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Write on my gravestone: "Infidel, Traitor." - infidel to every church that compromises with wrong; traitor to every government that oppresses the people.

Wendell Phillips

"A Splendid Little War" - Whose War Is It?


The most important message since the tragic events of September 11th has been written by Pat Buchanan, in his 9/26 article, Whose war is this?, in USA Today. In question is the Open Letter written to President Bush by the 'Gang of 41', a who's who of the neoconservative 'True Believers', exposes their true loyalty and real objective for America. Penned by William Kristol, based upon the policies of Richard Perle, with signers including William Bennett, Jeane Kirkpatrick and Vin Weber; we have the list of the new 'Quislings'. To the credit of Jack Kemp, he parted from his Empower America friends and refused to join in, saying they: "went way over the edge."

Entire Article - USA Today

This 'Kristolian Doctrine' squarely and openly reflects the attitude of Richard Perle. You remember him as the guiding light behind the dearly departed Senator 'Scoop' Jackson. From a March 30, 1997 interview conducted by that other luminary of American Liberty, Henry Kissinger, read and take heed to Perle's mindset: "We believed very strongly that Israel was the only country in the Middle East with whom we could identify philosophically and in terms of values, that the Israelis were willing and basically able to defend themselves if they got diplomatic and political and eventually some financial support from the United States . . . there was no other ally that we could turn to who was as consistent and reliable as Israel, and in any event, we thought that we could not conceive of standing by if Israel was extinguished by totalitarian forces around them."

The decision before America is of the highest order. Powers among the media elites seek to silence any voice that ignores the taboo of the most forbidden subject. That sacrilege is withholding support for Israel. The coming war may be splendid for some, like these forty one interventionists, but will place in peril our land, her citizens and our future as a free people. This is a group of STATISTS, bent on serving a master that is not ours.

Buchanan has the courage to say the unspoken: "The war Netanyahu and the neocons want, with the United States and Israel fighting all of the radical Islamic states, is the war bin Laden wants, the war his murderers hoped to ignite when they sent those airliners into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon."

"Benevolent World Hegemony" is the intended objective of this coterie. Israel is their surrogate, if not their messiah champion. Their advice will expand from just accountability for terrorist criminals, and escalate into a war where the West will die for the protection and expansion of the Zionist State.

This NeoConservative philosophy is pure Internationalism in its most raw form. It is the antithesis of traditional American policy, and attempts to foster a new imperialism that is totally out of step and discredited by civilized societies. The portrait of the 'Ugly American' is one that needs to be relegated to the scrap heap of embarrassed memories.

The risk of following such a belligerent course, can and will likely lead, to a catastrophic apocalypse that has a life of its own. Discarding all balance in this region of continuos conflict is a psychotic policy. Even if you reject the warnings that the pathological intentions of Ariel Sharon are bent upon waging a war wide in scope, with the inherent hazard of final annihilation, consider your own favorite dictum - 'cheap oil at all cost'.

Consider the explosive nature of rebuilding the Third Temple? The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement, has issued this statement:

"You are invited to participate in the laying and anointing two cornerstones for the Third Temple during the Feast of Tabernacles, Thursday, 4th October 2001, 09:30 AM. We shall meet at the Western Wall plaza close to the western (Mugrabi) gate of the Temple Mount."

"Let Us Rise Up and Build"

The event has the blessing of the Israeli government, which has pledged to protect event organizers and participants. Just what do you think the response from the Palestinians and the rest of the Islamic world will be over this provocative and prophetic event?

Is this BALANCE in the search of resolution? Where is the solution when attempts to forge a comprehensive coalition among Muslim societies is being actively undermined by interests that promote an escalation of tension? Is their goal a fair peace, or is it another twisted view of jihad; this time the Jewish version? Certainly America's sons and daughters have no interest in a religious war, nor do they need to die for Israeli zealots.

America's interest is NOT equivalent to those of Israel. Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, Anglophiles plotted to enter Mr Churchill's 'Splendid Big War'. Their allegiance was confused if not seditious to the best interests of the American People. What we have again is the same group of turncoats, from a different generation, that has dubious fidelity to our Nation. The question is pointed and clear: Is your loyalty to our Republic or is it to the Zionist State? The answer cannot be to both! You must choose, what and who you are.

For stating the obvious, I will be accused of committing the mortal sin of being anti-Semitic. So let's be clear once and for all. Being an opponent against the 'Collectivists' who promote Zionism, does not make a person hostile towards sincere believers in Judasim. It is the Judas' among the ranks of the Kristolian crowd that are the betrayers. They have finally exposed themselves as the 'Fifth Column' within the Conservative movement. Americans they are not; they are interventionists, seeking the destruction of the Republic in the name of eliminating Terrorism! Having stated the facts, I trust the ACLU will defend the right to speak them . . .

Dan Quayle, you can't spell more than the word potato. How could you have placed William in charge when you were VP? Bill has made his father Irving, and his New York Times proud; and made you the fool. Will the rest of you neoconservatives abandon this false doctrine and return home? Or are you 'closet internationalist', as well ?

SARTRE - September 30, 2001

Jesus promised His disciples three things: that they would be entirely fearless, absurdly happy, and that they would get into trouble.

W. Russell Maltby

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