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The people never give up their liberties, but under some delusion.
Edmund Burke

Full Spectrum Dominance


The military doctrine of 'Full Spectrum Dominance' is the vision for the twenty first century. As the term implies, superiority over the entire range of battlefield threats, is the goal that will ensure victory. This viewpoint for combat extends it's dogma of mastery, far beyond the field of war. The essence of the political struggle, in this era of total compliance, is complete control. The New World Disorder is about the elimination of all resistance. The front lines are not limited to opposing defenses, they encompass the entire society.

Perfecting the power to impose the will of the State, is the ultimate reason that perpetual war must be waged. Let no one be confused, the stakes cannot be any higher. The consequences are clear for all to see. So why are so many unwilling to confront the nature and reality of this final conflict? The simple answer, is that the masses are cowards. They clamor for a decisive surrender of our enemies, while refusing to understand that the State is the supreme criminal. If you doubt the correctness of this conclusion, you must place yourselves as an unapologetic defender of the policy outcomes of government.

Conscience of a moral sense, has been traded for an accommodation with a civil master, who seeks to destroy the very intent of our citizenship. Our shared purpose for absolute achievement of individual Liberty, is no longer the basis of the American Dream. The character of a Patriot is now defined as loyalty towards the policies of their government. How far we have strayed as a people from that which made Americans unique.

The war on terror is an excuse to divert attention from the accelerated loss of rights and freedoms. Each step may seem insignificance and subtle, but the direction is always undeniable. Fear from any foreign threat seldom extends to the measures instituted by the domestic authority. Willingness to forget that legitimacy for your government is based upon your consent is epidemic. People are eager to demonstrate their devotion to the State, as they surrender their birth right as if it meant nothing.

The common element in this march to serfdom is a distorted sense that you are doing the right thing, when you demand a belligerent response to every group opposed to your government. Few separate that this hostility, usually rests upon, real and perceived, 'Full Spectrum Dominance' FSD policies. Public opinion has lost critical balance, as the 'PC' culture conditions each citizen to accept distorted conclusions of capitulation. Calls for sacrifice, benefits the State. You pay the price with the surrender of your freedoms. Why do you allow this systemic indignity to weaken your own self respect?

The demented adaptation into 'TC' totalitarian collectivism, is not a natural selection process that is inevitable. This kind of evolution is the product of greed and lust for total power, to rule over every creature on the planet. The fever that inflicts collaborators with this despot of tyranny, is not cured with simple remedies. It requires a counter attack and strategy that will turn the dominance of the real enemy, back upon itself; and extend to the full spectrum of their despotism.

But if you reject that this is our current common condition, how is it possible to put this carnivore back into it's cage? How can a fundamental reformation of government be accomplished if you support the FSD vision of the State? A restoration of the principles of America, is the essence of our community. Allowing their destruction in the name of world dominance, is an abandonment and forfeiture of all that we are claiming to protect.

Looking beyond the immediate frenzy and questioning the value and benefit of more than a century of international preeminence, is needed in order to return to sanity. The only result from super power status is the loss of your Liberty. No government has ever bestowed freedom upon their citizens. Individuals, groups and communities are always the genesis of protecting and preserving natural rights. The origin of these rights stem from the authority of the almighty. Replacing that source of supremacy for the rule of any State, is a denial of our nature, and can only result in our own self immolation.

Since delusion is the style of attitude that represents a call for empire, how can you avow a moral claim to your acceptance of Full Spectrum Dominance? It seems that your rush for acceptance is laced with LSD in your devotion to FSD. There is no moral equivalency where no morality exists on any side. This was not always the case. You say the world has changed and that policies of restrictive intervention no longer apply? If that was so, then we certainly should be enjoying the rewards of continuous interventions! Somehow; the constant loss of freedoms, doesn't seem to pass the laugh test as a benefit.

When Hollywood was approached to sell the story of 'why we fight', we were told that it is our duty to support the war on terrorism. Since showbusiness is primarily a business with a dash of mirage, the message will be a government production. Isn't this the way that all cultural symbols are now created? Once upon a time, there was real substance behind the image. Lady Liberty stood for principles that deserved respect and adherence. Today, she is ashamed with the ease of willingness that her children have forsaken their posterity.

The war that need to be fought is the one against Full Spectrum Dominance. It's the internationalist policy that needs to change. Or are you one that marches to the beat of the New World Order? Liberty and the NWO are not compatible. The aim to rule, requires that the torch of freedom be extinguished. Is this the Patriotism that you advocate? If it is, then defend your notion of victory, it certainly is at odds with our idea of Liberty . . .

SARTRE - December 28, 2001

The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he break, servitude is at once the consequence of his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.
 John Philpot Curran

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