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It stands to reason that where there's sacrifice, there's someone collecting sacrificial offerings. Where there's service, there's someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice, speaks of slaves and masters. And intends to be the master.
 - Ayn Rand

Another New Year, Getting Better All The Time!


The infinite capacity for delusion is the primary result of 'so called' progress. During this holiday season we are constantly reminded about good will to men and how nice the world is. We are told that the next year will be better and that the promise for mankind is bright. Focus is always directed towards the advancement of society. What sells in this world of myth and mirage, is a fairy tale for the faint of heart, for the ending must always lead to happy every after . . .

Absent from this allusion is vision, perspective and honesty. Denial has become the badge of courage for the sheep that walk in lock step to the robot shearing that will be their fate for another year. Anyone familiar with the joy of personal freedom will see in the metaphor a symbolic portrait of our New World Disorder. The mechanism of assembly line efficiency operates the clipping process with perfection. The binding of limbs holds tight the sacrificial victim, while the technique of modern engineering ingenuity, shaves the skin of all protective coverings. And in the background, disinterested overseers chat, while the trimming routinely shears another casualty of the interdependent world.

After the fleece is extracted, the prospect for slaughter comes next. For those who only face reality from within the bounds of a Grimm Tale, consider the evolution of the last half century.

Prospects for individual business ownership, that allows for a family livelihood have diminished to the point of becoming extinct. Expectations for career employment with the same company or firm, has all but vanished. The practicality of living in a community of choice, now is defined as a location of transient circumstance. Education of your children has adopted the sole curriculum of a 'PC' government. Discretionary funds as a percentage of income, has declined while tax rates and fees soar. Cost for items of necessities increase, while quality standards invoke greater planned obsolescence. Investment options reflect greater risk, while real rates of return drop. Balance and objective reporting become rare, while content is geared for entertainment value.

If you doubt this decline and record in the quality of life, defend multilevel marketing as a substitute for the independent small businesses. If you question the preference of stable employment, argue the case for corporate downsizing. And if you hesitate to accept that roots in a community are valuable, plead the advantages of continuous relocation.

But when it comes to education, surely you can't be so blind that you will claim that standards have not sunk into the tank? Just observe what passes for average intelligent levels in all quarters of society. If dumbing down the populist is not a main goal of 'progress', just what would you call this process of design? Traditional values have been perverted for a counterfeit surrogate, that is refined with a 'PC' strain and has a final test that must be accepted, in order to pass.

As for the fruits of your labors and guile of your wits, what once was your own, now requires gratitude to keep the little that is left. User fees, hidden tariffs and double taxation are so common that only a life of debt, supplements what was once paid for with cash. Mountains of debt inflate all costs, while diminishing the purchase value of legal tender. Products are cheapened to lower the price and designed to break as the warranty expires.

Investment is now 'lady luck' of the gamble. Irrational exuberance exists in more than a price, but in the suspect judgments that believe the hype. Interest paid on capital saved is as low as the confidence in the worth of the paper. Borrowing for a business need is all but unknown, but running up those balances on those cards are promoted as supporting the economy. Again, for those who claim all is improving, explain this historic difference between the spread?

Our history is ignored while reporting events are distilled through a slanted filter. Facts are discarded and abandoned, while spin becomes the message. Right or wrong are seen only in hues of gray. Perception is now king, while truth is transformed into distrust. Information is revered, whether correct of false. While critics of the condition, are condemned as modern day 'Cassandra's'.


Tell me that this assessment is in error? If the facts are discomforting, avoid their substance. Isn't that the behavior of a sheep? Follow the lead of the herd in their path to the slaughter house. Isn't this the final stage when the hide has produced its last yarn? But you call this process, 'Progress'! Technology has every solution that is worth having, is your reply. Past eras of culture cannot be recreated in this time of interdependency. The world is different and we must all accept the new order of society . . .  Well, that approach illustrates where the honesty went; as the final drop of blood drips off the carcass of the last mouflon. No rams left, only obedient subjects for the robot shearing machine.
Ebenezer Scrooge has nothing over your celebration. Your next year will be one of continued 'Progress', the NWO style. The animal farm society that now exists, is no Cinderella tale. It's ending is one that will have little "happy ever after", for those who accept their place in this pack of human sheep. For those few, who still resist, there is hope . . .  Once Upon A Time! It is our task to lead the way back.
SARTRE - December 18, 2001

It is the nature of slavery to render its victims so abject that at last, fearing to be free, they multiply their own chains. You can liberate a freeman, but you cannot liberate a slave.
- Louis J. Halle

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