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Yahoo has forever changed Political News

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Freedom of press is limited to those who own one.
Henry Louis Mencken

Yahoo has forever changed Political News

a little magic orange
that will change the world

In a major development, Yahoo has just announced that they have added a RSS (Syndication) to their My Yahoo module. If you like to read news headlines from the web, now you can receive the latest content from your favorite political site. Forget having to be fed the New York Times or Washington Post, now if you want to read commentary by SARTRE or BATR News, you can add a direct feed to your My Yahoo page.

Consider the significance. How many people know or understand about RSS Aggregator? First off, RSS stands for - real simple syndication. But what does syndication mean? If you like to read Bob Novak online, you can go to townhall.com. His columns are published and linked from scores of sites. However, if you want to read articles from cutting edge columnists or the latest news from trusted alternative sources, you would have to visit a ton of sites. The reason is simple, do you really believe that bold and unfettered content can pass the filter of mainstream editors? The best example I can offer is personal. When GOPusa.com ceased to publish and removed our archives after years of published submissions, over the - Satan lives in George Soros - Global Gulag column, we were not surprised. Buckling under to pressure from "duel loyalists" Salon.com readership proves that lap dogs for the neocons are Pavlovian trained.

My Yahoo has just taken such brave editors and publishers out of the loop. The gatekeepers for the status quo have been made irrelevant. Here’s why. Computers scare most people. They have no desire to become webmasters. They only want to devote their limited time to content that appeals to them. Surfing the net or using the search engines takes time. Just give the public the facts and opinions they want and make it easy. That’s exactly what My Yahoo does.

Who is not familiar with Yahoo? Well, My Yahoo is their popular feature that allows for selecting content that is tailored to the interests of each individual. You need to go a long way to find or create a better home page to start your computer. Now political junkies have their own personal gazette for sources THEY want to read. The best way to convey the functions for syndication is to demonstrate how it works.

Visit our new BATR Feed page: http://www.batr.org/syndication/batr.html

You will find continuous updated feeds from all of our sites that feature RSS. The first step to create a transfer of content is to create a xml url address. OK, I’m not a nerd anymore than you; so just consider the value of finding personally selected content that fills your need for trusted information.

My Yahoo makes it as easy as hitting an add button to create a module to your current account. (If you have never created a My Yahoo page, you are missing the boat) Now, on the next screen type into the search box a xml address for a feed you would like to add. Try http://batr.blogspot.com/rss/batr.xml for BATR News or http://batr.org/blog_rss.xml for SARTRE Commentary. Finish your selection process for a number of posts per feed, save and navigate to your own My Yahoo page. WOW, pure magic !!!

Appearing at the top of your My Yahoo is the latest information from your target source of content. This feature will transfer the syndication from any source that has an assigned xml address. Yahoo offers simple explanations on their RSS Headlines Module - Frequently Asked Questions http://my.yahoo.com/s/rss-faq.html

You can find xml addresses from RSS directories and there is even a way to create you own (contact me directly for details), but the significance is that you have just circumvented the traditional function of the mainstream press - CENSORSHIP. Now you have achieved true independence with the ease of visiting your own start page.

Have I persuaded you yet to give it a go?

Want to put your favorite site at the top of your daily read, now you can, just activate and add RSS Headlines module to My Yahoo! For publishers who want to attract more traffic to their political sites, appreciate that the hyperlink created on the module will link back to the source for the original content. Syndication will become your silent partner, as hits begin to flow. Want to enhance the content on your own site, no problem. You can add script to include selected publications to your own page. An example of such a code can be found on BATR Syndication.

This is the future of News . . . No need to download software for a RSS Aggregator or subscribe to a paid service. The world of your own choice is here for you to experience. Wonder how I found out about this announcement - Yahoo Launches RSS Aggregator ? Well, I received an email notice using the Googles News Alert feature. Yes, we are finally getting the technology that can make a difference.

Any service that allows for uncensored publication of ideas and news can and will shake the foundations of the establishment. You just witnessed the current power of the media to turn a failed Kerry campaign into a bright star. The polls turned on a dime. A total about face with lightening speed. The best way to combat such manipulation is to turn off the propaganda, tune out the establishment whores and read the columnist that have the courage to tell it like it is. My Yahoo syndication module will help mainstream the end of the controlled press. Your feedback is welcome!

SARTRE - January 25, 2002

For the average American freedom of speech is simply the freedom
to repeat what everyone else is saying and no more. 
Gore Vidal

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