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911 has become the ultimate excuse

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I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive. 
Thomas Jefferson

911 has become the ultimate excuse

What are you afraid of finding out?

The paramount pretext that consumes the law-abiding culture is that 911 has changed everything. Well, the only aspect that has altered the natural symmetry is that a fabricated diversion has inundated the rational capacities of ordinary citizens. Drowning in a sea of self denial, Americans have accepted the mind control environment and defend the subversive society. What the establishment say is true, the sheeple embrace as truth.

Common sense is all but obliterated from consciousness. Peer pressure and ‘PC’ acceptance is the only norm that dominates the false security facade erected, that has the ultimate goal of keeping fools in bondage. When the apologists for the “System” trot out their standard condemnation - Conspiracy Kooks - you know that they fear the mere mention of questioning the approved and official line. Propaganda has become systemic and universal. The mainstream media has one overriding purpose, to dumb down the public and keep them docile.

Do you have the courage to objectively examine just one aspect of the 911 disinformation record? If so, the weak link in the cover-up can be found in the collapse of Building 7. Esoteric arguments mostly are disregarded, but perceptive evidence is hard to ignore. Will you investigate the documentation? If so, consider the following scenario that is put forth on collapse of WTC 7. The context that applies asks a simple question: “What's the odds that an internal fire weakened all the major support structures in the WTC 7 to make it fall straight down like a controlled demolition?”

The purpose of keeping the inquiry focused on an aspect of the tragic sabotage, that is avoided by the talking heads is significant. Observe the backgrounds and sympathies of “so called” experts that are paraded everyday before the cameras. Their interests usually have a common thread. They benefit from the chaos that they are so eager to expose, since they claim that they are part of the solution. Their answer always purports that greater governmental powers and bureaucratic programs will tame the enemy. Their methods share in the booty of the expanded total control society.

So why do you automatically believe their assessments and answers?  A prudent and sensible person would want to know the real facts about 911. It is apparent that any hopes for a serious and comprehensive investigation will never develop. WHY? It should be obvious that the powers that be are unwilling to allow the details to go public. Their interests are only served by keeping honest sleuths away from the scene of the crime. Only loyal stooges may pass under the yellow tape . . . all others will be detained, discredited or dismissed as unbalanced.

The stakes have seldom been as high as they are today. In play is the future of free and independent Americans. If the contention that our way of life is being threatened by terrorists, why has the greatest damage done to our society been inflicted by the hands of government itself? Agents that serve the State are easily induced to impose restrictions and demands upon ordinary citizens. Their loyalty has never been to a nation of individuals. They adopt the disposition that their duty is to safeguard the government from all enemies. Surely, this is not new but it is novel to assume that righteousness resided in the high rise temples of the WTC.

During the last century, the public was told that the archenemy included the Germans and Japanese. Then a phony Soviet ally became the dreaded Communist, as the plague spread to include Mao, Kim Il Sung and Ho Chi Minh.  No doubt there are no heroes among this gang of despots. However, opposition to those tyrants does not confirm sainthood to the deeds or intentions of leaders from the West. As long as United States policy is viewed as a menace to most of the non genuflecting world, our own people will never know safety and security.

If our world has been turn upside down because of the event of 911, don’t we have an absolute right to know what role our own government played leading up to and during that day? Only a partisan of gutter virtue continues to claim that those obscure WMD were the reason for a policy of preempted regional intervention. The implication is explicit. The facts don’t square on what happened to the WTC complex. Building 7 is the Achilles heel that exposes a cover-up that can’t be explained away by pointing the finger at Islamist extremists. The pretext for the totalitarianism of America is based upon a fraud. There is no Patriotism in passing an Act that destroys our essential purpose as a nation. But that is exactly the end result of allowing 911 as justification for a rush into despotism.

Once again your government has been caught in a lie, but this time the vast majority has willingly accepted their blind, deaf and dumb condition. Without a judicious investigation into the Building 7 incident, no serious person can maintain credibility. Hiding from an unpleasant truth, while boasting a vindication for a government gone mad, is even more insane. You can’t trust the crew that deals in treachery. Do your own research on what happened to Building 7, review the evidence provided from the cited sources and draw you own conclusion. But please stop using 911 as a categorical excuse to justify the destruction of America, by the elements that desire the ending of liberty. Most of these forces are the faces you see each day. Now who are you going to believe?

SARTRE - January 11, 2004

The marvel of all history is the patience with which men and women
submit to burdens unnecessarily laid upon them by their governments.
William H. Borah

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