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The status quo is the only solution that cannot be vetoed. - Clark Kerr

Politics: Worse than making Sausage

You surely have heard that one should never watch sausage and legislation being made. Now we have something even worse to observe - Democratic Politics reaching a new low. Sen. Robert Torricelli is performing a minuet that would dazzle the Marque de Sade. Perversion has seldom reached such a stage which allows the bear exposure of raw political lechery, for the public to see. Contrived victimhood has reached a new level of smugness. The notion that the "Torch" is a dedicated public servant is so offensive to the most basic tenets of common sense that even the most casual observer of political affairs, perceives the difference between devoted love and incestuous rape.

The fraud of party politics is not new. But when has the boldness of insult to the democratic process been any more obvious? Laws are mere irritants to maintain the power of majority. Cries for an overriding requirement for allowing the citizens to have an electoral choice, stretches credulity when the will of party registrants are voiced through a primary. Admission that motives are wholly focused upon partisan advantage, and should be accepted as legitimate is the appeal of a sociopath. What additional proof is required? Oligarchy by the anointed class has now risen to an integral aspect of a campaign platform. Leadership is defined as perpetual expediency.

Is anyone surprised with the endorsement of this charade by Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle? Consistency is one of the few virtues that the protege of George Mitchell has demonstrated in his quest to exploit collectivist policy. Party devotion is the prime objective that leads to expansion of Statist control. This is the only goal that drives the process, and the Democrats have mastered the art of deceit and betrayal as their obscene legacy. The party of  "No Shame" has no need to hide behind their attire. Now they strip off their costume and expose their bare selves. Are the people shocked or are they just numb to the smut?

We have long stated that the legitimacy of the political elite that rule this once great nation has been forfeited. All participants beholden to this racket of electoral manipulation are truly the enemy of the people. But can there be any doubt to the lengths that the DemocRAT'S will go to position themselves to sink to the lowest level in a barrel of snakes?

What should be the response of the voter to this systemic sham? It is time to STRIKE this coming election. Not be staying at home or 'going fishing', but by boycotting BOTH branches of the same one party monster. If eighty percent of registered voters would visit the polls, sign in and withhold their vote for ALL candidates; the message would be earth shattering. Let the party regulars vote for their cronies and continue sucking from the trough of Socialism. Voting for sincere candidates that are committed to overturn the federal government beast can never achieve majority rule. It is time to face reality. Both parties' primary purpose is to protect each other. The twins of partisanship drain the life vigor from their constituents and all other taxpayers. The significance of the New Jersey Senatorial debauchery is that it reveals the utter arrogance of contempt for the public and the rule of law, by the careerist politicians.

Does this situation make you sick to your stomach or are you simply willing to brush it off as just business as usual? The onus to defend the indefensible is upon the silent majority that practice masochism in their politics! Torricelli has always been glad to service your mania for humiliation. Are you among those that vote for politicians that promise you a beneficial encounter and deliver degradation of your dignity?

The only valid candidate to enthusiastically support is - NONE Of The Above. By showing up to cast a ballot and then refusing to commit political hara-kiri by voting for any office seeker, you would send the only real message that has meaning to a corrupt system. Withdrawing consent will vacate legitimacy of the process and will register your disgust for both parties. If this seems radical, consider the present alternative, a non existent choice. If your conscience demands a positive vote, select a third party candidate.

Nothing meaningful ever changes to stop the oppression - just keep on voting for the same 'pol' under different names. When and who will put a stop to the political establishment? Reform never is realized - only explained away, while the march to tyranny consolidates with greater central despotism.

Torricelli went beyond the pale, but he is not alone. He is just the latest egotistical maniac to thumb his nose at his constituents. If you think the NJ courts will correct the grievance or restore the letter of the law, you will be sadly disappointed. The law is irrefutable, but these are the same kind of judges that rule under the duplicity of Equity, while they flunk the test of the meaning of IS.

The circus that passes for Democracy is an insult to all believers in Liberty. Torricelli and his comrades are devoted to your enslavement. They openly rub your faces in the droppings of their trade. As long as you follow the cloned pied pipers, your fate will be sealed under the yoke of their insanity. Strike a blow for Freedom and send a message that can’t be ignored.

SARTRE - October 3, 2002

Nothing in the world is more haughty than a man of moderate capacity when once raised to power. - Baron Wessenberg

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