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Civilization is nothing more than the effort to reduce the use of force to the last resort.

Jose Ortega Y Gasset

The American Century Ends With A Bang

It is hard to imagine with the carnage that we have just witnessed, that the worse is yet to come. Our emotional empathy extends to all who have suffered and perished, their families and the entire Nation. All the heroes, especially in New York, deserve our sincere respect. It is a time for compassion, but also needs to be the beginning of an era for Justice.

Those who are responsible for true 'crimes against humanity', deserve the condemnation of all civilized people. Efforts to bring justice to them is valid. But the means we use to accomplish that objective requires the preservation of the values that we all claim to hold, but have forgotten all too often.

In the rush for revenge, cries for blood reduce the moral case for objective accountability. Sound minds need to step up and council deliberate and considered action. Proceedings span well beyond legal filings. Cooperation and collaboration among nation-states to condemn behavior that targets innocent victims, is proper. For once we can acknowledge the real definition of a victim, one who died because of the hatred of crazed madmen.

What escapes most commentary, is that this terror was inevitable. As difficult as it is to confront, it is necessary to delve deep within yourselves and apply a rational judgment that recognizes and admits the causes of these horrible deeds. For those who refuse to deal with this issue, we understand your grief and need for retribution. However, to falsely conclude that this is solely a struggle between good and evil, will result in the commission of even more suffering on the innocent. Many disagree with this assessment. You want revenge NOW. You abandon intelligent reason for the urgency of retaliation.

Think before you jump into the abyss. Much of the rest of the world does not share Western Values. This does not imply moral equivalence, quite to the contrary. Civilization matters, and needs to be defended. But protection of our essence of purpose, cannot abandon our moral canons of respect for life; ALL LIFE.

"I for one see the world as 95% communist and 5% other, those 95% view America as the prize, we have no allies, only enemies waiting for the perfect opportunity." - George W. Evans

To which I will add:

A significant portion of that 95% resides within that last 5% . . .

Indiscriminate use of power and annihilation of non combatants has marred the American Century. Now before you start writing all those hate messages, think about this bold assessment and ask yourselves if it is true? What has been defended by the United States? Her values of moral conduct or her power of government policies? They have seldom been identical. When your State makes the argument that this is a strike against not only America, but against all Civilization, ask if you are willing to pay the price of the destruction of all civilization to compel the volition of the State Empire? Rational discourse is an undeniable causality of this hysteria.

The Twentieth Century was about the imposition of American presence throughout all of the world. If we actually exported the values of a Constitutional Republic, the planet would be much different from what we are now facing. But societies are very different. It is lunacy to force cultural principles upon peoples who view the world from traditions that are alien to Western Values.

Our hubris has produced policies of arrogance. This fact of life, does not diminish the virtuosity of our shared convictions. But our philosophy in not universally accepted in many regions and is condemned by hostile cultures. What should be our response? Bomb and occupy the 95% ?

When Cincinatus defended a Republic, he returned to his farm when the enemy was defeated. But when Philip I, celebrated the one thousandth anniversary of her founding by Romulus and Remus, Rome was ruled by emperors who gained the throne through murder. Fear of the cruelty in their power did not bestow their legacy of law and forbearance for local cultures. Their dominion vanished because of the corruption of their empire.

If America continues to use unrestricted coercion to enforce their super power status, she will galvanize opposition as we have never witnessed. You cannot impose friendship and good will. Yes, our society has a right to defend against threats that are serious, imminent and may become chaotic. So should we not employ a measured and judicious response?

With all the advocacy for a 'world community', this is the test if it has moral authority for Justice. Justice for the terrorists and righteousness to eliminate the causes for such diverse hatred towards the West. Treating symptoms at the cost of indiscriminate hostility to those who are blameless, will never provide the cure for the causes that instill animosity. Support for accountability is necessary. So it is required, that the methods used to bring forth equity, needs to be accepted by men of good will.

The reality that all mankind does not embrace our values is central to forge a new policy for the next millennium. The last century has produced the highest body count in history. Do we really want to outdo those totals, with the madness of a greater empire? Use your rational nature to place in check your impulsive emotions. Our Values and Principles are our Civilization. Not the desolation that stares us directly in our face, if we succumb to the fever of the demented. We are better than the terrorists, so let's prove it?

SARTRE - September 16, 2001

Justice is a temporary thing that must at last come to an end; but the conscience is eternal and will never die.

Martin Luther

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