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What a record to defend!

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An editor is someone who separates the wheat from the chaff and then prints the chaff.
Adlai Stevenson

What a record to defend!

How smart are pack animals?
A crowd of burros doing all the work

A little piece of history puts perspective back into politics. Now that the media is telling you John Kerry has topped the polls, you have to wonder what sublime signal they use to direct their opinion captives to speak on cue. Are you surprised with this development or are you fully aware of the brotherhood between him and George W Bush? Both enjoyed resting in the same New Haven coffin; for select Yale “Bulldogs” want to make their bones under the skull of doom . . . What better way to insure the results of a presidential election, while waiting for the Diebold election system to be installed?

Look back over the last half century and confess up to the unabated pattern of dumbing down America. Dispute his leaning, but Adlai Stevenson would be refreshing if nothing more than for his wit. JFK turned the White House into a shop of horrors, while LBJ added his style of best little Texas whore house to the Kennedy legacy. That happy warrior Hubert Humphrey smiled his way into irreverence and oblivion, as George McGovern demonstrated that senility was a Democratic virtue. Who could forget the prosperity of Jimmy Carter’s interest rates and Walter Mondale’s allure to frozen tundra intellectuals. Michael Dukakis confirmed a midget could aspire to drive the military industrial complex, while Bill Clinton proved he could sell it to China. Even Al Gore established that you can win a vote and still be a loser.

How far has the leadership of this charlatan party fallen, when their appeal doesn’t even win the favor of jackasses? The donkey is a stubborn beast, who can only obtain food when fed by a brute master. Once the champion of Big Government, now a bit player in the era of the GOP leviathan. The rhetoric for addressing and defining problems - Ralph Nader the modern day Harold Stassen - often hits a cord that is missing by the anointed candidates. However, what sane and balanced citizen could stomach his “so called” solutions?  When a disciple of a devoted Communist starts speaking sense in the 1988 campaign, you know the fraud; has a ratchet gear left, to deceive the people some more. Now Jessie Jackson, makes Al Sharpton look sensible . . .  how much further can the country fall?

Since the Lilliputian Dean missed the last round of seven dwarfs in 2000, he saved up his rage, as his medicine woman wife seeks refuge among the Steinberg tribe. Wes Clark has Andy Jackson turning in his grave for sharing the title of general. If Clark was first in his class, the country better hire more Hessian advisories to tame the next Hussein. And if you believe that Edwards resides alongside the common man, he wants you to be on his next jury when he is out of work. This crew makes a socialist like Gephardt look exciting! But Kerry is the man of the hour, so says the media.

Ever wonder how it is possible for the polls to turn on a dime? Just maybe, you can’t trust the results? Now who could be so cynical when so many honest anchors report the news for THAT day. No attempt is made for context within the long term outlook. If the DemocRATS want to repent, bring back Huey Long. If the “Kingfish” was a demagogue, what would you call FDR? I’ll take George Wallace all day long, compared to the crop of lightweights that preach multiculturalism. Are you starting to get the picture yet?

Out spending the Democrats
Don't make programs any better

The record of the Republicans is just as shameful. Only Barry Goldwater, Ronald Reagan and Pat Buchanan can lay claim to faithfulness of principle. While, Ike showed that the nation was served best, when the president plays golf; Nixon validated that if you just deny being a crook, you can still fool the ardent believers. Ford corroborated that pardons can make you president, and Dole ascertained that its not hard to surrender - even to a traitor. And who could deny that the CIA guaranteed the selection of Bush family favorites.

The media circus is contrived and orchestrated to fit the propaganda machine. Moreover, the idiots that alter their support and tailored their vote for a winner, are the biggest fools. If a new front-runner magically appears at the head of the pack, the sheep jump directly into the mouth of the approved wolf. Such acquiescence to the latest top dog, does not encourage leadership; but it does breed lap dogs. The fight over the undecided is a feast over eating raw meat. As this racket persists, the presidency just continues its abuse of individual rights and destruction of free enterprise. Government accentuates its reach and expands its growth with each cycle, no matter who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Remember who foretold that Kerry would emerge as the Democrat standard bearer. Dean makes McGovern look like a sensible statesman. He was elected by the same crazies that also vote for an avowed socialist for their congressman, Bernie Sanders. They would do better hiring that other B Sanders, the former NFL star. These are the same transplant dilettante types that elected Senators Schumer and Clinton from the Big Apple. The powers that be have other plans. Dean is a lunatic, unstable and unreliable.

Kerry will assure that "Down the Field" will put Dean in his place.

March, march on down the field,
Fighting for Eli.
Break through that crimson line,
Their strength to defy.
We'll give a long cheer for Eli's men.
We're here to win again.
Harvard's team may fight to the end,
But Yale will win!

SARTRE - January 18, 2004


Freedom is not an ideal, it is not even a protection,
if it means nothing more than freedom to stagnate, to live without dreams,
to have no greater aim than a second car and another television set.
Adlai Stevenson

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