The relationship of the Bush family and their cronies with the bin Laden family is evident. The mainstream press won’t run with this story and will go to great lengths to discredit all those who raise the issue. So don’t look for Khalid Shaikh Mohammed to be doing the Sunday talk programs any time soon. Conversely, don’t be surprised when you start hearing that KSM has just provided the ‘smoking gun’ link that connects Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden.

“What does he know and when did he know it”, applies to President Bush as well. Who has the courage to ask that question in Congress? When Osama bin Laden’s fate is finally sealed, will the two families hold a reunion? The black sheep won’t interfere with the reconstruction - business will be good. Is this the sum total of the cynical bonds that drive foreign policy? Maybe we should ask Khalid Shaikh Mohammed! Inquiring minds would like to know . . .

Ever wonder what was in all those redacted sections, that Saddam Hussein presented in the 12,000 page weapons declaration and disclosure document to the UN? Geneva-based reporter Andreas Zumach said the U.S. broke an agreement of the Security Council and blackmailed Colombia, which at the time was presiding over the Council, to take possession of the UN’s only copy. The U.S. then proceeded to make copies of the report for the other four permanent Security Council nations, Britain, France, Russia and China. Withholding from other countries and protecting the public from viewing unnecessary information is a prime objective. Zumach continues: “We have 24 major U.S. companies listed in the report who gave very substantial support especially to the biological weapons program but also to the missile and nuclear weapons program . . . The list of U.S. corporations listed in Iraq's report include Hewlett Packard, DuPont, Honeywell, Rockwell, Tectronics, Bechtel, International Computer Systems, Unisys, Sperry and TI Coating.” Assuredly, the Bush administration would like to protect such companies, from preying eyes.

But what about direct links from the Bush clan back to bin Laden? Surely, that isn’t possible, or could it? Follow the money and those blanked out lines might just come alive. BCCI , Arbusto, Harken and bin Mahfouz may not be household name, but they all come full circle, back to Bush. Though Bush told the Wall Street Journal he had "no idea" BCCI was involved in Harken's financial dealings, the network of connections between Bush and BCCI is so extensive that the Journal concluded their investigation of the matter in 1991 by stating: "The number of BCCI-connected people who had dealings with Harken - all since George W. Bush came on board - raises the question of whether they mask an effort to cozy up to a presidential son."

While this account may be ancient history for most observers, the question of prevailing interest asks if Khalid Shaikh Mohammed can provide any insights on the direct relationship between the most wanted criminal in the world and the current occupant of the White House? So when we hear all the good news that KSM is in custody, should we determine that another ring leader in crime is captured, or are we wiser to conclude that a potential voice of implication can be silenced? Even the BBC reported that it had been told by a highly placed source in a US intelligence agency there had always been "constraints" on investigating Saudis, but under President George Bush it had become much worse. Why was that the policy pre 911? What secrets were being hidden and how many of them are known by the latest al-Qaida mastermind?

Questions, questions and more questions, but where is the doubt that something stinks to high heaven! The al-Qaida network may be unraveling, but the conspiracy still flourishes. Thanks be it that KSM is held in an undisclosed location, what would happen if he ever started talking? Victory has been won, celebrate the King remains untouched. On to the next business partner - Saddam Hussein.

SARTRE - March 2, 2003

You know how to conquer, Hannibal, but not how to profit by your victory.

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