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A large part of the popularity and persuasiveness of psychology comes from its being a sublimated spiritualism: a secular, ostensibly scientific way of affirming the primacy of "spirit" over matter.
- Susan Sontag

New World Disorder Psychology

Just between one Mattoid to another !

Events since 911 have created a deep seeded dread towards the future in the minds of many Americans. What was attacked on that day was not buildings alone. The deaths that were snuffed out were not the only victims from the act of terror. The feeling of anguish has overtaken much of the public psyche, as the tone of the continuous reporting and reflection has exposed an uncertainty, that few would have admitted, just a short time ago. Control over your environment and circumstances is a goal that most strive to achieve. In the fleeting moments by an act of absurd action and applied depravity, security of our world view was shattered.

It is beyond comprehension to conclude that this tragic nightmare does not have profound consequences that disturb our confidence in the future. Builders of Civilization deserve our respect, while these destroyers will only be remembered as cruel criminals. But what was demonstrated with the collapse of the WTC is that citadels of creation can be wrecked in short order. Disturbing as it is to face this reality, the success of evil deeds to disrupt our sheltered community is the natural order of things. It is easy to devastate, but producing triumphs to create a civilized world requires great effort and committed purpose.

The loss of a sense of security is our greatest fear. Underlying all the reports and investigations, is a desire to return to a belief and trust, that a familiar order can be restored. Is that a tangible expectation? Change has always been the natural formula in the human condition. But for all that seems to alter the landscape, few thing alter the core of our nature, itself. Those Modernists who hold out the prospects that Man can shape his own destiny, seem to confront a fundamental contradiction in their theory. Evil has always existed, and wishing that society can be shaped into a harmonious union of diverse peoples and cultures is the height of delusion. Anyone willing to dismiss John Calvin at this point?

For those who have forgotten the joy of predestination, this may be a good time to resurrect its validity. Most secular humanists reject such a concept as rubbish. They spend much of their time arguing that the rubble of the WTC is the exception and not the rule. Their explanation rests upon the creation of a culprit to direct our anger and a target to aim the organized efforts of the 'New World Order' enforcement machine. Quite a departure from the Ulrich Zwinglian ideas of social organization based upon the literal meanings of Christian scriptures! Don't forget that much of our present 'Western Thought' and values has shades of these two Protestant reformers.

"Secular Humanism, has become, the leading export of the 'West' to the rest of the world. The movers and shakers of public policy accept its values, cosmology, as Sigmund Freud views that reason rules, and that a rejection of God is acceptable. Religion is seen as a threat, and that life can be lived without delusions, especially the illusion of a religious belief. His theory of human nature and the culture of morality is founded upon the substitute of the super-ego, for the role of religion. As the source of morality and conscience, man is able to apply his reason to follow ethical behavior."

How well is this psychology doing in light of the recent events? Any conflict between a rejection in a belief in God and the reality of the evil deeds, exemplified by terrorism? Now enter the cure that the psycho babble pundits propose. Apply the force of the World Community, to restore order upon the infidels of this substitute 'secular humanism' religion. Progress is now viewed in the context of acceptance to the standards of this relative creed. Is this your core belief or is there the potential that you are willing to question if it is a valid philosophy?

The record is clear that there is more disorder in the 'New World Order' than their originators have designed into the system. What they do well is to capitalize upon the distress and uncertainty that affects, any normal thinking and responsible person. The war that is really being fought is not one of bombs or even propaganda. It is one for the healing of the torment that volatile circumstances has brought about, and what will restore a sense of comfortable normalcy.

The prescription for this remedy is based upon whipping up a distorted view of patriotism and the voluntary suspension of rights, that we would defend vigorously just a few short months ago. The recent executive order establishing a framework to create special US military tribunals to try foreigners accused of terrorist attacks and mete out sentences, including death; would have been unacceptable at one time. Now the dictums of the present danger are used, as justification to ease the strain upon the public psyche. Will there be a backlash over this 'Star Chamber', or will the need for temporary relief allow the illusion of a false security. In the world of secular humanism all things are possible.

Albert Camus seems to be more relevant than Freud. He represents the true human condition, when the absurd nature of our own malady is exposed. Reason as the answer and progress as the goal, are false gods. Those who promote the hysteria to serve the purposes of their own power concentration, are the innkeepers of the asylum; but are more deserving to be mediated to prevent further lunacy. Camus' protests against evil have more in common with Calvin than the 'super ego' of the nobility of the world community. This is one time the bohemian advocates meaningful convention. Rejecting the stealth compliance of a uniformed world vision, is our duty. The game that is being played is to command your mind.

If you accept the destruction of our real values, much more will have been destroyed than glass and steel. Psyching yourselves up into a rush to surrender protections, will never bring about meaningful shelter from the forces of evil. The terrorists are not the sole nefarious elements that threaten tranquillity, the proponents of the NWO, rank alongside. Predestination seems to have taken on a much different meaning in the minds of these Mattoids. Their goal is playing with your mind. Don't let them. The dope of self delusion is the legacy of the guru of psychotherapy. Its time to face reality . . .

SARTRE - November 14, 2001

A vigorous five mile walk will do more good for an unhappy, but otherwise healthy adult than all the medicine and psychology in the world.
- Paul Dudley White

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