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There is no worse heresy then that the office sanctifies the holder of it. - Lord Acton

Elections bring out the worse in citizens

Words or phrases like democracy, self determination and the “will of the people” have a ring about them that appeal to the emotions of much of the electorate. How nice it would be to think that your one vote has meaning. When you cast your ballot, we are told, you are a responsible citizen. Well, is this a factual reality or is this nothing more than a fairy tale?

Doesn’t the entire argument for legitimacy rest upon the claim that State authority is created through the consent of the voter? Forget about policy differences, for the moment. What matters is that government officials are bestowed authority because YOU give them that privilege. This concept is more than just a theory, it is the central maxim that underpins the entire legitimate rule of any government.

Since the demise of the era of the divine right, mankind has aspired to be heard through participatory elections. But what exactly is an election? Is it a mere confirmation of the lessor of two evils, or is it the culmination of an active and authentic reflection of your political judgment?

If you are sincere in your answer, you will admit that your selection choices go wanting. The reason is all too simple, but is difficult for most to accept; namely, that a political class exists that excludes real choice. When the king ruled as a despot, he was opposed by rivals. Today when politicians legislate, administer and issue decrees from the court - we experience a defused tyrant - duly elected and certified to remit their version of social order. As we all know to our dismay, that dictate serves only one master - the political elite class.

Doubt that this conclusion is valid or think this is too harsh an assessment? Then the burden is upon you to explain and justify why the public is ignored, considered marginal and opposed on virtually every level, by the STATE; that claims to have the primary duty to serve the people.

While most balloters enthusiastically vote for bigger government, are they really seeking servant status under the regime of a privileged nobility? That is exactly what they get, no matter who is elected. The arrogance and greed of the professional politician knows no limits. So where is the legitimacy, when the modern day monarch pretends to be a representative body, elevated to power by way of a democratic vote?

In its most unadorned analysis, the process of elections is a hideous manipulation of our sick society - the theater of the absurd. Democrats can unfairly select recycled nominees when polls drop for nefarious candidates, revive dinosaurs when a fortuitous opening becomes available, and lest we forget, anointing wives when husbands perish. Republicans can purge their ranks from conservatives, roll over in the face of blatant lies and deceit from their opposition and construct tests of fidelity that require salutes to the empire.

It is not just the apathetic that refuse to vote. Candidly, the most enlightened know all too well, that America can never be restored by casting a ballot. But staying home only allows for the crooks to grow their reach and impose more severe compliance upon their constituent serfs. When will the people realize that a national strike against the one party system with two ugly branches is the only recourse?

Any society that could elect Bill Clinton twice and Hillary to the senate is revolting. A country that would allow a second Bush the presidency is stupid. Yes, the people are fools when they bless this racket. The misery of RICO laws need to apply to the elites that run this sham.

Think the DemocRATS champions the little guy or the minority? Just ask Carl McCall! When they contrived their own opportunity to pick a replacement candidate who did they select? One of the old trusted party whores, Mondale and Lautenberg. After the RepubliCANTS won control they could have voted as traditional conservatives, but chose to become NeoCons. Ask Ron Paul about the kind of help he gets from the GOP . . .

But only blaming the career politico’s for this corrupt system denies the role that voters play. Each time a citizen rationalizes their distasteful vote, they feed the brute for another cycle. Those who are ‘true believers’ in the deception that disguises itself as proper partisan parties are beyond any hope. They refuse to wake up and “smell the coffee”, because they are sanguine with sipping the poison.

If political speech has any meaning, voters need to go to the polls and be vocal that the process is a fraud! Enter the ballot box and “JUST SAY NO” . . . No to any dishonest, corrupt and beholding tool for the elite club of treasonous politicians that have killed the REPUBLIC. Republics are fragile and have a short time span. Democratic despotism is worse than the rule under an evil king. Tyranny of the elites only continues and persists towards their ultimate goal - total submission. Wicked dictators die, but a sinister system only grows stronger.

Do you feel righteous after you vote? Then you need to examine your good judgment. Self-denial in the face of insanity is delusion. Send a real message - vote not just your conscience but your true best interest. Write in the name George Washington, no one less will do . . . It is time for a second American Revolution.

SARTRE - October 31, 2002

A new poll showed that if the election was held today, people would be confused because it is normally held in November. - Kevin Nealon

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