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I think patriotism is like charity - it begins at home.

Henry James

Home Defense and Fly Over Country

With the continuous message that 'America United' is the theme of the day, why do some of us heap scorn on this notion? Living outside metropolitan areas gives the opportunity to avoid contact with the most rabid proponents of the popular culture. It has long been argued, that the elites that design and project current policy, are suspect in their devotion to American principles. Now we have a frenzy to jump aboard the patriotic bandwagon that is defined by these same admirers of the State. No wonder the media is the champion of the drums for war, they are a target of the Terrorists!

If people really think that this society shares the same world viewpoint, they are more confused than ever. Normal citizens from 'fly over county' have as much in common with New York City 'West Siders', as they do with their august allies from the Beltway. Laws are seldom made to reflect the goals and aspirations of the citizen taxpayer. These folks are seen as common laborers in the building of national policy, and servants to carry out the objectives of master planners. So why do our conservative friends allow themselves to be duped once again, into thinking that a call to war will result in a victory for our nation?

Tony Blair speaks for these urbane sophisticates when he tries to take the moral high ground, by characterizing their commitment to diverse multiculturalism as "Progress". This attitude goes to the essence of the fundamental differences that exist between the distinct populations that reside, in the blue and red regions from the last presidential election. It takes a foreigner to surface the lesson. But even more interesting are comments and conclusions that appear in that renowned bastion of free press, Pravda.

In an article, by Bill White, entitled: Gun Groups See Steady Bleed Into Militias; Domestic Unrest Still Growing In United States - the following is asserted:

Gun Groups See Steady Bleed Into Militias; Domestic Unrest Still Growing In United States

"There are three issues that motivate America's militia movement - support of gun rights, opposition to taxation, and opposition to the United Nations and the loss of America's sovereignty to global corporate rule - a system the militias see as socialism and anti-globalists label capitalism, and which is really a blend of the worst elements of the two."

The designation militia has so much baggage that it is best to discard the term. The underlying meaning can best be understood that heartland groups of varied sympathies, share a deep and profound distrust for the systematic loss of the America that they know and love. Their patriotism is real. They are the first to defend the flag. But in all too many occasions, the interests of the Nation run counter to the goals of the elites that push for involvements, and policies that only benefit the culture that seeks to destroy our heritage.

There is no consensus on the important concern of the Republic. When Senator John Kerry and his Democratic cohorts demand federal civil service status for screeners as a requirement for passage of security bill for the airports, you have a real clash between the 'blue and red'. It is obvious to the most ordinary of citizens, founded upon values of traditional substance, that big government means loss of freedom. This is not a new revelation to all the hard working family oriented population. But the lengths that the defenders of the Corporate/State will take to demand compliance to their vision, has no bounds.

Home Defense has always been the proper function of the federal government. The immediate circumstance does not require the fortitude of our values and destruction of constitutional protections to achieve this necessary objective. But how will we, as a people, become more secure by giving more power to the architects of the failed policies that created this environment? Their arrogance, breeds hatred and begs animosity. Raising this point, incurs the animus from many solid Republicans. So who is in denial?

When was the last time that a concerted effort was made to restrict the veracious appetite of the central government? And when will there be an effort to dismantle the damage done over the last forty years?

Square this aspect from Mr White with your willingness to support your government.

"Behind all those urban killings are people created by the Great Progressive Society. These people are not revolting against the Great Progressive Society. They are raw imitations of the Great Progressive Society. We are led to believe that the professional middle class are the winners, the working class are the losers. As I see it, class is about values, dependence and ways of communicating. The working class person values place, interdependence, cooperation, the tribe. Rural working class especially values land. Many of us would kill to keep our land, our home, which for thousands of years was not considered a crazy thing to do. Middle-class professionals are into "success" and they are a dependent people, happily dependent on the consumer system for everything. You call it independence. But if you lost your electricity, your service people, your access to stores, you'd see how independent you are! Working-class people have become dependent on these things, too, but working-class values resent this dependency."

So explain how Home Defense can be anything but a farce, if it is administered by these same proponents of expanded federal control? The real war has always centered upon the struggle between those who seek more control and the few citizens, who resist the latest opportunity to advance the 'New World Disorder'.

It seems that Republicans should understand this assessment. But at every turn, they are eager to become the most aggressive advocate of abandoning restraints on federal government intrusion and authority. We expect the 'bleeding hearts' to oppose our Liberty, but why will you not fight against the true enemy? The selection for terrorist attacks comes as no surprise when you rationally examine the thinking of the criminal. I'll defer to the 'Progressive' to defend why they are not deserving of their new found apprehension. For now, it is more important to stir the conscience of the conservatives, who has joined the ranks of the Statists. It seems that they are fellow urban travelers, and have forsaken their bucolic roots. If the 'Collectivist Left' can grasp this point, what is your excuse?

We may agreed that criminals deserve just punishment, but we part company if you buy into the scam that it will take the burning of our Bill of Rights to torch the cells of terrorists. The perceived interests of cosmopolitan chauvinist bears the blame of a bankrupt world policy of flawed free trade and permanent intervention. They ignore their own shame, with the placement of a flag on their attire. Quite a contrast with the real America, and a long way away from meaningful home defense. It is time for America to unite! Reform U.S. Foreign Policy and take a walk in the country. You just might meet a real patriot.

SARTRE - October 30, 2001

The only vice which cannot be forgiven is hypocrisy. The repentance of a hypocrite is itself hypocrisy.

William Hazlitt

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