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Sometimes Friends Know Best

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The question now is: Can we understand our stupidity? This is a test of intellect, not of character.
John King Fairbank

Sometimes Friends Know Best

ruling the desert has it's price

Real friends are those who, when you've made a fool of yourself, don't feel that you've done a permanent job.  - Erwin T. Randall

How pompous those people are, who do they think they are, and why are they supporting a thug? Arrogance from a friend is very disappointing, they act like the Bonaparte family is running the country! Just who is this imperial dictator that’s sending that "Grand Army" to the far corners of the empire? Who wants that "Continental" economic system that places sanctions on countries that oppose us! Just what kind of a world is it - run by an emperor - what a betrayal to the "Revolution". One would think this guy is a madman, a pyramid worshipper, wants to rule the world and ram his law down all our throats! Have all those peasants lost sight of why they got rid of the King? Now they willingly let this fellow place a crown on his own head while the mob cheers! What’s next, a swift crash of monarchical punishment coming straight down on your head? It’s hard to believe what is taking place. Just what will happen to all our foreign colonies? Can you believe it, some are even talking about breaking away! The way this is going, we might see domestic terror reign again, this time from the hands of a fraternal despot . . .

Are you outraged that a "freedom loving" country would allow such a dictator to command the artillery? No wonder most of the world fears this man and his blood line. You would think he forgot the teaching of education and has reverted to the conduct of a ‘outlaw cowboy’ enforcing his brand of law and order, through the barrel of his gun. Acting like Judge Roy Bean, this law west of the pecos is now being extended to the sands of the gulf.

By now you should know we are not speaking about Napoleon, nor is that country France. George W Bush has renounced the office, President of the REPUBLIC, and has taken up the task of emperor for the New World Order. And you wonder why the French have spoken so loud and clear, that they will not blindly send, their Foreign Legions into the desert? They remember the lessons of fighting the nomads with mercenary troops. Beau Gest meets "March or Die" by way of Casablanca doesn’t make intelligent U.S. foreign policy. Establishing permanent headquarters at Fort Saganne following a reincarnated "manifest destiny" fantasy is really a mirage. So why dump on the French when they are trying to save America from another Viet Nam? The Dien Bien Phu that faces America will not be a defeat like that of the Cherusi barbarians in the Teutoburger forest, but it will be a debacle for the NWO colonization empire. And misguided Americans blame the French for being disloyal when they are actually taking the bold lead to tell the ‘New Rome’ that foreign conquest by an imperial power is wrong, doomed to fail and will unleash the hordes seeking revenge?

Today’s "Old Guard" is not the Imperial Guard of Napoleon or the a fateful army in service to King George Bush. Our "Old Guard" is the guardian of the 1776 Revolution. The American Conservative has it right: "While the War Party spits out tired insults about Gallic weakness, Paris seems to us a wise ally, trying to prevent an old friend from acting against her deep interests. Rather link the drunk who was denied the car keys, we suspect that America will one day be grateful if Paris succeeds in pushing us back from a looming, self-inflicted catastrophe".

It is sad and tragic that the NeoCons have aligned their loyalty to the interests of a suspect foreign and bogus ally, Israel; while abandoning our own nation and trashing our true friend France. When anti-war dissension is portrayed as the sole province of the kooky left, the lies of the NeoCon perverters of our country are exposed for their duplicity. Hear what those, normally labeled as progressive, some who oppose NWO globalization are saying:

Anti-American no, anti-Bush yes! "War begins with Dubya", "Bush-Sharon assassins", "Bush, l'empire du pire", "Stop la Busherie" (a play on the word "butchery" in French), "Cowboy go back to your ranch"... Very many demonstrators were calling for "justice for Palestine" and for an "alternative globalisation".

France now actually finds itself in a position of moral leadership -- a position that has been stunningly vacant for many years.

They are correct in their view of the problem. We authentic conservatives need not accept their solutions or defer to a corrupt UN, but we welcome their opposition to the War Party. When ‘so called’ conservatives and former friends, like NewsMax promote (and want your donations) a S u p p o r t A m e r i c a ! - "Boycott Cowardly France Campaign", they betray our own Revolution and side with that Skull and Bones idol worshipper. France has and still is a genuine friend, and is appealing to our own conscience to rethink this avoidable long march down the road of tyranny.

If you dislike the argument of the Left or the "Old Cause" , consider the Libertarian position on the Alternative to Unending War.

"For big government we now have "The Perfect War," everywhere and nowhere, secret and interminable. The war will justify ever expanding police powers, higher taxes, and more controls over the citizenry. You can see easily how Washington thrives on war. Since Sept 11th, there have been no nasty challenges to government spending and waste, no tedious debates over things like social security "lockboxes," nor "political" attacks upon the Presidency. Congressmen and Think Tank experts get lots of TV time and most everyone jumps to obey government orders and support more regulations. Any groups opposed to American military interventions overseas appear unpatriotic and are marginalized, while press coverage of the war is restricted, using the last Gulf War as a model. Big Government, as Orwell wrote, thrives from unwinnable wars; it doesn't get any better than this."

All France is doing is rejecting signing on to this ‘Perfect Unwininnable War’. Sincere Americans owe them a debt of thanks for their courage. Our admiration for Napoleon Bonaparte is not based upon his lust to be emperor, but for his genius and devotion to lead France to greatness. Opposing the English ‘evil empire’ was cause for his detractors to tar him an anti-Christ. Now we are faced with following a pretender, who wants to be a monarch, without having the rightful authority or talent to rule as one. The French don’t want to bow to this American version of King George. Bush only brings shame, without glory. Those who follow him, share his folly. Lafayette would be proud of his countrymen, as so we are, the French are right - stop the Bush/Blair/Sharon war for conquest.

SARTRE - February 23, 2003

What men call friendship is only a reciprocal conciliation of interests, an exchange of good offices; it is in short simply a form of barter from which self-love always expects to gain something. - Francois de La Rochefoucald

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